Thomas Mace

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25 Jun 1891
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Thomas Mace arrived in New Plymouth with his wife and eight children in 1852. They settled on a farm in Omata and remained there until his death with the exception of a short period during the Land Wars. Before coming to New Plymouth, the Mace family lived in Madeira, Portugal. Mace received a military medal for protecting and commanding a fort in Portugal that was responsible for dispelling invading pirates.

While in New Plymouth, Mace took an active role in local politics and for some years held a seat in the Provincial Council. During the Land Wars he was responsible for leading a party of women, children, and other people unfit to fight to Nelson where he also served in the Custom House. He returned to Omata when the wars ended.

Mace was married twice and had a total of eight children. Two of his daughters married the Messenger brothers, one daughter married W. Carrington. His first son was Captain Frank Mace who played an important part in the Taranaki Land Wars.


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