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A neoclassical-style cavalry helmet depicting a decorative stylized pattern along the midline crest which runs from the brow to the back of the helmet. There is a hole in the crest at the brow to insert horse hair and an attachment on the side to insert a plume. On the underside of the crest there is a relief that possibly depicts Medusa and a grenade. A metal chin strap is attached to the wearer's right side, a pointed peak at the front and narrow brim at the back.
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An intriguing object in the collection, is this helmet actually a genuine military helmet or a more common fire fighter's safety equipment? After some research, the conclusion was reached that it is possibly a 1825 pattern cuirassiers helmet, likely French. Although interestingly, the decorative fittings match the French Cuirassiers 1845 pattern.

The French 1862 pattern fire fighter's helmet is very similar to the military helmet and is developed from the same design. The French fire fighter's helmets, made from brass, were then adopted and modified by fire fighting brigades throughout Britain and the world. Fire fighter's continued to use brass helmets well into the 1900s in New Zealand, but they were eventually replaced as they proved a health and safety hazard because they did not protect wearers from electrocution walking into broken, live wires.
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