Columbia Typewriter Manufacturing Company

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The Columbia Typewriter Manufacturing Company was originally an American company. " Eventually, production was established in England, which developed into the situation wherein, in 1914, the business was sold entirely to the British subsidiary, known as Barlock Typewriter Company. The First World War intervened, but production resumed following. Front strike designs were prepared beginning in 1915, and were finally perfected in 1921. By 1925, this company too was in dire straits, and with heavy investment by Sir John Jardine, was reorganized as Bar-Lock (1925) Ltd. Production stopped again for the Second World War, again resumed, and again the company was in trouble. In 1953, further investment led to the company becoming Byron Business Machines, which stopped production two years later. Byron attempted to design a totally new machine, which met with great trouble; finally, in 1958, Byron sold its entire office machine business to the Oliver Typewriter Manufacturing Company." Source:


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