Henry Blackburn Leatham

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17 Nov 1939
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Dr Henry Blackburn Leatham was a surgeon at New Plymouth Hospital during the late 19th - early 20th centuries. His father, Henry William Leatham arrived in New Plymouth in 1852 from Pontefact, Yorkshire. In 1856 Leatham snr. married Frances Agnes Newland and the couple had four children, Henry, William, Eliza (Mrs W. Cutfield) and Mary (Mrs S. Kyngdon).
In 1887 Dr Leatham married Mary Louisa Rawson. Dr Leatham was active in the local community and was a member of the Oddfellows (Loyal Excelsior Lodge) and a committee member for the New Plymouth Club, the New Plymouth Lawn Tennis Club, the Taranaki Football Club and the New Plymouth Cricket Club..
Dr Leatham was a motor-enthusiast he owned the first motor car in New Plymouth and was the Taranaki's first member of the Automobile Association. Photographs of many of Dr Leatham's motor vehicles are held at Puke Ariki.
(Source: Taranaki Names Index, Taranaki Research Centre, Puke Ariki)


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