William Bazire Messenger

Date of birth / Date established
30 Mar 1834
Date of death / Date closed
08 Apr 1922
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As Ensign of Militia, William B. Messenger fought at Waireka and Mahoetahi and in other engagements. He became Captain in 1863, and served in the Military Settlers, and later in the Armed Constabulary as Sub-Inspector. For some years he was in command of the frontier redoubt at Pukearuhe, White Cliffs. In 1885 he was appointed to the command of the Permanent Artillery at Wellington, and in 1902 he went to South Africa in command of the 10th New Zealand Contingent. His military service extended over forty-three years.
- The New Zealand Wars, James Cowan http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/Cow01NewZ-fig-Cow01NewZ177a.html


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