Buist, Alastair Gordon

These are a collection of research notes, plans, maps, photographs, records and reports created and collected by Dr Alastair Buist during his archaeological fieldwork principally in the South Taranaki region.
Dr Buist was a GP in Hawera and South Taranaki from 1946 to 1983. He is well known for his contribution to archaeology, particularly in his early aerial photography of sites, his service as editor of the New Zealand Archaeological Association Newsletter, his publication of results of an archaeological survey of North Taranaki, the commissioning of a survey of Maori earthworks in Taranaki and the publication of various books and articles on archaeology in Taranaki.

It is not known exactly when Dr Buist first became involved in archaeology but his first published fieldwork was the January 1960 dig at Ohawe Beach, and he served for almost thirty years as the Taranaki region site site record file-keeper only retiring in 1985. Buist has been various described as a somewhat gruff individual, someone with a very dry sense of humour who did not suffer fools gladly and also as a man who gave his own time and knowledge very generously.

The notes were sorted into manilla folders with the creator's own headings, some of which were clearly recycled. This has been maintained in the collection.
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  Box 1

Folder 1. "Q21/344 Te Rangatapu. c.1965." Folder contains site notes from archaeological excavation, correspondence, and diary. Papers show foxing.

Folder 2. Unnamed envelope. Contains inwards correspondence, negatives, aerial photographs, site description form and pencil drawn site map of Tihoi pa from Richard Cassel.

Folder 3. "Local sites. Pending completion". Folder contains envelope with site reference form and site drawing from Ketemarae Pa, notes on Pihama, site notification and artefact record forms and notes, platform field record forms.

Folder 4. Unnamed folder. Contains papers on the archaeological sites at the mouth of the Kapuhi stream.

Folder 5. "Index N129 Hawera." Contains bibliographical information on John Houston, paper entitled "Distribution of Pa in South Taranaki", statistical sheets (N129) and a map list.

Folder 6. "HC Copy for future use." Typed paper "Undefended Occupation Sites in South Taranaki."

Folder 7. "Local sites field notes." Archaeological site record forms.

Folder 8. "Loose Letters." Inwards correspondence, including inwards from Historic Places Trust, June 1988.

Folder 9. "Local sites." Contains map, unopened letter and local archaeological site index.

Folder 10. Unnamed folder. Contains site record form for Handley's woolshed, Tauranga-ika Pa.

Folder 11. "Kaupokonui site 128/3." Contains outwards and inwards correspondence, approx. 25 inventory box cards detailing fragments, exercise book with site notes, exercise book "D P Jonas" on Kumara Kai Pa, Richard Cassels' notes on Kaupokonui, Kaupokonui site list of bones, three receipt cards from Canterbury museum, five unidentified photographs, an archaeological bag register, and multiple artefact record forms.

Folder 12. Unnamed folder. Contains "kauponui midden N128/3" site map , copy and OHP transparency of 1967 excavations map, draft copy of "Avifauna and Man" by RJ Scarlett, inwards correspondence, radiocarbon dating results cards.

Folder 13. "Notes on local site." Contains clipping "The Ridge Dwellers" New Zealand Listener 3 June 1961, hand written and typed notes, notes on aerial mosaic maps, notes by John Houston, undated newspaper clipping "Nominations for Maori Trust Board members", typed transcript of "Notes of a journey from Taranaki to Mokau", inwards correspondence with John Houston c.1959-60, notes on Ohangai Marae.

Folder 14. "Correspondence 1963". Contains inwards and outwards correspondence on New Zealand Archaeological Association business, including newsletter, financial statements, Manukoriki pa destruction.

Folder 15. "Correspondence 1959-62." Contains inwards and outwards correspondence on New Zealand Archaeological Association business including Special General Meeting, constitution, paper presentation, destruction of pa sites, and some less formal correspondence with archaeological colleagues (nb. Wilfred, Roger Duff, Peter ?, Ray Watembach). Also, assorted newspaper clippings, and notes on "Field archaeology in South Taranaki."

Folder 16. "Correspondence - Newsletter 1962. Air letters and aerogramme." Inwards and outwards correspondence pertaining to newsletter, research grants, Annual General Meeting minutes, archaeological site recording scheme.

Folder 17. "Vol VI Newsletter (1963)" Contains New Zealand Archaeological Association Accounts, Editors report to Council incl. handwritten notes, New Zealand Archaeological Association constitution, inwards and outwards correspondence, and a "to do" list.

Folder 18. "Historical Notes - South Taranaki Sites. John Houston." Contains Turuturu-Mokai pamphlet, clippings from the Hawera Star, handwritten notes on ?Waipapa district and map of Ohawe. Also includes a Power of Attorney (1867) for the Egmont A & P Association land block in Hicks Park, "Notes on the History of Tokaora by Mr G. Livingston", two cards of notes, and four small pages of notes.

Folder 19. "Correspondence. Newsletter 1963." Contains inwards and outwards correspondence pertaining to the newsletter such as subscriptions, membership lists, articles, grant issues.

Folder 20. "Ohawe site - correspondence etc." Contains a bag catalogue of Ohawe beach archaeological excavations, transcript and copy of 1847 letter by W.B.D. Mantell, copies of pamphlet "An Articulated Moa Leg from an Oven Excavated at Waingongoro, South Taranaki by J. Buist and J.C. Yaldwin. Also, a geological survey of radiocarbon dating information in envelope, a field book of Ohawe and Te Rangatapu, cards on determined radio-carbon dates, inwards and outwards correspondence, excerpt from "Publications in Zoology", newspaper clipping "Sand and soil covered a link with Hawera's past" (undated), artefact record forms, notes on Moa bones, and typed notes " Ohawe Excavations - Moa bones" by J.C. Yaldwin, bag catalogue and handwritten notes, hand sketches of ovens, midden analysis card, copy of manuscript as submitted for publication with note by J.C. Yaldwin, dated typed notes on Ohawe beach, stapled photostated copy of Proceeding sof Geological Society [badly cupped], handwritten diary of time at Ohawe.

Folder 21. Unnamed folder. Contains loose photocopies of maps drawn by Richard Taylor, "Description of a serviceable fieldwork - the Omata stockade", typed copy of "The artefact Recording Scheme" by J. Buist.

Folder 22. "Egmont Park - D. Rawson". Correspondence.

Folder 23. Taranaki Museum Council - South Taranaki. Correspondence, and one loose photograph.

Folder 24. "Egmont Oven (1971)". Contains a hand-drawn sketch and correspondence. Also, photocopy of article - "An Ancient Maori Oven on Mount Egmont" by W.R.B. Oliver.

  Box 2

Folder 1. "West Coast Lessees Association. Mr John Houston: Brief for Royal Commission. Hawera 26, 27, 28 November 1947, 5th - 22nd December 1947 and At Wellington 12th December 1947". File with split pin binding. Contains copies of orders in council, gazette extracts, and other legislative material and discussion of, submissions, list of books used before the Royal commission, Royal Commission proceedings, and conclusions from the survey of legislation and discussion. Mostly typed but some handwritten documents. Documents show chipping, foxing, insect damage.

Folder 2. Fabric bound book. Named "John Houston". Annotated booklet containing West Coast Settlement Reserves Amendment Act 1948, Report of Royal Commission 1947, and Maori Purposes Act 1941, pt. 3.

Folder 3. Spine stapled pamphlet. "To the Commission of Inquiry into Maori Reserve Land. Submission by the West Coast Settlement Reserve Owners Committee for and on behalf of the beneficiaries of the West Coast Settlement Reserve." Document has insect damage and no cover.

Folder 4. Linen-bound book. Contains copies of the following legislation; West Coast Settlement Reserves Act 1892, West Coast Settlement Reserves Act Amendment 1893, multiple gazette entries from c. 1892, Native Reserves Act Amendment 1895, West Coast Settlement Reserves Act 1900, West Coast Settlement Reserves Act Amendment 1902, West Coast Settlement Reserves Amendment 1913, West Coast Settlement Reserves Amendment 1914. Book has loose and fractured cover, watermarks and insect damage.

Folder 5. South Taranaki Quarry. Folder contains approximately 20 pages of handwritten and typed notes, site reports and maps entitled "South Taranaki Quarry ("Barrow Pit") Sites by Alastair Buist."

Folder 6. "Karaka Pa. Q18.26118300 6242500". Folder contains correspondence, a mining license, newspaper clippings, and handwritten notes entitled "The Management Plan for License 32-1097 Rerekino Farms".

Folder 7. Unnamed folder. Contains correspondence regarding the site recording scheme, report entitled "Ngati Tama Pa sites and place names", handwritten notes on official site record forms, and other unfinished notes, newspaper clippings, correspondence regarding Buist's resignation as Department of Conservation filekeeper, photocopied maps of Q19 and P19, notes on Waimate/Orangatuapeka Pa, and correspondence on metric numbering from the Historic Places trust.

Folder 8. Unnamed folder. Contains correspondence regarding loan of Houston articles, "Earthworks of the Stone Age. Ancient Maori Ceremonial Forts Within Eight Miles of Hawera" by John Houston from Hawera Star [23 January 1932], "Distribution of Pas in South Taranaki" by A. G. Buist, and correspondence with Mr Lovegrove.

Folder 9. "Sites for filing". This folder contains archaeological site record forms with sketches and summaries, many of which were created by H. Fenton. The sites are as follows; "East side of Kohangamoa stream, Okoki Valley Road," "ridge top east side of Kohangamoa stream, Okoki Valley," " Unnamed Pa - Okoki Road N109/20", "Unnamed Pa - Okoki Road N108, Okoki School Access," "Otukai," "N118/46 Unnamed Pa 382622 Egmont Map on Lahar Mound," "Okoki School [unfinished]". Also included is a site location description form; "Cultivations at Pukewakamaru Okoki (Q19/70)."

Folder 10. "South Taranaki Tour Guide [draft], A G Buist's folder." In 1984 an approach was made by Nigel Pricket, Auckland Institute and Museum, for assistance to prepare a guide of Taranaki archaeological site which could be visited by the public. This folder contains related correspondence, handwritten notes, and draft lists of sites.

Folder 11. [Folder created by JMB]. Folder contains string-bound map, inwards correspondence from Owen Wilkes, notes on "Deviation work Waiau Bridge," and handwritten notes of "Location Guide to Waitara Wars Area.

Folder 12. Un-named folder. This folder contains a surveyor’s map of Section 142, Block VI Hawera, New Zealand Archaeological Association site notification forms and a series of tour sheets depicting sketches and summaries by H. Fenton. The four sheets covered include: "Okahu-Titi Pa, N129/67 or Q21," "Matau Ridge Top Site, Map Ref. 353," "Transit NZ Waiau Deviation, Feb 1995)," "Pa Small Ring Ditch, Map Ref.25.8," "Pukerangiora 1860-61 Te Arei," "Cultivations Near Faull Road on the Alexander Property," " A Okoki Pa," "Cultivations at Pukewakamaru Okoki," "The Perry House Site Mimi River Mouth 6-7-93," "Korotiwha's Wairoa Pa," "Single Transverse Ditch Ridge Top Pa," "Waitara, Te Arei Road Ovens," "Pa Site Parihaka Area," "Paranui and Paraiti Pa," "Kaipa Kainga," "Pa, Witiora Road," "Paraiti Road Pa/ Urupa Bell Block," and "Onukukaitara." The site description forms include; N137 Waverley, N137/205, N137/216, N137/217, N137/218, N137/219, N137/202, N137/201, N109/111.

Folder 13. Unnamed folder. This folder deals with draft chapters, excerpts from government publications and support correspondence regarding Buist's chapter "The Maori" in K Thompson (ed) "The Legacy of Turi."

Folder 14. Un-named folder. Miscellaneous file containing "map supplied by Mrs Spragg", "Copy of document in lands and survey files", and inwards correspondence from Nigel Prickett regarding metric maps of Pa sites.

Folder 15.[Folder created by JMB]. This folder contains an envelope of aerial photographs of Waitara, a photocopied A3 map of Onukukaitara Pah, print photograph blocks in envelope identified as "Turuturu", 4 colour photographs and negatives, and envelopes "N128/4 P21/985825"(2), "N128/5 P21/986824" (2), containing aerial black and white photographs.

Folder 16. [Folder created by JMB]. Three envelopes of aerial photographs depicting Patea, and Tangahoe-Manawapo. Third envelope is unidentified.

  Box 3

Folder 1. "Waitara sites" Folder contains assorted NZAA site record forms, handwritten notes on Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake [1990], miscellaneous letters, photocopies of Hip Fenton's work on "The Waitui Trig," "Waitui", "The Grace of Wi Kingi," and "Ngatimaru." Also included are Buist's own notes on N109/59 Mangataramo Pa, N109/60 Puponga Pa, Q19/130 396 Kaipakopako Pa and New Zealand Archaeological Association description record form for N109/45, and a photocopy of "Diary kept by Major Brassey 1850" from the Auckland Public Library Grey Papers [copied 25/8/62].

Folder 2. "Central file keeper". Folder contains inwards and outwards correspondence on site records forms and maps between 1962 and 1974. Other miscellaneous material includes photography clipping from New Zealand Women's Weekly, 16 October 1961 "Mt Wellington - Digging for history," map showing NZAA file district boundaries, "NZAA Manual for local file keepers," "NZAA Names and Addresses of local file keepers," "NZAA Circular letter to local file keepers," and correspondence with Winifred Mumfred, Central file keeper, Lands and Survey Department.

Folder 3."Site Reform Forms - Proposed and American". The folder also contains inwards and outwards correspondence from 1960-1961, and various burial record forms , site reference forms, terrace field forms, NZAA site notifications, platform field forms, and terrace record cards.

Folder 4. "Map 109 and 99, 91, 100. Inglewood and Mimi - Notes and Pending." This folder contains lists of N108 and N99 showing map references, name and NZAA site record numbers, correspondence relating to sites in Waitara, NZAA site notification maps 109 and 99, photocopies on "Plan of the Battle of Waireka," "Battle of Mahoetahi," "Kaitake", "The First Taranaki Campaign of 1869-61", "Checklist of sites" and hand written notes on "Field Recording "Seat of War" Waitara", and "Analysis". Also, site index maps for N99 and 109.

Folder 5. "Mokau-Awakino". This folder contains loose black and white photographs [N99], site record forms for N82/1-15, N82/18, N82/48-50, and NZAA site notification forms for N82, grid references 195685, 192688, 187682, 188703, 189705, 197706, 204695, 185739, 190735, 198745, 199752, 198736, 182693, and N82 Waihanui Beach and Nuhuhakere. Also includes correspondence regarding N119/24 Karaka-Tonga Pa, NZAA site record forms and description form for N119/24, a list of selected sites from Maps N82 [Marokopa], N91 [Mokau], N92 [Ongarue], correspondence regarding the Waitomo district scheme NZ88, "NZMSI N91 Mokau - new sites located on aerial photos August 1981", miscellaneous site lists, site description form for N92/1 Ongarue, N91 Mokau site indices, and N100 Ohura site index.

Folder 6. "Patea Area - Notes, field and others." This folder contains correspondence [ c.1974 - 1986] regarding map N137, list of "Objects and Places of Historical or Scientific Interest", and various handwritten notes on Waverley, and the Patea and Whenuakura rivers. Also included are NZAA site notifications for N129/232 grid reference 096253, and N129/209 grid reference 097144, an index map for N136 Patea, and correspondence [c.1968] on Patea County District Planning Scheme.

Folder 7. "Draft Report Excavations and Survey near Waverley Dec 1974." This folder contains a map of "Dickies Ridge Pits" [1965], and a photocopy of "Draft Report on Excavations and Survey Undertaken by R J S Cassels and Others near Waverley," [December 1974].

Folder 8. "NZ Historic Places Trust Gen/Misc." This folder holds photocopied maps of Tukarangatai, Te Mira, Rahu, Tini. Moanarua and others [21 August 1982], a typed report of "General Cameron's Campaign. Narrative History of Establishment of Redoubts, A. G. Buist," a pamphlet entitled "1866 Wairoa Military History of Waverley" [1969] by CL Lovegrove, and photocopied reports on the following redoubts; Mokoia N129/174, Wai-O-Turi N136/8, Kakaramea N129/176, Inman's Redoubt N129/173, and Thackers Redoubt N129/175. Also enclosed are a copy of the booklet "Maps of New Zealand Appearing in British Parliamentary Papers" by RP Hargreaves [1962], a copy of "Establishment of Opunake and Pukearuhe" [1865] by Colonel HS Warre, and miscellaneous notes on North and South Taranaki redoubts, Cameron's trip in Taranaki, establishment of military settlements [1863], Canada redoubts, campaigns and history of the Royal Irish Regiment [1911], Maori lore, Pakataka place names, names of streams in Maxwell, Waitotara river place names, Tutahi, Waihi redoubt and cemetery, correspondence with the Historic Places Trust [1964-65], field movements of Maori wars 1860-61, and various notes from newspaper clippings.

Folder 9. "Coromandel." Enclosed in this folder are five black and white photographs and correspondence from Alf Lee, Whitianga, Coromandel and Whitianga maps with handwritten annotations, a hand drawn map "The Pas of Kuaotunu Point", annotated "wet" photocopies of N53-54/7 and N53-54/8, handwritten notes of site recording Kuaotunu Point, Coromandel Peninsula, a map of Kuaotunu Point drawn on draughtsman's tracing paper and maps of N40/32. N40/33 and N44/21 Wharetaewa Pa, as well as multiple site reference forms.

Folder 10. "Puniho-Pungarehu".This folder contains notes on the work of S. Percy Smith, a site record form P20 on the shipwreck of the "Harriet”, notes from Bill Mitchell on N118 numbers, site record forms for P20/123 Egmont and Otukaia, N118/48 DM O'Sullivan Tipatia Road, N118 site lists, and sketches of N118/13-14, N118/48.

Folder 11. "Hip Fenton." This folder contains a number of Hip's Fenton's archaeological site fact sheets as well as photocopied maps of Horangi Pa, Waitara, his booklets "Tokomaru, Te Whenua o Atiawa," "The Pah of Waitara," and "The Conflict, Puketapu Tour". Also enclosed is a photocopy of a map from FA Carrington's field book 120 [1867].

Folder 12. Unnamed folder [contents of envelope]. This folder contains a black and white photograph of "Camp Waitara", and of a sketch of Te Arei Pa, Taranaki [from Alexander Turnbull Library, reference 1/4 MNZ 266] ,photocopy of "Sketch of Part of New Plymouth 1857", and negatives on backing board.

Folder 13. "Scheduled sites and threatened sites." Site details are given for the following sites: N129/8, N129/6, N129/86, N129/7, N129/120. It also contains correspondence with NZAA regarding a list of sites for submission to the National Historic Places Trust [June 1962].

Folder 14. "Miscellaneous and correspondence". This folder contains a sketch of Te Ngutu o Te Manu and Te Maru clearings, miscellaneous correspondence on issues such as the review of the Hawera District scheme from the Historic Places trust [1981], south Taranaki military sites, N99/10 and M99/38, the burial hill at Rahotu and sites around the Colston Road [New Plymouth] landfill. Also included are miscellaneous maps, booklets and site reference forms.

Folder 15. "Patea Buildings for Classification." This folder contains loose colour photographs of Patea buildings with notations, typed notes from "The Patea Historical Society Inc. 1982", an international itinerary, newspaper photocopies from the Hawera Star and Patea Mail, and a series of partially completed New Zealand Historic Places Trust buildings records forms, some with photographs.

  Box 4

Book 1. " Index Negs 1960-61". Contains index negativess for 11 rolls of film taken in 1960 and 7 rolls of film taken in 1961. Most images are of pā sites in Taranaki and have annotations.

Book 2. "Neg Index 1962". Contains the index negatives for 19 rolls of film taken in 1962. Most images are of pā sites in Taranaki and have annotations.

Book 3. "Negative Index 1963 Jan to August". Contains the index negatives for 9 rolls of film taken between Jan and August 1963. All images are of pā sites in Taranaki (predominately Kaupokonui) and have annotations.

Book 4. "Negative Index 1963-64 August". Contains index negatives for 3 rolls of film taken between August and December 1963 and 14 rolls of film in 1964. Most images are of pā sites in Taranaki and have annotations.

Book 5. "Negative Index 1965". Contains index negatives for 8 rolls of film taken in 1965. Images are of pā sites in Taranaki as well as photos of pages from A.E Williams sketch book, family photos and Mokai marae in Taupo.

Book 6. "1967-68 1974". Contains index negatives for 2 rolls of film taken in 1967 and 2 rolls taken in 1968 and 4 rolls taken in 1974. Most images are of pā sites in Taranaki/artefacts and have annotations.

  Digital file

Shelf list, uncatalogued maps and plans.

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