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A khaki flannelette PH Helmet respirator. The helmet is made up of a simple double thickness bag which widens near the bottom. There are two circular individual eyepieces covered by clear glass and framed with metal and a small air outlet hole in the centre. A mouth piece formed by a tin plate tube with a covering at one end is connected to this outlet. The helmet is accompanied by a khaki bag with a shoulder strap and another smaller khaki pouch.
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Gas masks like this PH ( phenate hexamine ) Helmet were introduced by the British Army at the start of 1916. The fabric of these helmets were impregnated with chemicals designed to neutralise gas attacks and they featured a mouthpiece which the user could use to breathe out to prevent the build up of carbon dioxide. They were usually carried in small cotton haversacks worn over the shoulder. While users reported that they were uncomfortable to wear they provided generally adequate protection.
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Hi, The khaki bag in the photo is the waterproof envelope that the mask was folded into before being carried in the haversack. Very few of the waterproof bags have survived. BArry

- Barry O'Sullivan

Posted on 04-09-2014 02:44:56