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"In 1900, retired members of the Imperial and Colonial Forces formed the New Zealand Empire Veterans Association under the patronage of Lord Ranfurly. Members were issued with a bronze medal in the form of a Maltese cross surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves, with NZEVA engraved in the centre. The medal was suspended by means of a red, white and blue ribbon, and was worn on the right side of the uniform. In 1910, the name of the association was changed to the King's Empire Veterans Association, and the letters in the centre of the cross were changed to KEV. Awards were issued unnamed, but some medals were privately engraved on the reverse. The brooch bar, from which the ribbon hung, was often engraved with the years of service of the recipient. A complete list of original veterans can be found in the Earl of Ranfurly's book Defenders of the Empire. There is a variety of the veterans cross which pre-dates the Empire Veteran's Association award. This is a bronze Maltese cross surmounted by a Victorian crown and engraved in the centre N.Z.A. ROYAL VETERAN. The recipient’s name is usually found engraved on the reverse." Source: Orders, decorations and medals awarded to New Zealanders : an illustrated guide for collectors / Geoffrey P. Oldham and Brett Delahunt. p96


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