Photograph of the Watene (Watson) family group at Parihaka. The large group stand in front of a thatched house. Most people wear feathers in their hair. One man appears to be held up by another man in the backrow. Onlookers watch from behind a fence in the background. Five children are seated in the front row. The man third from the left, wearnig a cap and holding a taiaha has been identified as Te Rarini Rangimatotoru Watene.
The woman standing towards the centre of the group in dark-toned clothing is Te Wharetiki Hana Watene, (nee Love), wife of Te Rangimatotoru. The young children seated in the front row are, from left to right, Teieti Watene, Hori (George) Watene, Reta Watene, Rori Watene, Hemi Watene.
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