Norman Marshall Halcombe

Date of death / Date closed
Jan 1919
Person/Corporate type
"Norman, headed to America to train at Stanford University as a civil engineer. By the time World War I broke out, he had established a lucrative practice in San Francisco, and paid his way to England to sign up with the Royal Engineers. Norman Halcombe survived active service in World War I but died from influenza in an Egyptian hospital just weeks after marrying Blanche Turton in January 1919. " Researched and written by Social History Curator Andrew Moffat in 2011. See Blanche Halcombe collection held in archives and E Sawyer, ‘Memoir: Norman Marshall Halcombe’, in Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 58, 1920, p. 2373. (copy held in Taranaki Research Centre family files)


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