Ann Evans

Date of birth / Date established
12 Nov 1832
Date of death / Date closed
04 Jul 1916
Place of death / Place closed
Person/Corporate type
Crimean War Nurse attached to Florence Nightingale's staff of nurses. Came to New Zealand on the James Duncan in 1862. Landed at Dunedin and hoped to find work as a nurse but was unsuccessful. Worked as a housemaid for Mr W.G. Rees as a housemaid. Married Thomas Evans and moved to Wanganui. After her husband's death Ann shifted to Waihi near Hawera and started a store, but quickly began nursing the local people. She was known as 'Ann the Doctor'. During the land disputes she nursed the outlawed resistance leader Titokowaru. She made her final home in Hawera where she ran the tearooms at the Hawera Railway Station.


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