William Hackwood

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William Hackwood was first taken on at the Wedgwood Etruria factory by Josiah Wedgwood in 1769. Wedgwood described him as an 'ingenious boy' - he was ultimately destined to become the Chief Modeller of the ornamental range at the Etruria factory. His forte was in the production and modelling of portrait medallions - and he was particularly indispensable in the work of adapting busts, reliefs and designs, which Wedgwood obtained from various sources. Many of the l8th century portrait medallions are by his hand and include portraits of Josiah Wedgwood I, George III and Queen Charlotte. A few signed works also exist - the portraits of Garrick and Shakespeare were signed on the truncation. This was a practise of which Wedgwood disapproved, and Hackwood was instructed not to repeat this.
In 1774, Wedgwood wrote 'Hackwood is of the greatest value and consequence in finishing fine small work, and of this kind we have and shall have enough to employ him constantly'. Two years later he was further wishing that he had '....half a dozen more Hackwoods'.
Hackwood continued for the Wedgwood Etruria manufactory for some 63 years and produced many bas-reliefs and works that can be authenticated. Source: Wedgewood Museum http://www.wedgwoodmuseum.org.uk/learning/discovery_packs/___/pack/2182/chapter/2415


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