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Object Detail

A Mark I * Magazine Lee Enfield .303 calibre rifle with a bolt action and 10 shot magazine. It also has a butt trap. It has a white band of paint around the butt with " Hopkins " very faintly scratched on it. " 8/ 75 " is also marked on the rifle. "8073 S " is marked on the barrel breech and bolt handle.
Primary Maker
Production Date
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This rifle had a long and varied service record. It is an example of one of the first weapons issued to New Zealand troops during the South African War. They were issued to the New Zealanders once they arrived in South Africa. This weapon was then sold to a defence rifle club about a decade later and had a target site fitted prior to World War I. It is then likely to have been used for range shooting. It was later impressed for Home Guard service during World War II. While it was a standard calibre it was obviously judged unserviceable for other reasons so that is why it was marked with the white band on the butt, denoting it was for use for drill purposes only.
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