John Newton Johnson

Date of birth / Date established
Circa 1866
Date of death / Date closed
08 Oct 1942
Person/Corporate type
John Newton Johnson, who was engaged [at Egmont Brewery] as a general hand in 1874, and later became head brewer. Johnson had already some experience in the brewing business. He started his working life as an apprentice cooper with Joseph Ward, whose small factory was near the site of the present Salvation Army Citadel. His father-in-law to be, John Trigger, by whom Johnson was brought up, owned a brewery on the banks of the Mangaotuku Stream, about 15o yards upstream from the Egmont Brewery, where Johnson was employed for some years before he joined Paul's team. He was appointed brewer in 1902, a position he held until 1921." Taranaki Herald 15 May 1971 p.5


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