The Association of Presbyterian Women was formed in 1965 and it's membership was drawn from Women’s Fellowship and other women’s groups working within the Presbyterian Church. The association helped St Andrews’ Evening Fellowship women working within the church to focus on various different lay ministries and provided a nation-wide network of women working towards common goals.
Minute books of the St Andrews’ Evening Fellowship June 1966 - April 1999

Archive Contents

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Minutes of St Andrews’ Women’s’ Fellowship 21st June 1966 (21st AGM) to Nov 17th 1998

Minutes of St Andrews’ Evening Fellowship September 1991 to Oct 1998

Minutes of St Andrews’ Evening Fellowship Committee Feb 3rd 1987 to 1st November 1994

Minutes of St Andrews; Evening Fellowship Committee Feb 1995 to April 1999

File of miscellaneous papers, correspondence, membership lists, minutes etc

Cash book 1970 - 1999

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