Sticky Filth

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Despite fluctuating popularity, bad press and never signing to a record label, New Plymouth’s Sticky Filth are the longest-surviving and one of the most successful New Zealand hard-rock, punk groups.The band formed in 1986 and played their “last” gig, billed as “the end of the beginning”, in a New Plymouth nightclub in 2001.
In 2005 they subsequently released another album "Stainless" and performed in the Taranaki Festival of the Arts. The founders were Craig Radford and Dave Hunt, then Chris Snowdon and Mark “Boot” Hill joined with Radford later.As well as having a devoted Kiwi following, Sticky Filth have fans in Germany, Australia and the USA. Their albums, tapes and CDs – along with the band’s own cover art, posters and T-shirts – are now avidly collected by punk rock fans.


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