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Tanner Bros Ltd was established as an incorporated company in Wellington on 10 February 1908. It's believed, however, that they were active in the postcard trade before this. In terms of the size of its production and its national reach, the firm was pre-eminent in postcard publishing in NZ from the 1900s to the 1920s. Principal shareholders at the time were Victor Joseph Tanner and his brother Edwin Arthur Tanner. By 1919, the management and ownership of Tanner Bros passed over to Edwin, whose shares were eventually acquired by the Couch Printing Company in 1950. Tanner Couch wound up the business in 1981/2, ending one of the longest running involvements in the production of postcards and souvenirs for the tourist trade.

For further, see: William Main & Alan Jackson, '"Wish you were here": the story of New Zealand postcards', New Zealand Postcard Society Inc, 2005.


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