Edward Arthur Williams

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17 Feb 1824
Date of death / Date closed
20 Jun 1898
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Lieutentant-General Edward Arthur Williams was born at Woolwich, Kent on 17 February 1824. He entered the army on 1 January 1842, became a Colonel on 1 June 1867, a Colonel Commandant Royal Artillery on 3 September 1890, Major-General 1 May 1880 and retired with the honorary rank of Lieutenant-General on 1 May 1885. He served in the New Zealand Wars 1864-66 and commanded the Royal Artillery in the Waikato, Tauranga and Wanganui campaigns. He had actions at Rangiawhia, Haerini, Gate Pa and Nukumaru. His active service was during 1864-1865. On 29 April 1865 Williams returned with General Cameron to discuss plans for future operations with Governor Grey. Williams remained in Auckland without taking any further active service until his departure for England in August 1866. He also served in Malta, Corfu, Canada and Gibraltar. He died suddenly at Eastcombe House, Blackheath, aged 74, on Monday 20 June 1898. He was buried in the cemetery at Old Charlton, Kent, on 23 June 1898.

Also see detailed information on E. A. Williams in biographies folder produced by The Alexander Turnbull Library (1980).


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