The Urenui Collie Club was established in April 1948 for the purpose of sheep dog trialling. A clubhouse on Wilson Road, Urenui was erected on land belonging to Ronald Andrews. The club was disbanded in 1987.
The collection consists of minute books, financial records and trial results for the club.
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Archive Contents

  Part 1

Minute book. 1948 - 1979

Minute book. 1980-1987

  Part 2

Eight (8) competition result books. 1953-1985

Carbon copy of competition results 1980-1985

  Part 3

Notebook. Mailing lists.

  Part 4

Two (2) cash receipt books. 1953 - 1987

  Part 5

Two (2) rule books. Taranaki Centre 1968 and New Zealand Association 1971

  Part 6

Examples (3) of Urenui Collie Club member's tickets and thank-you cards

  Part 7

Folder. Insurance policies for trophies and club house.

Correspondence for raffle license. 26 March 1968

Agreement between Ronald Andrews and Urenui Collie Club relating to the club house. 1957

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