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Accession No Name/Title
Moss, Cape Drapery SW1955.0845
Moss, Cape Drapery
Wally Hunger SW1952.0203
Wally Hunger
Leong, Woman SW1949.1788
Leong, Woman
Ling, Man SW1949.1787
Ling, Man
Tong, Man SW1949.1599
Tong, Man
Phillips, Wedding (Double) SW1947.2073
Phillips, Wedding (Double)
Phillips, Wedding (Double) SW1947.2071
Phillips, Wedding (Double)
Unknown, Couple SW1946.0761
Unknown, Couple
Atkinson and Bicknell, Debutantes SW1952.0010
Atkinson and Bicknell, Debutantes
Unknown Serviceman SW1945.2122
Unknown Serviceman
Hine, Serviceman SW1944.1431
Hine, Serviceman
Hine, Serviceman SW1944.1430
Hine, Serviceman
Marsden, Serviceman SW1943.1153
Marsden, Serviceman
Unknown, Bride SW1943.1150
Unknown, Bride
Sharp, Couple SW1938.0562
Sharp, Couple
Shirley and Valerie Marsh WD.047383
Shirley and Valerie Marsh
Unknown, Man WD.018618
Unknown, Man
Unknown, Infant WD.018617
Unknown, Infant
Reed, Family Group WD.018616
Reed, Family Group
Moira Radcliffe WD.002530
Moira Radcliffe
Fire Brigade, Man WD.001510
Fire Brigade, Man
Unknown, Children WD.001358
Unknown, Children
Unknown, Child WD.001357
Unknown, Child
Janet Heatley WD.000597
Janet Heatley
Janet Heatley WD.000596
Janet Heatley