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03 Mar 1893
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Born in 1857, Joshua Morgan was a surveyor who worked mainly in the Taranaki area. Morgan was one of the first Pakeha to cross the Ureweras and was an eye-witness to the Tarawera eruption. He spoke and wrote fluent Maori. Morgan married Annie Frances Dent of Whangarei in 1888 and they settled on a farm on Kaimata Road near Inglewood. Their only child Edith Lilah, was born in December 1891. A short time later Morgan was asked to join a survey party laying off a road from New Plymouth to Auckland through the rugged Tangarakau Gorge (now SH 43). It was while working on this line that Morgan became ill. Members of his party attempted to obtain medical aid - a four day journey through difficult terrain. However, Morgan died on 24 February 1893, aged 35, of suspected appendicitis and was buried at the camp site in the gorge.


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