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Object Detail

A medal bar featuring the top portion of the ribbons of a medal set. From left to right the ribbons match a Distinguished Conduct Medal, a 1914-15 Star, a British War medal and a Victory medal. The ribbon of the Victory medal has an oak leaf on it. A large simple pin and clasp is on the reverse.
Primary Prod Period
World War I (1914-18)
Subject Person
Credit Line
This medal bar belonged to Charles Barker of Stratford. On 9 January 1915 the 20-year-old cheesemaker left his job at Cardiff dairy factory to enlist.Seven months later he landed at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli and fought on Chunuk Bair where he earned a Distinguished Conduct Medal. A letter from Charlie Barker's platoon commander Murray Urquart reads:
"Your son fought very gallantly on Chunuk Bair on the 8th of August and during the following two nights. In spite of his weariness he did very good work by ministering to the wants of wounded men, who could not be attended to in daylight, owing to the exposed nature of the ground where they lay. In doing this he ran much risk. He also rendered service by guiding some reinforcements up Chunuk Bair".
Charlie Barker was discharged in 1916 after being declared unfit for service and returned home. He married Mary Pennington of Mangatoki and worked as a butcher in Eltham. He later moved to New Plymouth where he died in 1962.
Accession No


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