Elizabeth Templetown

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Lady Templetown was a talented amateur artist who supplied Josiah [Wedgewood] with ‘cut Indian paper', a form of silhouette design, between 1783 and 1789. These were frequently sentimental, domestic scenes with such titles as ‘Domestic Employment', 'Sportive Love' and ‘Poor Maria'- this inspired by a work by Joseph Wright, Derbyshire painter, friend of Josiah and Lunar man. Her designs, like those of her fellow female artists, Emma Crewe and Lady Diana Beauclerk, were translated into bas relief for jasper by William Hackwood, whose adaptation resulted in the individual hand of each artist at times becoming difficult to distinguish."Source: Wedgwood Museum http://www.wedgwoodmuseum.org.uk/learning/discovery_packs/___/pack/2436/chapter/2825


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