De Jardine, Margaret

A collection of family papers including war-time ration books, an EPS (Emergency Precautions Scheme) handbook and poster, a soldiers paybook for Lewis Brompton Olson, Attestation - 20 July 1917, two Cook's Straight Almanacks 1846 and 1849 and photographs of the Olsen Swamp Dig, February 1960 and a collection of newspaper clippings from Taranaki papers.
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  Box 1

1) Cook's Strait Almanac - 1846

2) Cook's Strait Almanac - 1849 (with annotations - mainly horse racing),

3) Soldier's pay book - belonged to Lewis Brompton Olson, 31st Rifles, Attestation - 20/7/17

4) New Syllabus Speller, belonged to Margaret de Jardine, West End School

5 - 10) World War II ration books for E de Jardine.

11) Two loose pages from a ration book - made out to M de Jardine

12) Bowlers Information Handbook; issued by the Northern Division of the Taranaki Bowling Centre, 1913.

13) Photo of a tennis group/team/club, male and female.

14) E.P.S (Emergency Precautions Scheme) New Plymouth, Handbook and poster. World War Two, issued to all households for an emergency such as; Enemy action. Earthquake, Fire, Tidal wave, Hurricane or Epidemic.

EPS Identification card. E de Jardine.

15) A dark brown envelope containing squares of toilet paper.

16) Notice: “What to do in an Air-raid or Bombardment”, issued by the E.P.S. (WWII)

17) Photographs. Olsen Swamp Dig February 1960

18) Selection of radio receiving licences issued to E de Jardine. 1936 - 1963

19) Life saving certificate awarded to Margaret de Jardine 1935

20) Folder. West End School 75th Jubilee 1884 - 1959 Jubilee booklet; flyer for 75th Jubilee; Order of service for Thanksgiving Service; West End School 75th Jubilee envelope (not addressed) green jubilee ribbon; West End 75th Jubilee envelope (addressed to Miss M de Jardine; Receipt for enrolment fee; name tag for Miss Margaret de Jardine.

21) Folder. Book “The Moa” being the literary “Pickings” of a Troopship, edited by Drew & Digby and produced for the men of the 22nd Rifles., NZEF on board the TSS Aparima. Includes written pencil diary notes by Private E. de Jardine, No 37990 B Company 22nd Rfls. NZEF from Civilian N.Z. to soldier in England. Gives times of arrival at various pots etc. and autographs of men serving in No 8 Platoon. (2 copies)

22) Folder. Ration Book - E de Jardine, 1944 and Poster. Morale: How to Play Your Part. Includes the King's message 1940. 315mm x 235mm

23) Folder. Educational achievements for Margaret de Jardine. (Restricted Access)

24) Folder. Invitation to the official opening of the Taranaki Museum 16 Sept. 1961 ; Weekly News photographs of the opening of the New Plymouth War Memorial Buildng. 20 July 1960

  Box 2

1. Folder. Typescript. Kawaroa Park Paddling Pool and its environs (The history of). Traces the history of Kawaroa Park and Candish Bay, the development of the foreshore from European settlement to the present day. Written and researched by M de Jardine. Includes photocopies of photos. (7p) (deposited 2 February 1999)

2. Folder. New Plymouth Central Business District research notes compiled in the 1980s by Margaret de Jardine when members of the New Plymouth Historical Society were reminiscing about business in the central business district. (deposited 6 December 1999)

3. Folder. New Plymouth Fire Brigade Centennial celebrations 1866 - 1966 - Order of Procession for the Centennial Parade; newspaper clippings - Reflections on Fire Brigade's 100 years Taranaki Herald Oct 22 1966; Yesterday's Fire Heroes on Parade 22 Oct 1966; 100 Years of Fire Fighting 22.10.66; The Way we were Daily News 30 July 1994;

4. Folder. New Plymouth - St Aubyn Street a reconstruction of businesses and some occupants of houses in St Aubyn Street. Compiled by Margaret de Jardine, Dave Burgess and Barrie Slyfield. Oct 1999.

5. Folder. New Plymouth 1916-1917 Written by Margaret de Jardine October 1976, the public address is titled and gives an historical perspective of New Plymouth, describing population, facilities etc.

6. Folder. Street Names. Research notes into street names in the Moturoa area. French St, Kitchener St and Birdwood Ave. Notes for a talk given to the New Plymouth Historical Society 20 May 1981

7. Newspaper File. Pages from the Past – 1988. Material – Maori Land War period. Historical articles. Pages from the Past 1968-1969 (all the Gables Monogram) The day the Censor stopped the Press. Individuals – Wiremu Kingi te Rangitake, Captain F. Mace, Sir Maui Pomare, “Forgotten Princess”, Feaver family, Mary King, Elsie Andrews, Wm Walter Smith, Harold Williams, Mary & William Phillips. Christmas Day 100 years ago. Pioneers example a pattern for next decade.

8. Newspaper File. Education – a practical approach 1997, taking on new knowledge 1994.

Health – New Plymouth Hospital 1955/60s/90s/2000


9. Newspaper File. Post Offices – old & new (opened 1959). Post Office radio systems, telegraph & telephones. Undated booklet from Telecom. Clock Tower to be demolished (1945). Museum & Post Office past. The Atkinson building.

10.Newspaper File. Railways Old & New (footbridge at New Plymouth yards).Courthouse. Housing Corporation relocates (1991). Economic crises (pamphlet 1991). Employment Contracts Act (1991). Social Welfare benefits booklet (1991).

11. Newspaper File. Education 1968. Education Board (1868 to 1968), Oldest teacher remembers (Mrs M.J. Cartwright), Shipboard & other schooling, School transport, School architecture & design, New Zealand’s biggest primary school (Hawera Main), School lunch problems, Agricultural teaching, Modern education.

12. Newspaper File. Churches. Presbyterian. Bell Block Co-operating Church. Baptists. Salvation Army. Catholic – also Sacred Heart & St. Josephs. Methodists and Primitive Methodists – Whiteley, St. Aubyns, Fitzroy, Wharehuia, Maori Mission Station, Rangiatea College. Church of England – Articles by Archdeacon Gavin, W.H. Skinner, T. O’Meagher & B. Scanlon. The old churchyard. The Churches at Holy Trinity, St. Chad’s, Omata & some country churches. The Old Vicarage at Te Henui. Bishop Selwyn’s visit to New Plymouth in 1855. Extensions to St. Mary’s. Archdeacon & the late Mrs Evans.

Histories of country churches – Monastery at Koru, Patea Presbyterian Church & St. Peter’s Parangi. Church of Christ, New Plymouth. Cemeteries at Patea and New Plymouth. The Rangiatea Church at Otaki. The music of Christmas. Call for return of Christian values – Religion in schools. The Well of Life, Family Church (New Plymouth)

13. Newspaper File. Hotels. White Hart, Lion Tavern (previously The Commonwealth), Urenui, State, Imperial, Bell Block, Nice Hotel & Bistro, Central Hotels (Patea & Hawera), Whangamomona, County (Stratford), Ratanui, Tasman, Masonic (New Plymouth), Criterion, Royal, Barretts (Wellington), Butlers Reef (Oakura). 2000 – Battle to save the Arcadia Hotel.

14. Newspaper File. New Plymouth town plan – aerial pictures (1959). Embryo town plan of 1916 that was forgotten (1959). New Plymouth’s greatest building boom (1957). New Plymouth’s expanding suburbs: 1965 - Mt. Moturoa, Hurdon, Spotswood, Brooklands & Somes Park. 1967 – Marfell, Glenavon, Ferndale, Upper Vogeltown & Huatoki Road. Changing face of New Plymouth: 1966, 1967 & 1986 – Old Post Office, old & new courthouses & Atkinson Building. 1969 All commercial – Blyde Wharf, Maratahu Hotel, hospital, warehouse for Mollers, Hinchman block (Paritut0 & Moturoa Freezing Works. Exclusive homes in Nevada Drive & Cumberland St., Merrilands. (1972). Money scarce but houses being built in Bell Block, Inglewood, Waitara & Stratford – 1974. Changing face of New Plymouth – Fitzroy Beach – 1975. “Special purpose authorities near end of reign” (1975) (Replaced by Taranaki Regional Council). Coloured aerial photograph of central New Plymouth (Circa 1962) from Brougham to Morley Streets and inland to Mt. Egmont and ranges. New Plymouth almost a century ago (1983).

15. Newspaper File. Mount Egmont. 1958 – Who was first to climb Mt. Egmont? 1957 Climbing Egmont, new Kahui Hut. 1958 Taranaki seen through southern eyes, Pleasures of the Pouakais. 1968/71 Gold in the Kaitakis? 1975 Mountain shrouded in legend – geological history. 1973 Four new walks on Egmont. 1979/86 Question of a name – Mt. Taranaki/ Mt. Egmont. 1957 Trig station fixes Egmont’s height. 1974 Air crash discovery on Egmont. 1997 Map of avalanche danger. 1974 Chateau Pouakai suggestion. 1975 Dawson Falls Lodge generator. 1988/99 Death tolls on Egmont. 1975 New Holly Hut. 1989 The Syme Hut. 1992 North Egmont Camp house history. 1998 North Egmont Visitor Centre (by Ralph Latta). 1980 Bureaucracy and the mountain. 1981 Tourism on Egmont. 1985 Lonely Taranaki waits in exile. 1987 More Taranaki ski field development? Yes/No, 80 years of park protection. 1976/80 A touch of Switzerland on Egmont. 1980 Display centre at North Egmont opens a new era. 1984 Blue Rata scenic reserve. 1970 Photo of Egmont National Park from 30,000 feet. 2000 Ahukawakawa Swamp, Egmont National Park. 1999 Tramp on the mountain. 2000 100 years of Egmont National Park. 1973 By cable car to the top.

16. Newspaper File. Articles by Agnes-Mary Brook, Alan Duff & Kerry Howe.

17. Newspaper File. Articles regarding Treaty of Waitangi – “Black and White”, Maori Enterprise businesses, “A Word for a Cruel World” and “For the Sake of the Children” November 2000 (report on the Beyond Violence conference)

18. Newspaper File. Mainly Maori. 1989 Roger Fyfe reviews “Moriori” by Michael King. 1980 Preserving primitive Maori art form – Roger Fyfe. 1959 The Whaka Ahurangi Maori track & map, Shaun Ainsworth’s discovery of Maori carving at Waitara. 1980 Maori as flour millers – Taranaki/Wanganui. 1961 Monastery at Koru. 1977 Battle of te Ruaki Pa/earthworks of Waireka Military Camp. 1990 The Treaty – covenant or con? 1965 Maori land to become airport. 1979 Historic Places Trust visit to places in South Taranaki. 1978 Maori culture a living thing. 1974 Carved footprints in Tongaporutu cave. 1957 Battle at Ngaweka Pa. 1987 Taranaki Maori & $30 million land claim, History of the Whitecliffs Walkway. 1976 Wahitapu cemetery proposed restoration. 1969 Discovery of unfinished Maori canoe in bush. 1978 Parihaka redevelopment scheme. 1953 Editorial “Signposting the Past”. 1980 120th anniversary of battle of Waireka. 1952 Dr. Tamati Ready – understanding needed to avoid conflicts. 1990 Waitangi Tribunal sitting (Dr Ngatata Love, Peter Morehu & Milton Hohaia).

19. Newspaper File. Old houses. Some still standing, some about to be demolished & some being demolished.

20. Newspaper File. Mostly Pictorial. 3 landmarks disappear, Where am I (2), Where are they now – 1967/68 (Mark Birch), History in Focus (9), Surf Highway & Flashbacks to New Plymouth’s earlier days (2). Individuals: Dicky Barrett, Sir Harry Atkinson, Ben & Zaccheus Wells, Chew Chong, Sir Peter Buck & Hughson family.

  Box 3

1. Newspaper File. New Plymouth Streets: Devon and the hill, Brougham, Currie, Queen, St. Aubyn, Egmont, Liardet, King & Robe.

2. Newspaper File. New Plymouth City/District Council: Floods, Flood control, Waste water & carousel, Water supplies, Parks, Kawaroa Pool, Foreshore, Beaches & Camps.

3. Newspaper File. New Plymouth City/District Council: Administration, Tourism, Housing, Regional Council, Electricity, Reservoir, City Council buildings, “Transition Times”, Fire Brigade & Town Clock.

4. Newspaper File. New Plymouth City/District Council: Bowl of Brooklands, Opera House, Stadium, Museum, Library (also Toy Library), Art Gallery, Pukeariki project, Te Papa Museum & Centennial year.

5. Newspaper File. New Plymouth City/District Council: Prison, Cemetery, Transport – trams & buses, New outlet road route, New rail yards at Smart Road. The “Southern Cross” at New Plymouth 1967, New Plymouth’s new airport at Brown Road 1967, New Plymouth Aero Club 1967, Stratford aerodrome 1859, 25th anniversary of Stratford Aero Club 1959.

6. Newspaper File. New Plymouth City/District Council: Inner City – The Mall, Stand alone shopping centres, Proposed Centre City & Proposed K Mart complex.

7. Newspaper File. Maui. The Benreoch rig, Taranaki – the energy province, Kokan Pioneer 1, Blue Whale, JFP Eleven & Penrod rig.

8. Newspaper File. L.P.G. plant at Oaonui and gas pipe line. Petrocorp, Liquigas & C.N.G. industry. Motunui – Methanex & Petrolgas.

9. Newspaper File. A missioners’ viewpoint – 3 parts (Reports of the Rev. John Whiteley to the Wesleyan Missionary Society). 100 years ago – 17 articles (aspects of early Taranaki). lifeline of a City – 22 articles (aspects of New Plymouth written 1959-60)

10. Newspaper File. “The Roaring Twenties” Many “Sunday Express” articles, all unsigned. The Pioneers. New Zealand Cross (Mace) in Taranaki Museum. Histories of Regiments: Military Settlers. Flags in St Mary’s Church, New Plymouth, Taranaki Rifle Volunteers 125 Anniversary 1859-1984, Flags & Hatchments in St. Mary’s Church, New Plymouth, Taranaki Regiment 1980 & 2000, Compulsory Military Training Reunions 1984, “The Flight of the 1500” – Hatchments of 43rd & 65th, The Rifles & Maori in St. Mary’s Church, Lively days at Omata Stockade by A.H. Messenger, Taranaki last few days pf peace 1939, A.N.Z.A.C. Remembrance Services in 1999.

11. Newspaper File. Devon Street, New Plymouth (North side). Early businesses, some with pictures.

12. Newspaper File. Devon Street, New Plymouth (South side). Early businesses, some with pictures. 1980 – Historical Society reminisces about changes in Devon Street central business district.

  Box 4

1. Newspaper File. Cyclone Bola - Taranaki & rest of New Zealand, 1988. Floods in New Plymouth & Waitara, 1935 & 1971. Pollution problem at Waitara, 1972. Tornado at New Plymouth, 1991 (photo). New Zealand volcanoes. Archaeological digs – Omata Stockade, 1977 & Warea redoubt, 1978. Coastal geological formations 1977 & 1981. Oil rig craft, 1969. Seismic surveys in Taranaki, 1985. Watkins-Dow Ltd. 2 4 5 T, 1979, Ironsand works in Taranaki, 1959? Opening of mineral baths in New Plymouth, 2000. Taranaki – a tourist gem? 1997.

2. Newspaper File. Patea Historical Society & Museum (19740. Tawhiti Museum (1980, 1983) & pamphlet (1988). Taranaki Pioneer Village (1978, 1988) and pamphlet. Taranaki Aviation, Transport & Technology Museum.,T.A.T.A.M. (1975, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1985). Taranaki Museum: 1969- Quality of a good museum (Rigby Allan). 1977- Wonderland of relics. 1977- Wide range of interests of Friends of the Museum. 1979- Bones of blue whale to be mounted. 1980- Friends of the museum & slab whare. 1981- Dairying equipment. 1987- Soldier’s trunk found on Marsland Hill (Roger Fyfe). 1997- New Plymouth Historical Society’s donation of glass case to the museum. 1973- The romance of old furniture Richmond Cottage. 2000- Our hidden history – a tour of the basement. 2000- Historic Places Trust.

3. Newspaper File. Bridging the Waiwaikaiho (1974). Washday in the 1890’s (1985). Cold cures of 1812. “New Resuscitation system invented in 1932 (1956). One man’s campaign for a coastal railway (1957). 2 early paintings (1957, 1959) locations unidentified. The Raw bushland of Taranaki (1964). The changing land (pictorial) (1983).Abandoned Aotuhia (1978).Mohakatino Farm Settlement Block (1963). Taranaki Exporters (1980). Coaching days in Taranaki (1972, 1981). Horse teams of a past age (1957). Steam Wagon to be built in New Plymouth (1984). Robot milkers no longer a dream (1997). Powderham Street Market (1976). New buildings going up (mainly pictorial) (1974). Ships “Ngapuhi” & Rarawa” (1979). Collecting antique furniture (1980). Voices from the past – old grammaphones (1967). Ngaere Gardens Pioneer Village Society (1974). Stratford Antique & Collection Club (1971).

4. Newspaper File. Taranaki Catchment Commission. Conservation around Taranaki and “The Other side of Conservation”. Proposed Marine Reserve/s in North Taranaki – 3 options (1993). Activities fro Conservation Week (1980). Walkways in Taranaki – a series of articles in the Sunday Express, Daily News, & New Plymouth Star. Also articles on the following Walkways:- Whitecliffs; Eastern Taranaki (2): State Highway 43 (2): Lake Rotokare: Te Wera State Forest. Various in Taranaki.

5. Newspaper File. Patea River and dam (1977). Racecourse & Pukekura Park. Rugby Park (1985). Lucy’s Gully. Lake Ratapiko (1975). Lake Rotorangi –Patea (1985). Lake Mangamahoe (1979). Waiwaikaiho Lake (1970) & harbour (1963). Taranaki Tourist guide of lakes & rivers (1985). “Looking Back” photos ex the Sunday Express of earlier days, published in the ‘80s. Ian Mc Alpine and mountains (1987). “The thin blue line”- sole charge police(1998) and Police Dogs (1989).”Blueprint Taranaki” a series of 15 articles. Also “Destination Taranaki”.

6. Newspaper File. The Foreshore - erosion (1961, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970). Musical chairs in Devon Street (1955).”Places we pass by” by Barry Hartley – series of 9 article (1977). City byways worth exploring (1986). The city arches and others (1976). The city lanes (1973). Marsland Hill (1971, 1976). “The Industrious Heart” book by J.S. Tullett (1981). Lake at mouth of Waiwaikaiho River (1972).History all around us (N.I.E.) (1987). Surfboat project seeks support (1991). Coastal towns fight for their rights (1989). Taranaki remembers its early settlers (1981). Hospital gates, Dawson Street closing (1973). Monuments in decay (1971, 1973). Where New Plymouth’s town clock was housed (1966). Building contracts totalling over £ 2½ million (1954). Some sketches by A. H. Messenger from his notebooks (1975). From Grimsby to New Plymouth 100 years ago (1975). The founding years – series of 3 articles (1957). Taranaki’s First Provincial Council (1953). Carrington’s Town Plan (1959). Moturoa – history and industry (1960). New Plymouth as it was nearly 100 years ago – painting (1958). Central section of New Plymouth in 1856 – painting (1960). When New Plymouth was very young (1957). The Waiwaikaiho Bridge (1959). New Plymouth Historical Society 1972 conference – short history of New Plymouth inside.

7. Newspaper File. Cottages: Richmond Cottage; Tupare; The Gables; Hurworth; Pukeiti (early) also 1999, and Graham Smith. “The last of the Colonials” a series of 30 articles & sketches by Michael Smither (1961).

Extras: The Cable Station at Whites Bay ( Marlborough Sounds); The original government buildings (Wellington); The Waimate Mission Station; Tui Safaris (in Taranaki); “Beryls’ Belles” – Bellringers at St Mary’s Church; Lithograph of New Plymouth in 1893 showing township from the convent and some of the principal businesses.

8. Newspaper File. “A glance at the Past” (1963). Looking Back (1969). Articles for “Museum” corner written by Ron Lambert. Talking Stamps by “Simon Sam” – historical articles by H. D. Mullen. From the Taranaki Museum photo files. Individuals: Mr. J. H. Frethey – Frethey Gardens; Poarama – Te Whiti; william Odgers, VC. “Men who died in lonely places” – Richard Brown; Ephraim Coad; Hugh C. Harris; Henry Crann; William Cutfield King; John Hawkins; John Hurford; Joseph Sarten; Charles Armitage Brown and son Charles Brown – “Carlino”; Robert Wallath – highwayman.

9. Newspaper File. Societies, Clubs, Bands, Theatres, etc: New Plymouth Aero Club Jubilee – 50 years (1979); Hawera Aero Club – 50 years (1979); 100 years of band music in Taranaki (1961); New Plymouth City Band (1981/ 84); Taranaki Air Ambulance (1984); St. John Ambulance (1987); New Plymouth Caledonia Society Pipe Band – 50 years (1972[?]); New Plymouth Vintage Car Club (1972); Taranaki Restore Cars Club (1977); N. P. Operatic Society (1971/ 92); Inglewood Dramatic Society (1974); Theatre Royal, Waitara (1971); Early films in Taranaki (1949/ 52); Broadcasting 2YB – 50 years (1979); Taranaki T.V. (2000); Taranaki A & P Assoc. (1949); Hawera Acclimatization Society – 100 years (1979); Taranaki Acclimatization Society (1974); Cubs & Scouts – 70 years (1986); N.P. Old Boys Swimming & Surf Club – 50 years (1981); Patea Rugby Club & Bank of NSW Patea (1974); N.P. Orchestra (1955/ 88); Hebron House (1990); N.P. Astronomical Club (1988); N.P. Model Engineers Club (1987); N. P. Girls Choir (1991); Manchester Unity Lodge (1975); Woodleigh Sports & Social club (1988); N.P. Savage Club; Mangorei Trust (1982); Y.W.C.A. (1988) N.P. Golf Club – 100 years (1993); Foresters’ Friendly Society – 100years (1993); Taranaki Philharmonic Society (1967); Pukekura Park Tennis Club – 75 years (1987); N. P. Club (1991); Taranaki Jockey Club (1981) Montessori School (1980); Youth for Christ (1979) Atawhai Industries (1988); N.P. Tramping Club (1984) Taranaki Alpine club (1990); Mount Egmont Alpine Club, Hawera - 50 years (1978).

10. Newspaper File. Where History Paused (series of 9 articles on historic battle sites. From New Zealand’s Past ( a series of 52 article on Maori artefacts in the Taranaki Museum written by Rigby Allan during 1959/ 60 [one or two are missing]. Also article by Rigby Allan on Maori life in early New Plymouth.

11. Newspaper File. Taranaki Zoos (1988); History of Sugar Loaf Islands (1987) & Seabirds (1973); Into the Abyss – Around Maui A Rig (1992); Taxidermy (1997); Acclimatization Society – 100 years (1974); Sanctuary for neglected animals – S.P.C. A. (1988); Fishing for crayfish – South Taranaki (1979); Early New Zealand bush (1977); Aerial pictures Taranaki coastline (1970); Taranaki molluscs (1985); Early N. Z. trees & flowers (1981); Planting for birds (1981); Bush pigeons for Christmas (1973); Trips to seal colonies – Marine Park – Dave Chadfield (1992); Coastal reserve planned at Bell Block (1975); Taranaki Ohura Kohuratahi (19740; Whenuakura (1979); Mokoia’s claim to fame – meteorite (1973); Mana Healing Centre – Oakura (1999); Tunnels – Te Horo (March 2000); Mt. Messenger – enlarged (no date); Taranaki wheat for N. Z. (1963); Taranaki Punch (undated); Moki tunnel to be enlarged(2000).

12. Newspaper File. Two articles on Major Von Tempsky; Maori Warriors:-Poharama-te-Whiti, Hone Heke, Tuwhakairi; Parahaka; Regiments:-5th Battalion W.W.C.T; New Plymouth Air Training Corps- 40th Anniversary;25th Battalion – 25th Reunion; 28th Maori Battalion Reunion; Editorials on matters of topical interest (Daily News & Taranaki Herald); Articles on:- The Mokau mine; Sealord fishing dispute; Puniho meeting house; letter by Cliff Emeny; Two articles by Wikitoria Keenan; Maori culture and Public Service; Articles on various sites and battles of the Maori War period in Taranaki.

13. Newspaper File. Historical Articles by Fred B. Butler:- 1954 Aug 28th - Antique china;1954 March13th – Criterion Hotel; 1954 March 27th – Marsland Hill; 1954 April 10th – Gold & silver; 1954 April 24th – Flour Mills; 1954 May 8th – Mayfair Theatre site; 1954 May 22nd – Pukeariki Pa; 1954 May 29th – Pukeariki Pa; 1954 June 12th Huatoki & Brougham Street; 1954 June 26th – Governor Fitzroy; 1954 July 3rd ,10th 24th,31st & August 14th – Bell Block; 1954 September 11th – Chew Chong; 1954 September 25th Criterion Corner; 1954 October 2nd – Hannah’s corner; 1954 October 16th Brooklands; 1954 October 30th – The Gables; 1954 November 13th – Cemeteries, coins & cells; 1954 November 27th Red House corner; 1954 December 11th Devonport Block; 1955 January 15th Masonic Hotel & slips in the type; 1955 February 5th Masonic Hotel; 1955 February 19th & March 5th – Gill Street; 1955 March 19th – State Hotel; 1955 April 2nd – Tasman Hotel; 1955 April 16th – H. B. Premises 1955 April 30th & May 14th Egmont via Pouakais; 1955 May 28th – White Hart Hotel; Articles (3) by A.B. Witten-Hannah:- 1954 August 8th – Foundations of bridge built; 1955 January 20th – Fiordland Journey & Lost Tribe; 1955 January 29th – Te Whiti Orongomai; Aerial Photos (13) of “The Changing Face of New Plymouth” taken by Photoflight 1954/55; Photos (5) “The Land We Live In” – photographer not given; Articles (4) on “The Taranaki Wars” - writer not given; Article “100 Years Ago: When “The Turton” Fixed His Abode” about Rev. Henry Hanson Turton - writer not given; Article 1955 on York Terrace & the Hursts - writer not given; List by Margaret de Jardine of some business premises in New Plymouth 1954 – 1955 copied from the reverse side of the above articles.

14.Newspaper File. Transport: Highway North: - Waitara bypass – 1981/ 82; Lifeline to the North – 1989; Transport Supplement – 1990; Taranaki’s greatest Corner; State Highway 3; Mt. Messenger & Awakino Gorge – 23rd June 1979

15. Newspaper File. “ Pages From The Past” by Murray Moorhead

  Box 5

1. Newspaper File. “Around Taranaki With A Camera” – Photos by Douglas Elliott (most undated)

2. File contains: File bound with string. File bound with string to a wooden block. Loose papers. Material all relating to early New Plymouth between 1850 and 1895. Copied from the Taranaki Herald [of] respective dates. Material all hand written.

3. File contains: Notebooks (4) containing “Journal of Events” as copied from the Taranaki Herald of the times 1860 - .; cuttings of the same taken from the Taranaki Herald of 1960 - .; Article by Mr. B.A. Norman on the Battle of Mahoetahi; Articles (2) by Mr. C.R. Andrews one on the Battle of Mahoetahi & one on the fight at Puketakuere.

4. Newspaper File. Articles by A.H. Messenger dated and undated. Many from the Taranaki Herald.

  Box 6

1. Newspaper File. Individuals: Dated - Barry & Alison Rumball – conservationists (2000); Pat Wesley – Omahanui Special Care Unit proprietor (2000); Trevor Bremner & family – musicians (2000); Malcolm Potts – bonsai hobbyist (2000); David Walker – farmer/ company director/ chairman football club (2000); Joyce Crowley & Miro Jones – former Land Girls (2000); Dianne Bardsley – author of “Land Girls in a Man’s World” (2000); Dave Littlejohn & Nigel Dwyer – surfing pioneers in Taranaki (2000); Kinsley Sampson – retired Town Clerk (2000); Sally Laing – wearable art - Enamel Jewellery (2000); Brian & David Inns – entrepreneurs (2000); Craig Norgate – Kiwi Co-op chief executive. Undated – John Gully – artist; Janet Marshall – artist; William M. Crompton – teacher, editor...; Denis V. Sutherland – Mayor; [Hamar] H. Arden – artist; Edwin Whittle – Red House Hotel; Rei Hamon – artist; Edward Olson – pioneer (Egmont Village); Harry Peters – mountain guide; Mrs. Ann Burgess – wife of C. H. Burgess (Mayor) Rev. Henry Handley Brown – parson; Mathais Dodunski – pioneer (Inglewood); John [Pinhey] – radio ham; Major Von Tempsky – artist & soldier; George Fuller – park curator; W.h. Skinner – surveyor; Lieutenant William B. Messenger – soldier / settler; Darcy Ranger – fisherman & harbour board member; Dudley Staypoole – soldier / settler; Ethel Field – settler (Oaonui); F.A. Carrington – surveyor / settler; Kimble Bent – army deserter; Early photographers – Hartley Webster & W.A. Collis.

2. Newspaper File. Individuals: - Midweek 26th April 2000 – Linda Lusty – beauty therapist; Kerrie Jordan - Izuka hair design; Judy Mill – Moturoa pharmacy; Jane Bond – physiotherapist; Janet Angelo – Tower Insurance; Heather Oxley – Okato Bus Lines; Beverley Armstrong – Kip Mc Grath Education; Annamarie [Brbich] – Fitzroy Village Shoes. Ragtime, 10th February 2000 – Alastair Riddle – design security; Peter Beamist – dental repairs; Maureen Steeles – Blue Ocean Seafoods (Moturoa); David Kemp – furniture removals; Don Gutsel – emergency medical trainings; Robyn Strampel – Equiti; Errol & Noreen Taylor – appliance repairs service; Gail Raynor & Assoc. – business services; Ken Rowe – Gilmours Auction; Keith Hislop – Hire a Hubby; David Fairey – In Focus (cameras); Neville Jans – Janko Computers; Graeme & Raewyn Riddick – kerb & driveways; Paul Scouller – Kudos Menswear; Lee Mather & David Butler – Le Dejeuner Catering; Vicki Eaton – The Crafty Fox, Oakura (crafts); Roland & Suzanne Woods – Razz Print; Grant Scott – Scottt Sheetmetal & Heating; Shona Cole – natural health therapist; Beth Pottinger – natural health; Craig Meads – Tri business centre.

Jenny Simpson – councillor / Planning Tribunal; Harry Duynhoven – Member of Parliament; Vince Moore – consultant; Colonel W. S. Malone – soldier First World War; Filipe O. Tohi – stone sculptor; Ernie Frank – settler / railway worker / Early New Plymouth Days; ronald Morrieson – author; Paul Hutchinson – painter artist; Max Corkill and Rastus the cat.; Galvin Edser – real estate salesman; Linda McGuire – beauty therapist; Dale Copeland – artist; David Hill – writer; Colin King – musician; Nicholas Brandon – potter; Alan Muggeridge – musician & instrument maker; Cliff Emeny – retired ex R.A.F. pilot, prisoner of war, etc.; Robert Wallath – Highwayman.

3. Newspaper File. Individuals: - Loui Kuthy – fisherman; Hayley Darling – fashion designer; Sally Johnson – fashion designer; Gill Winter – folk music / “Flying Piglets”; Robbie Galvin – model engineer; Terry Bailey – concrete artist; Priscilla Sandep Wunsch – benefactress; Quinton Reeves – solicitor; Terry Parkes & Chris Herlihy – hotel proprietors; Sergeant Murray Clearwater – policeman; John Crawford – photographer; Willie Wood – motor cycles, uni-cycles, etc.; Michael Walker – jockey; Fred Meads – retired; Richard Faull – brain scientist; Richard & Elizabeth Frewin – pioneer settlers (Egmont Village); Stephen Worsley – pianist; Harry Brown – music teacher / pianist / organist; John Laurenson – High Court Judge; John Macdonald – District Court Judge; Lyndsay Loveridge – hairdresser; Te Kauhoe Wano – Maori TV programmer; Edmund & Lucy Sarten – pioneer settlers; Herbert mullen – stamp man “[Simon] Sam”; Harold Newton – wartime pilot / farmer; Len Lye – kinetic sculptor / film maker; Frank Messenger – architect; Paul Toa – Maori carver, Waitara; Ken Harland – high school teacher; Ida Gaskin – retired teacher; William Francis Gordon – bnefactor; Ivy Papakura – Maori Women’s Welfare League; Michael Smith – artist, woodcarver; Elaine Gill – tourism / city councillor; Garnet Saunders – theatre proprietor; Johnny Brown – Kiwi Discount card; Dale Muller – wind surfer; Maurice Betts – Chamber of Commerce chairman; Trevor Smith – movie maker / technologist; Roger Fyfe – archaeologist.

4. Newspaper File. Taranaki Oil and Gas Fields (3 headings) Separate article “Oil! Will it really dry up?” – a 1980 review of the world oil supplies.

5. Newspaper File. Power Stations (3 Headings) Articles on:- Urgent need to protect the environment; Realities now hitting home; Construction throughout Taranaki; Energy development stimulates.

6. Newspaper File. The Port:- The Wharves – Moturoa, Newton King, and Blyde and its reclamation.

Coastal shipping and Personalities – Ralph Latta, John Boddy, Sir Henry Blyde. “Fauling our Nest” – a series of articles by Roger Dodd.

7. Newspaper File. The Port: - Tugs; Dredges; Heavy Machinery & Containers; Chimney, Power Station & Reclamation; Condensate, Petrochemical & Methane.

8. Newspaper File. The Port: - General, Administration, Planning, hazard Areas, 80 & 100 years pictorial. Reclamation, lee and main breakwaters.

9. Newspaper File. The Taranaki Daily News Waitara 50th Anniversary Supplement, 28th January 1955.

10. Newspaper File. Districts, Towns and Suburbs: - Awatuna; Aotuhia; Ararata; Bell Block; Barryville; Clifton County; Chatham Islands; Douglas; Dudley Hall; Egmont Village; Eltham; Frankleigh Park; Fitzroy – Centennial issues by Taranaki Herald & The Daily News.

11. Newspaper File. Districts, Towns and Suburbs: - Hawera; Huiroa; Huirangi; Hurworth; Inaha (Hasties farm); Inglewood – Centennial, 60 Years (Taranaki Herald & The Daily News); King Country; Kaponga; Kawhia; Kaimiro; Mokau; Moturoa; Manaia; Midhurst; Makahu; Manutahi; Moki State Forest.

12. Newspaper File. Districts, Towns and Suburbs: - Ngaere Gardens; New Plymouth; Ohawe Beach; Otakeho; Oakura – Lucy’s Gully; Oaonui; Opunake; Okato; Ohura; Pungarehu; Parihaka; Patea; Pihama; Pioneer Village; Stratford County; Stratford town; Stratford tannery; Spotswood; Strandon; Toko; Tariki; Te Wera; Turuturu Mokai; Taumarunui; Tarata; Toharoa – 1960; [Tangarakau]; Tahora; Tongaporutu; Tataraimaka; Te Horo Tunnel.

13. Newspaper File. Districts, Towns and Suburbs: - Urenui; Vogeltown; Waitara; Waiokura; Whangamomona; Whakamaru; Warea Church; Westown. Extras – End of the road for small saleyards; Pioneer of the inland route – Joshua Morgan; where memories roam the hills; Dwindling Raurimu looks back; A Waiouru homestead.

14. Newspaper File. Ngamotu Beach: - Who will check loss of land to sea (1955); Ngamotu Beach Palladium to close (1966); The golden days of Ngamotu Beach (1969); Dredgings helped to make Ngamotu Beach (1969); Development of Ngamotu Beach urged (1969); Big plans for Ngamotu Beach (1993); More words than sand on city beaches (1994); Big bills in battle against erosion (1994); Westgate should foot the bill (1994); Rebirth of a beach (1996); Ebb & flow of Ngamotu Beach (1997); Park at the Port (1999); No plans to close the beach (2000). Also – City beaches; Beach retention; Early reclamation; The eastern beaches; Trucking sand; Cars & beaches.

Marine Reserve: - Marine Park plan for Sugar Loaves (1985); A beginning for Marine Conservation (1985) Recreational Park or Marine Conservancy (1985); Marine Reserve just a year away (1986); Islands occupied by Maori settlers (1986); Protecting an aquatic wonderland (1988); Public gets say over Sugar loaves (1993); Life looking up in Marine Park (1995); Sides far apart in Sugar Loaf debate (1998). Also: - Fears for Ports future – diagram (1990).

Sundries: - Surfboats in Roadstead. Also visit of H.M.N.Z. Royalist (1957); Shaw Savill Centenary 1858 – 1958 (1958); Five “ Taranaki’s” have sailed the seas (1961); Three histories of the Cape Egmont Lighthouse (1968, 1980 & 1988); A tram at Moturoa (1971); Surf rescue boats on the harbour (1988); A subdivision plan for New Plymouth foreshore land – old railway yards (1991).

15. Newspaper File. Individuals: - “It happened in New Zealand” by Ross Gore. Sarten & Chew Chong (1958 / 60); “ The old bus” by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1949); The Wicksteed Letters (date unknown); “Bell Block in 1854” by Mary Hirst (Mrs. William [Devenish]) (date unknown); Carringtons view of first land disputes (1958) Captain Liardets Eye – 2 parts (1958); Benjamin Wells writes a letter to his mother in England (1963); Charles Alfred Copeland Beardsworth, a school teacher (1957); Bryan Kyall, Eltham – restores old newspapers (1980); David Bruce, boysenberry grower (1981); Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Gane, Auroa. Gane’s Gardens (1971); Thelma de Lancy Green, New Plymouth artist (1964); Davis MacGill (Japan) buddist, [esperantist ] (1977); William H. Hulke and Jenny the jersey cow (1981);George Dobbin, model train maker (1977); Fred B. Butler, New Plymouth Historian (1959); Rev. Henry Handley Brown - Parson Brown (1957); Major John Marsland – Marsland Hill (1958?); Dr. Ernst Dieffenbach – naturalist (1989); Snow & Mrs. Mace (Lorna) Stratford Mountain House proprietors (1978); James Selwyn Bird – camera enthusiast (1970); William (Bill ) Christoffel, mechanic, farmer & mine manager (1970); Tom Western, farmer (1965); Frank Anthony & Charlie Carroll – authors of “Me & Gus” (1965); Rev. Richard Taylor, Anglican missionary, collector of Moa bones (1980); Owen Paynter, truck driver (1977); John Houston, Hawera lawyer & author of “Maori life in old Taranaki” (1965); Captain Martin Jensen, Waitara, of Manukau, Tainui (1980); Percy N. Johnson, collector (1959); Noel Goodger, modelmaker of a Taranaki farm (1974); Frederic Truby King, doctor, founder of Plunket Society (1977); Richard Fleming, senior, Michael and Richard, junior – Pioneers (1979); Michael Smither, painter (2000); Charlie Gardmir, Urenui – retired drover (1967); William & Prudence Allen – pioneer settlers (1976); John (Jack)Stanley Stronge, Opunake – farmer, historian (1973); Merv. Kibby – manager Kibby’s Metal Pressing Works (1979); Joyce Driver – field officer for North Taranaki After Care Society (1979); Ashley Smith, Waitara – restorer of vintage Ford motor cars (1976).

  Box 7

1. Newspaper File. Centennial booklet of Henry Brown & Co. Ltd., New Plymouth published in 1963. Newspaper clippings dated 1963. Cuttings dated 1988 – 125 years. Publication dated 1993 – 130 years. 1998 part of property up for sale.

2. Newspaper File. Articles written by Brian Scanlon. Burtons Hill – history. Brougham Street (2). Mt. Egmont – Ambury tragedy, Mountain goats, A 2 hour climb, Tahurangi hut. Ironsand & Mr E.M. Smith. Huatoki River – history (Scanlon), history (John Griffith).

3. Newspaper File. Articles by Mr E.R. (Ted) Andrews (paintings by A.H. Messenger) History of Lepperton & district (3). History of flourmills (2). History of Pukearuhe & district (6). Pukerangiora & Huirangi districts (Maori land war period). Battle of Sentry Hill. Capture at Kaitake Pa. battle at Kaitkara? Pa. Repulse on No 3 Redoubt. Engagement at Kaihihi River. Valiant Maori chiefs of 100 years ago. When Peace returned – article by B.A. Norman.

4. Newspaper File. Shipwrecks on the Taranaki Coast.

1/ Wanaka 2/ The Ventnor 3/ Lord Worsley 4/ Hawea 5/ Airedale 6/ Regina 7/ Gairlock. “Down to the sea in ships’ by Beachcomber. Brig Victoria, vessel Toa, The Brougham, surf boats, Barque Austrabin? Four vessels named “Taranaki” since April 19th 1855. The story of Tanners Ark (by M. de Jardine)

5. Newspaper File. 100 years ago – 4 candidates in first Taranaki elections, Taranaki first Volunteers paraded 1855, A family affair which upset 1854 New Plymouth (the killing of Rawiri), Diary for 1841 (by Dr Henry Weekes), Journal of F.A. Carrington (2). First Dairy Factory – death of Mr Alfred Brake. Early Cooperage business, James Ward. In Powderham Street. “Storehouse Reserve” Huatoki Stream/Devon/Currie/Gill Street and boats launched into the Huatoki. The days of Bullock teams – early Stratford. H.W. Climie. Toll gate systems and interesting incidents (Puniho area). Two early postmen and areas they serviced. Alfred Kivell and Mr Pitt. Early routes of access to country north of Waitara. Confessions of a camp cook. Early Christmases’.

6. Newspaper File. Contains sheets with numerous firms advertising on the respective dates: - Fay Looney, Beth Hopson, Sheila Connell, Margaret Bake 02.06.1990 (all photographers). 12-07-2000 Corbett Road: - Nuplex building, Altherm Joinery, Mercer Stainless Steel. Masterprint, Weldwell, N.Z.F. stainless steel etc.

04-5-1991 Devon Street West: - Bowlarama, Kibbys Metal Pressing Ltd., Huzziff Motors, Furniture barn, Harvey Mack panel beating, Hertz rental cars, Weathermaster, Devon West Service Station.

20-04-1991 Various. E B Global Engineering. TSB Bank. Masterprint, Dominion Breweries, lamberts, French cake Shop & catering Coy, Centre City, The Plymouth Sun Hotel (music & dining).

17-08-1991 Entertainment: Egmont Steam Flour Mill, Ziggis Niteclub, New Nite Club, Tasman Hotel, New Plymouth Conference & Exhibition Centre, Westown Hotel, White Hart, Duke of Devon, Fitzroy tavern, The Park Bar, Jonesy’s Bar, The Royal, Plymouth Sun, Ngamotu Tavern, Burundai, Merrilands Tavern, Bell Block Hotel, Paritutu Hotel.

19-06-1992 CML Shoreline Complex. CML (Taranaki0 Commercial Property Consultants, Stele Construction, Paul Farrell, Video Ezy, Jaden Design, Altherm Aluminium (Taranaki) Ltd., Stan Riddick Ltd., Stewarts (Taranaki) Ltd., Redimixed Concrete, Brian Prestidge Accountants, Taranaki Sawmills.

19-04-1991 Borrell Park. Bradshaw Builders Ltd., Western Auto Services Ltd., Newlan Refrigeration, Westwill Properties, Stan Riddick Ltd., Nick Randall consultant, Holden ?, Euro. Vision joinery, Sutton Plastering, Tait Communications, Blackstock Roadsweeping, Neils fibreglass, Superior ceilings.

28-07-1991 & 31-05-1992 & 04-10-1992 Moturoa Bulletin. Moturoa Footwear, Meco Engineering Co. Ltd., Moturoa Cycles & Toys, The Bay Takeaway (Dawn & Barry), Dynasty (gifts), Headquarters (hair salon), Light House (linen), Credit Union (Taranaki), Moturoa Pharmacy, Moturoa Fruit Supplies, Bin Inn, Moturoa Lotto, Trudy’s hairstyle, Roughan design.

7. Newspaper file. “Of People and Places” by Brian Scanlon.

8. Newspaper File. The Diary of a Colonial Surgeon New Plymouth to Wanganui in 1853. An 1858 Journey into the Interior by S. Percy Smith.

9. Newspaper File. Mount Egmont. The Place names of Egmont (series of 10 articles by Mr H.W. Insull). Hazards of an Egmont climb in the 1860s by G.W. Woon, Early ascents of climbing Mt. Egmont by Stephen Coad (an early guide), Nature aspects of Mt. Egmont by Dr George Home, Taranaki Geology and the age of Egmont by H.W. Insull.

10. Newspaper File. New Plymouth Industries. A series of 25 1953/54.

11. Newspaper File. Businesses etc. Some to be demolished. Some being demolished. Postcard pictures. New projects. Shell BP Todd, Centre City. Relocation of the Salvation Army. Reminiscences of and photos of Lesters Milk Bar, Devon Street West, New Plymouth approx. 1927 to 1956.

12. Newspaper File. Businesses – Past and present. Sheet 1.

John Avery Ltd.; Aitken Transport; Automotive Professional Services (Eric Kettle); Adobe (La Paz); Ahuriri Carding Wools (Janet & Garry Brown); Atawhai Industries; Auto Lines (New Plymouth) Ltd.; (Pat Davey); Allan Low Glazing (Allan Low); A.N.Z. Bank; Anchor & Ellis; Aluminium Creations; ADT Armourguard Security.

Bank of New Zealand (also Inglewood branch); B.P. Powderham (Doug Ashby); Brake & Clutch Rebuilders (Steve Hall); Bell Block Concrete Products (Shane Ward/John Jackson); Briggs Furniture Gallery (Wally Briggs); Becketts Cameraland (Gordon Beckett); Burgess Fraser Ltd.; Bank of New South Wales; A & T Burt Ltd.; Henry Brown & Co. Ltd. (packet containing booklets & cuttings).

Coastal Breweries (Peter Taylor); Croucher & Crowder Engineering (Hawera & New Plymouth); Clifton-Bell Block dairy complex; Corcoran Bros. Co. Ltd.; Central City Cars, Clean Co. (Steve & Michelle Saward); Cafe 1281 (Egmont Village – Geoff & Sophie Horton); Country Comfort Beds (Paul Tracey); Connell Creative Photography (Sheila Connell); C & O Concrete Products Ltd. (Stuart Ogle); Corlett Trucking (Peter 7 Shirley Corlett); Chaddys Charters (Dave Chadfield); Corrigalls Paper Plus (Jack & Alison Corrigall); Cubes Clothing Coy (Lynda McGregor); Curriculum Concepts; Cellulose Clinic; Cellcote (N.Z.) Ltd. – fibreglass.

13. Newspaper File. Businesses – Past and present. Sheet 2.

Dow Elanco (N.Z.) Ltd., Devon Lotto ‘n Treats (John & Sandra Zittersteijn); Databank Systems Ltd.; Daily News (The) (business reply card); Derwentside Shoes (Marry Winter); Devon Motor Lodge (Peter & Rosemary Tennent); Duncan, R.A. (Nigel & Denise Duncan); Devon Mitre 10 (Nigel Masters); Dairy Factories in Taranaki – 1935.

Engravers R Us (Janet Betts); Egmont Seafoods Ltd. (Peter Bennett/Keith Mawson); Engineering Taranaki Consortium (8 engineering firms); Egmont Skins & Hides Ltd. (Stewart Bracegirdle).

Flipeeze Footwear (Brian & Judy Moss) Oakura; Friendly Societies Dispensary Ltd. (The); Fitzroy Wholesale Meat Co. (Matador Meats) (Pat Scannell); Fresha Fisheries (Louis & Verna Kuthy), Freight & Bulk Transport Ltd. (John Geraghty/Malcolm Campbell); Fitzroy Engineering Group Ltd (Peter White-Robinson).

Gunnar Berger (toymaker) Eltham; Gibson Motors Ltd.; Doctor Global (Tom Mullholland & Andre Snoxall); Greg Muter ID, Graphic Design Consultants; Green Door; Hawera (beauty therapy business); Gardencare (David Clarkson); Grabba Kebab (Greg & Karen Earp).

14. Newspaper File. Businesses – Past and present. Sheet 3.

Hardings (P.H. & Sons) (John Harding); Hurlstone Earthmoving Co. (Bill Hurlstone); Hertz Rent a Car/Tasman Rent a Car (Brian Phelan); Halliburton Sperry-Sun, N.Z.; Car Haulage N.Z. Ltd. (Boyd John/Jim Read),; Howard Wright Pacific Ltd. ((Howard Wright); Hayton, E.C. & Co. Ltd. (Nigel Hayton); Honda Motor Cycles (Egmont Machinery)(Roy King); Highland Lodge Rest Home (Paul & Pat Ekdahl); Hooker Bros. Ltd.; Hannah R. & Co., Harold, Peter (Rugger Comics); Peter & Christine Hayward (grape grower, Oakura).

Inglewood Bacon & Curing Coy.; It Fits (Jan Harrison); Ideal Electrical Supplies (Peter Aldans); In-Wall Speakers (Howard Reid); Intrigue Kitchens.

Jones & Sandford Ltd. (Rodney & Mark Jones) see Taranaki Sawmills.

Kash Menswear; Kea Books (Sue Earl); King & Steer Construction (Les King/Brett Steer); Kiwi Co-op Dairies Ltd.; Kina (F. Cameron).

Lifestyle Joinery (Lance Dixon/Paul Turner); Lucas Furnishing House Ltd.; Looney (Fay) Photographer; Lactose Company of N.Z. Ltd.; La Nuova; Little Knoll (tomato growers) Shaun & Lorena Brannigan; Local Window maintenance Co. (Paul Kelly).

15. Newspaper File. Businesses – Past and present. Sheet 4.

Merv Lucas Ltd. (Brian Morris); Moa Farmers Co-op Ltd. Moa-Nui Dairy Coy.; Meredith Scrap Metals (Mary & Graham Meredith); M.T.A. Motor Trades Assn. 75th Anniversary; Mercer Stainless Steel (Terry Moratti); Mill Liquorsave (The) (Simkin family); Mason Appliances Ltd. (Brian Mason); Models R Us (Rob Thomson),; Mayfair Theatre; Masterprint (Barrie & Lil Carbine); Moller-Johnson Motors Ltd. (Newton Moller); McKecknie Metals; McDonald Real Estate (John, Tom, Peter & Matthew McDonald); Moodnew Design & Copy Centre; Merrilands Motors (see Central Motors).

New Plymouth Savings Bank; North Taranaki Weekender; New Plymouth Sash & Door Coy. Ltd.; Northgate Tradings Ltd. (Bryce Barnett); N.Z. Trade & Industries Fair; New Plymouth Taxis (Morrie Collins); Neville Rapley Flooring (Neville Rapley); Air New Zealand Link Service; New Plymouth Kumon Centre (Georgina Hudson); New Plymouth branch of N.Z. Red Cross Society; New Plymouth Electrical Coy. Ltd. (Ken Brown); N.Z. Farmers Fertilizer Coy. Ltd.; Norwood (C.B.) Ltd.; New Plymouth Physiotherapy (Anita Walsh & Associates).

Off The Planet-consultancy (Mike & Hannah Brown); Okato & Puniho Dairy Coy.

16. Newspaper File. Businesses – Past and present. Sheet 5.

Phillips Motors/Phillips Ford; Pastoral Foods (N.Z.) Ltd. (Colin McKenzie); Project Hire/Porter Hire/Heavy Hire; Petes Post Ltd. (Murray & Denise McBeth); Pennial & Jordan (Ian Jordan/Gowan Pennial); Photo Team (Eugene Takairangi); Post Haste Couriers (Philip Brown); Packaging House Ltd. (Ross Betteridge); Plymouth Building (N.P.) several occupants; Pharmacy 97, Devon West (Doctors J.H. Bray, C. Hill & P. Leary); W.R. Phillips Ltd. (Rex & Neil Phillips); Pack’n Save (Alan & Peter Melody); Paradise Abalone (Stuart & Janet Tinson); Quays Pharmacy (Charles Quay); Quality Performers (Max Rutherford); Quick Dry Chem-Dry (Whati).

Reumers Trim & Upholstery (John Reumers); Riverlands, Eltham (Ross Cuthbert); Renovation Services (Len Thomas); Rough Habits Sports Bar & Cafe (L & R Pulford, D Pinder, A Cudby); Roebuck Construction Co. Ltd., Roebuck brothers – Ian, Bryan, Alan, Keith & Charles & their businesses; Rural Aviation Ltd./Rex Aviation; Richmond Centre; Riad Manufacturing (Rob Nixon); Round-New Zealand fundraising (David Lean/Barry Marsh); Ragtime Magazine; Roofing Taranaki (Previously Ashmans) Ed Phillips & Murray Gray (also Aluminium Taranaki Ed Phillips & Murray Gray).

17. Newspaper File. Businesses – Past and present. Sheet 6.

Steve Corkill Electrical (Steve Corkill); Simply Read (Judy & Dianne Stokes); Summit – Quinphos; Sheehy (Maurice) baker, Eltham; Shell service Station (Corner Liardet & Courtenay Streets); Swandri Garments (Denton Webb); Sunday Express (The) – closing; Shed Shop (Gavin/Annette); Scott-Holyoake Heating (Steve Scott); Selectrix (Stratford) (Helen Dickey); Smither (Tom) - surfboards; Skill New Zealand (Robyn Masters); Simpson Tyres (John Stevens); Survival Surplus (Dave Hunt); Ross Spranger (Outdoor furniture); Strandon Pharmacy (Paul Munro); Strang Hair Design (Debbie Salisbury); Still (Willie) – builder; Solaneum ? Extraction Industries Ltd.;

Community Trust).

Taranaki Brewery Ltd.; Taranaki Savings Bank (also T.S.B. Community Trust); Taranaki Herald (also Taranaki Newspapers Ltd.); Taranaki Commerce Centre; Taranaki Producers Freezing Co Ltd.; Teed & Co; Taranaki Commercial Travellers Ass’n; Taranaki Farmers; Touch of Romance(A) (Paul Chitty); Tyrepower (N.P.); Trevor Clegg Furniture Ltd.; Taranaki Steelformers (Darrell Back); Tegel Foods Ltd.; Taranaki Bottle Collectors Club (Harley Land); Tawhiti Museum (Nigel Ogle); Taranaki Glass & Glazing Ltd. (Paul & Kay Harrison); Taranaki Sawmills (also Jones & Sandford Ltd.); Toko Sawmilling Co. Ltd. (John Boon); T.S.B. Showplace; T.B.S. Coatings Ltd.; Toledo Engineering Ltd.; Toops.

18. Newspaper File. Businesses – Past and present. Sheet 7.

Vogue Kitchens & Appliances (Joy & Lloyd); Van Dyck Belgian Specialties (Marcel & Inge Naenan); Vid-Pro Services (Mike & Lynette Butler).

Waiau Estate Winery (Onaero); Arnold White Ltd. (Upholster) Chris Berry); Watkins Seeds and Ivon Watkins; Wrightsons (Taranaki); Webster Bros. (Produce merchants); Waipari Timber Co. Ltd. (Eltham); Whites Ltd.; Westpac Banking Corporation; John Watkins Engineering Ltd. (John Watson); Women’s Division, Federated Farmers; Warehouse (The); Woodworks (David & Rose Bury); Wright (Rob)(Paua jeweller); Winger (Norm) (Laser copier); Waitara Cannery Works; C.C.Ward Ltd.; Wells Instrument & Electrical Ltd. (Graham Wells); Waverley Sawmills; Wheatfields (Jeanette Benton).

Yarrows (The Bakers) Ltd.; Y.M.C.A. Taranaki; Y.M.C.A. Child Care Centre.

2 copies of “The Golden Oldies” of New Plymouth businesses in 1984/85

Wholesale Flowers (Craig & Wendy Fleming); Westown Horticulture Ltd.

19. Newspaper File. Additional Businesses not otherwise listed. Sheet 8.

A: ABB Service (Stratford); Aluminium Taranaki (Ed Phillips & Murray Gray)(see Roofing Taranaki); Almondie? Distributors (Bruce & Kate Candy).

B: Burmark Industries Ltd. (Bell Block) Ray Markham.

C: California Sun & Beauty Clinic (Linda McGuire); Caroc? Couplings (John Burling); Central Motors (see also Merrilands Motors) (David Lundt); Cornucopia (Inglewood) (Glenis Selby); Club Health (Shane & Lisa McDonald); Cambrian Engineering Ltd.

D: Digital Insight (Ash Peters).

F: Floorboards (Greg Miles); Fulford Radiology Services Ltd.

H: The Hot Tuna Factory Shop.

I: Institute of Chartered Accountants.

J: Julians Electrical & Energy Conservation Ltd. (Pat Julian); Jago Printing Co. (1995) Ltd. (Russell & Christine Smith)

T: (Mark Bellringer); Ltd. (Phillip Brown); Top Stitch Embroidery (Trevor & Cheryl Simpson)

Advertising supplement “Innovative Teams”, lists other firms:

Proforma Computers (Suman & Seema Modgill); S.S. Cars Ltd. (Steve & Carol Sutton); T.S.B. Realty; Kinderen Day Care Centre (Karen Vandenberg); Cedar Lodge Nurseries (David & Noeline Sampson); The Artshop (Christine Tyson & Robyn Hickford); Lenise Young – Teeds Pharmacy (Lenise Young & John Hislop); Uhlenberg Haulage Ltd. (Mike & Carol Uhlenberg); Campbells World Travel (Stratford) (John & Maxeen Campbell); Taranaki Steelformers (Darrell Back); Max Pennington Auto City (Max Pennington); Sunhaven (Jill Fearn);

Headquarters hairdressing Group (Lyndsay Loveridge & Tansy Patene); Telecom Business Directions (Chris Haunton); Walsh Appliances (Michael Walsh & Bill McArthur); Gray & Inch Toyota (Kevin Gray); Ray White Real Estate (Jim Rowe); Broadbase; PBT Couriers (David Rielly & Grant MacFarlane); Taranaki Hire (Ian Riley); TNL Advertising Team; Taranaki Business Centre (John Babington); Merrilands Pharmacy (Mike Ekdahl).

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