A collection of visiting cards, from the 1860's, provenance unknown. Many cards are from personnel of the 14th, 40th, and 65th Regiments.
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Thirty eight (38) visiting cards, names include:

14th Regiment: Mr Robert Langtry

40th Regiment: Henry Stoney

57th Regiment: Mr Wm A Hope; Major Matthews; Captain Shortt; H M Nesbit; Major St Clair; Col Warre; H M [?]; Major [?]; Md Davis; Mr Clarke; Mr J T Down

65th Regiment: Lt Colonel Young; Capt Glesson; Mr Toker; Capt W Henry Greeson

Royal Navy: Mr Walter E Garnett; Lieut Edward Kelly; Mr C F Hotham; Commadore F Beauchamp Seymour (Pelorus); Mr William(Wm) Hyde (Niger); Mr Spencer M Medley; John Heath (Pelorus); Mr George Wooldridge (Pelorus); Mr R M Parrish (Pelorus); Lt W Blake (Niger); Mr J Singleton; Mr T Dobbin

Others: Mr Isaac John Kenderdine; Major General Gold; Mr Harry Atkinson; Doctor Grace (Medical staff); Mr Edward Newman; Dr [?] Jones; D [A?] Chisbett; Mr James Crisp Junr.; Major Murray.

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