Established in 1977, the aims of the society were to investigate proposed development and town planning issues in Oakura and surrounding districts and to preserve the Oakura Beach and foreshore.
Records for the society.
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1. Constitution and rules of the Oakura Environmental Society. 1977

2. Guidelines on the operation and management of your septic tank.

3. Letter 22 February 1985 and accompanying copy of a 'Report on the Oakura Sewerage Scheme. Taranaki County Council'. 1981

4. Letter re sewerage treatment : Oakura from the County Engineer, Taranaki County Council.

5. Agenda for a meeting of the Oakura Community Council 26 June 1985. Proposed sewerage scheme discussed.

6. Letter and report on the Oakura Sewerage Scheme. 23 July 1985

7. Oakura Newsletter. Oakura Community Council. August 1985.

8. Meeting notice and discussion notes for a meeting held on the Oakura Sewerage Scheme. 2 October 1985

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