William Henry John Seffern

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William Henry John Seffern, journalist and writer, spent his early years working on various newspapers in Australia 1851-1863, moved to Auckland in 1863 and then to New Plymouth in 1868 taking over the editorship and management of the 'Taranaki Herald' a position which he held for 28 years.
During his journalism career he also worked as correspondent to the 'Otago Daily Times' and the 'Empire' (Sydney) and brought out the 'Penny Journal' in 1866, and 'The New Zealander' in 1867. In 1888, he wrote 'The early settlement of New Zealand'. This was followed by other historical works such as 'History of Taranaki', 'The history of a colonial newspaper' and 'The Maori rebellion of the sixties'. Seffern died in 1900, aged 71 years.


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