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Object Detail

Screenprint of a woman leaning on a table with her legs crossed at the ankles. The woman has been identified as Wendy Smith. She is dressed in leggings, leotard and sweater with bare feet (possibly a dancer). On the corner of the table, which is covered with a table cloth, is a cup, bottle of milk and cassette tape. In the background is a coffee table sitting on a rug that has flowers on it, an armchair, a window with vegetation visible through it and a pot plant. The texture of the floor suggests carpet. Rendered in blues, greens, grey, terracotta, orange, white, browns and pink.
Primary Maker
Production Date
Accession No


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The dancer is Wendy Smith (nee Sole), now Bernier and living in Stratford

- Barbara Thompson

Posted on 14-02-2014 04:46:24