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Object Detail

A slide and film projector, case and accessories. The projector is made up of a grey metal casing over a black metal base and it stands on four legs. The front two legs of the projector can be adjusted by screws. "widioscope/AB WIKTORS MEKANISKA/JARFALLA-SWEDEN/50Hz-230-240V/275 W/Lamp Max 250 W. 24 V Halogen/Type 72/Patents Pending" is written on a sticker on the reverse of the projector. A sticker with a technical diagram is stuck to the top of the projector. " OKATO " has been melted into the head of the electrical plug. A brown leather case with snap lock clasps and a handle accompanies the projector. "No. 2" is painted in orange on the lid of the case. " OKATO PRIMARY " is handwritten on a large tag tied to the handle of the case. A metal fitting to hold slides is also included with the projector along with a small key and two individual slide frames.
Subject Person
Accession No


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