John Johns

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From William Main and John B. Turner, "New Zealand Photography from the 1840s to the present", Photoforum: Wellington, 1993; p.57:
"Born in 1924, John Johns grew up on a Devonshire farm in England which instilled into him a lifelong concern for the management and conservation of natural resources. He gained his Diploma in Forestry but the advent of the Second World War prevented him becoming a forester. Instead, the Royal Arir Force trained him as a photographer, and stationed him in India.
He emigrated to New Zealand after the war and was the New Zealand Forest Service's official photographer from 1951 until his retirement in 1984. A consummate craftsman, Johns was prolific in his specialisr fields of forestry and wildlife photography. No matter how technical an assignment, he always sought to wrest from it a 'picture' to satisfy his acute but restrained sense of form"


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