Fitzroy School jubilee celebrations

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A collection of papers and photographs containing records, minutes, clippings etc of the 50th held September 1932, 75th held 12 - 15th September 1957, the Centennial held 17 - 19 September 1982, the 115th held 11 October 1997 and the 125th held 14-16 September 2007 at Fitzroy Primary School, Barriball Street, Fitzroy.
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  Box 1

1) Minute book dated from 1907-1964

2) Exercise book of minutes of meetings held for the 50th jubilee

3) School Roll. Includes name when attending the school and married name.

4) Sheet of paper with dates & relevant details to that year at school. (1 page)

5) Hand made booklet from newspaper cuttings telling of the schools 50th Jubilee dated September 1932 (6 pages) plus photocopies (2)

6) Newspaper clipping. Daily News Monday September 19 1932

7) Newspaper clipping. Daily News Monday September 19 1932

8) Souvenir programme of Fitzroy School 50th jubilee dated 1882-1832

a) Manuscript. 'Fifty years on ; a fantasy in two acts' Written to commemorate the Fitzroy Jubilee and played by school children at the Opera House, New Plymouth 21 September 1932.

b) Photocopies of the newspaper coverage of the 50th Jubilee. Taranaki Herald Monday 19 September 1932

c) Pages from the Centennial Book (p.9-12) covering the establishment of the school.

d) Photocopies of images used in the 50th Jubilee Booklet (4p.)

e) Photograph. Decade Group 1922-1932. 50th Jubilee

f) Photograph. Std V and VI 1908

g) Photograph. Group of girl pupils. Undated

h) Photograph. School buildings and pupils. Undated.

i) Photograph. Std IV 1922

  Box 2

9) Fitzroy School 75th jubilee minute book

10) Cash book 75th jubilee 1882-1857 (2 inserts)

11) Roll of pupils & their names & addresses at the time of the jubilee also other information relating to their needs

12) Account books with names and details as to who attends what

13) Account balance sheets for the 75th jubilee (2 pages)

14) Glossy magazine with newspaper inserts dated 1882-1957

15) Card containing ribbon printed for the 75th jubilee with dates 1912-1922-1922-1931

16) Piece of yellow ribbon ‘well-wisher’ printed on it

17) Jubilee tag for Mrs W.E. Jones

18) Jubilee tag for Mr W.E. Jones

19) Dinner invitation Mrs W.E. Jones dated 14th Sept 1957

20) Dinner invitation for W.E Jones dated 14th Sept 1957

21) Ticket for dance and get together dated 13th Sept 1957 in the name of Mrs W.E. Jones

22) Ticket for dance and get together dated 13th Sept 1957 in the name of W.E. Jones

23) Sample of tags worn to jubilee

24) Sample of ticket to dance and get together

25) Sample of ticket to jubilee dinner

26) Letter Fitzroy School letterhead dated 27/9/57 to Mr Hall secretary jubilee committee from Anne Read (1 page)

27) Letter to secretaries of the Jubilee Committee dated Sept 26th 1957 (1 page)

28) Letter from Lloyd Wray pupil to Mr Hall secretary for the jubilee dated 26th Sept 1957 (1 page)

29) Letter to Mr Hall dated 22/9/1957 Reg Petch (1 page)

30) Letter to Mr Hall dated 18/9/57 from Adelaide E. Harmon (1page 2 receipts)

31) Letter dated 2/9/1957 from Frank Cheffings then 80yrs old with a lot of information about the school before it was on its present site.

32) Letter dated 29 August 1957 from Mrs B. Snelgrove, formerly Bernie Sykes.

33) Letter dated 28/8/1957 from Mrs F Blackwood asking that her son Ernest G Blackwood who was a pupil in 1930 be placed on the honours board.( 4 pages)

34) Letter dated 26/8/1957 from the Taranaki Herald giving quotes as to cost of booklet signed C. M. McKay

35) Letter dated 16/8/1957 from H. K. Gruzzing, formerly a probation teacher, under G. Lyall in 1929.

36) Letter dated 26/7/1957 from D Binns, stating her and her sisters were pupils in 1935/1939/1945.

37) Letter dated 12/6/1957 from J. Nichols of N.P. Milkbars Ltd, with suggestions for supper items and prices per head

38) Letter dated 27/5/1957 from A Martin mentions past teachers and pupils

39) Letter dated 10/5/1957 from Mr W. M. Yates Director of Broadcasting NZ.

40) Letter dated 28/4/1957 from Roy Petch as to changing of gates at school also various names and addresses (2 pages)

41) Letter undated from ex pupil 1941 Ann Strack.

42) Document for hiring the Army Hall dated 14/3/1957

43) Quote from W. H Odells of Christchurch as to badges

44) Statement of accounts at general meeting no date

45) Notes from meeting with photographers no date.

46) Sheet of paper with names and donations no date

47) Newsletter sent home with Lorraine Old to parents in Sept. 1957 about the jubilee.

48) Page with names and addresses.

49) Employers statement of wages document.

50) Page with various bits of information.

51) Routine for Sunday service.

52) Notice of the unveiling of memorial gates.

53) An invitation to the Committee to a social evening after the jubilee.

75th Jubilee

15) Hand out for Thanksgiving service held at school grounds Sunday 16th Sept 1957

16) Enrolment pamphlet sent to ex pupils

17) Invitation to dedication service dated Sept 15th 1957

18) Single names to married names register (1 booklet)

19) Fitzroy School jubilee envelope

24) Envelope for Fitzroy Jubilee (Mrs W.E. Jones)

j) Photocopy of Weldon's catalogue of Fancy Dress patterns

k) Two pags from School Jubilee Booklet.

l) Photographs. Decades taken at the 75th Jubilee.(21)

m) Laser copy of Fitzroy Basketball Team 1941

  Box 3

125th Jubilee

Two copies of jubilee book. 'Fitzroy School 1882-2007'

125th Jubilee nametag, ribbon, keyring adn monogrammed pen.

Minutes of the Jubilee Committee June 2006 - August 2008

List of registrations in decade order.

Jubilee Committee Correspondence.

Welcome booklet 125th Jubilee.

Copy of 'The Voice' vol.15 no.9 September 2007. Contains coverage of the school jubilee.

Copy of the 'School Journal' October 1932. Belonged to Coral Mason (former pupil) also a note from Lyn White mentioning the Mason family.


1904 School photograph

1957 school gates

1992 teachers and letter from R. Wells

Set of eight decade photographs 1913 - 2007 from the 125th Jubilee

  Box 4

Centennial papers 17 - 19 September 1982

153) Minutes and correspondence and addresses relating to the centennial year 1982 (291 sheets)

154) Financial records of centennial 1982.

155) Photocopies from ledger of what appears to be School Committees from 1938-1983 (5 pages)

156) Annual classifications returns dated 1946 school roll (2 pages)

157) Fitzroy school roll for P.3 and S1 dated 1945 and 1946 (1 page)

158) Page with teachers names and address both sides used

159) List. Teachers and positions dated 1922-1948 (2 pages)

160) List of teachers and addresses from approx 1957 to 1967 (6 pages)

161) Letters from former pupils and others (96 sheets)

162) Registrations ex-pupils, staff and committee members as of 16/9/1982 (5 pages)"

163) Sample of letter sent to advertisers in there booklet (1 page)

164) Full list of advertisers for the centenary booklet dated 2/8/1982 (1 page)

165) Pages of tit bits about the school for school book (11 pages)

166) A do you remember by Bill Low (2 pages)

167) Remembrances from Don McDougall ("5 pages)

168) Poster advertising the schools centennial (1 page)

169) Pamphlet for registration.

170) Pamphlet for Thanksgiving service

171) Details of the times and what’s happening from 9-15pm Friday 17/9/1982 to closing Sunday 19/9/1982 (2 pages)

172) Copies of apologies (1 page)

173) Banner with date of the centennial 17-19 September 1982

174) Ticket to the get together dated 17/9/1882 at 7pm

175) Ticket to dinner and dance sat 18/9/1982 6-30pm

176) Rundown of all the centennial preparations (9 pages)

177) Registration forms for the centennial (149 pages)

178) Four donation forms for the centennial pool project

179) Centennial Scrapbook.

180) Centennial Scrapbook.

181) Wide rubber stamp

182) Thin rubber stamp

183) Decorations for centennial cake.

  Box 5

Centennial files and photographs.

  Box 6

Documents and photographs from the 115th Jubilee. 11 October 1997

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