Anna Arnolda Pedersen

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07 Aug 1988
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Anna Pederson was born in Norway in 1891 and came to New Zealand as a teenager. She was married to Jens Bjorvik for a short time but divorced and reverted to her original name. In the 1920s she owned a dress shop and was a dressmaker. From 1929 to 1945 she ran the Seaman's Rest, at New Plymouth's port. The Seaman's Rest was built by James Holmes, Anna's sister's husband and it was here she was interpreter for Scandinavian seamen. In 1945 she retired to Christchurch where she took the position of Housekepper at Jedburg Sheep Station. Anna died in Christchurch in 1988, aged 98 years.
Sister - Rixon, Sara Jimila.


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