Percy Milham

Date of death / Date closed
22 Nov 1948
Person/Corporate type
Percy Milham was working as a farm hand in Whakamara when he was called up to serve in the fourth ballot in 1917. A Hawera and Normanby Star report on 11 March 1919 detailed Milham was welcomed home to Whakamara in March 1919. A large gathering at the local hall was held, and Trooper Milham was presented a “handsome wallet containing a cheque” on a behalf of the Whakamara settlers. Milham is said to have “responded with feeling” before the assembled throng sang him For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow and “dancing was resumed and was kept going in full swing till the small hours.” He married Lavinia Rose Seamark of New Plymouth in 1920. His occupation was noted as a labourer when he died in 1948.


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