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A Mark III Snider action .577 breech loading artillery carbine. There is a sling swivel attached to the butt and the stock and the carbine also has a bayonet bar attached to one side of the barrel. It has a brass butt plate, trigger guard and nose cap. " 1871 ENFIELD " is stamped on the lock plate which also features a crown with the letters " V. R. " underneath it. The back sight of the carbine has come loose from the barrel. The New Zealand serial number " N81Z / 1844 " is marked on the stock behind the hammer. " N81Z / III / 1844 " is marked on the metal in front of the chamber. There are a large number of proof marks on the barrel and the carbine also bears a sold from service mark (two arrows pointing together)
Production Date
Credit Line
The donor remembers his father, Noel Hensleigh Norris, who was the grandson of Captain Edward Carthew, using the carbine to hunt by horseback in the 1930s. It is thought he acquired the carbine in the 1920s but it is not known where he sourced it from. The Snider Mk III Artillery Carbine was the standard arm for most branches of the NZ Volunteers from 1880-1895 but it was used for home service training only.
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