Journal of Captain Cracroft of H.M.S. "Niger" - New Zealand

Captain Peter Cracroft commanded the H.M.S. Niger which was involved in the Battle of Waireka 28 March 1860 near Omata, New Plymouth.
This is a copy of part of the Journal of Captain Cracroft, that describes the action at Waireka from January 16th to April 10th 1860 and serialised in 'The Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle. A journal of papers on subject connected with maritime affairs'. London. Simpkin , Marshall and Co. vol. 31. October - December 1862.

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Photocopy of article. pp. 511 - 635

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According to family records I can add the following: Captain Cracroft was commander of HMS Niger which was at New Plymouth at the time of the battle of Waireka at Omata in 1860. Early in the afternoon of the day the battle was fought, Captain Cracroft led a party of bluejackets and marines from the warship, with a 24-pounder rocket tube and rockets, along the road to the Waireka stream at Omata. This party gallantly stormed the pa at Jury's Hill and captured the rebel flags. About 8 p.m. the sailor returned to New Plymouth, bringing the flags, and they were heartily cheered by the people. The attack on the pa by Captain Cracroft's party had effected a diversion that enabled the Volunteers, who were hard pressed, to retreat after dark unmolested.

- Julie Holmgren on 15-03-2021 23:25:35

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