William George Nicholas Manley

Date of birth / Date established
17 Dec 1831
Date of death / Date closed
16 Nov 1901
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William Manley was an assistant surgeon of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. He fought near Tauranga and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his conduct at Gate Pa on 29 April 1864 when he risked his life in his endeavour to save the life of Commander Hay of the Royal Navy. He was apparently one of the last officers to leave the pa which was under seige.
A short time after the engagement at Gate Pa, Manley risked his life once again when he lept into a river to save a soldier who had fallen out of a boat. He was awarded the Royal Humane Society's bronze medal. he was also awarded the Iron Cross for his conduct in the Franco-Prussian War making him the only British soldier to have won both the Victoria and Iron Crosses. Manley was awarded more medals throughout his military career and was eventually promoted to Surgeon-General in 1884. He was offered knighthood by Queen Victoria but refused on account of not being able to afford the lifestyle of a knight.
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