John Veale

Date of birth / Date established
05 Oct 1786
Date of death / Date closed
08 Dec 1851
Place of birth / Place established
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John Veale was born on 5 October 1786 in Clawton, Devon, England. His parents were Oliver Veale (1737-1807) and Ann Cuttin (1755-1831). John Veale married Hannah Furze (b. 1788) on 30 September 1807 in Clawton. The couple had nine children - Ann (1808-1871); Oliver (1810-1888); Elizabeth (1812-1905); John (1814-1907); Harriet (1816-1891); Hannah (1819-1886); Thomas (1823-1896); Prudence (1826-1919); and Jane (1821-1908). The family arrived in Taranaki aboard the "Amelia Thompson" settler ship in 1841. On arrival, Veale bought one town section (one acre) and a section of rural land (fifty acres) for each of his nine children. He died on 8 December 1851 in New Plymouth. Hannah died on 23 June 1858 in New Plymouth.


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