A collection of family letters and photographs, includes letters written in Gallipoli from Dr George Home to his mother, letters to and from his fiance (and later wife) Lily and daughter Jessie. Dr Home’s certificates and citations. Copies of newspaper articles written by or about George Home.

Archive Contents

  Box 1

Folder1. Letters to Mrs Home. 1914 - 1916 from George Home stationed at Zeitoun Camp. Egypt.

Folder 2. Letters from George Home to his wife. 1915 - 1916

Folder 2A. Letters to Lily Wade from George Home. 1897

Folder 2B. Letters to Lily Wade from George Home. 1898

Folder 3.

22. Birth certificate. Lily Ross, daughter of Robert and Janet Wade. 3 October 1869.

23. Marriage certificate. George Home and Lily Wade. At Wellington. 9 September 1898

24. Appointment of George Home as Surgeon-Captain in the New Zealand Volunteer Medical Staff. 27 February 1902.

25. Invitation to an investiture at Buckingham Palace. 5 November 1918.

26. Circular letter. To Major George Home, O.B.E. Order of Investiture. 5 November 1918.

27. Certificate. Notification of being ‘struck off’ the strength of the N.Z.E.F. 15 January 1920.

Folder 4.

Letters to Lilly Wade. 1884 and 1890

Pledge card. Church of England Temperence Society. 1881

Card. From the passengers on RMS Australia to Miss Wade for services as an organist and pianist on the voyage to the Colonies. November 1898

Field Service postcards from George to Lily. 1915

Letter to family from Lily Home. 19 March 1915

Letter from Jessie to her Father. 2 June 1915

Copy of eulogy given by Archdeacon Gavin at George Home's funeral. 9 February 1956.

List of medals held at Taranaki Base Hospital Library. 1990

Specifications for additions to Dr. G. Homes, Glen Almond.

Folder 5. Public addresses. Newspaper clippings and typescript copies of addresses given by Dr. George Home

Folder 6. Diary and letter.

All items in this folder were folded up in an envelope (also included)

28. Diary describing the voyage from Glasgow to New Zealand on board the ship Nelson which sailed on 14th July 1863. The diary ends as the ship is nearing the Cape of Good Hope Sept 7th 1863. The name of the diarist is not known. Diary starts Voyage from Glasgow to New Zealand Per ship "Nelson" 14th July '63.

29. Diary describing the voyage of the ship Nelson from Glasgow to New Zealand July 14th 1863. The name of the diarist is not known - (refers to James and I). The diary starts in Glasgow 14th July 1863 and ends November 5th, still en-route to New Zealand. The diary starts "My Diary on the passage to New Zealand in the good ship Nelson Commanded by Capt Michlejohn from Glasgow, Sailed July 14th 1863.

30. An incomplete letter to ‘My Dear Brother’ from an unknown writer. Written at Trotter's Flat, Hampden, Otago, October 10th 1865

31. Envelope. Addressed to John Sproat Esq. Nethertown Almorness, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. Franked Dalbeattie 1864.

Folder 7. Share dividend certificates.

Waihi Gold Mining Company. 1907 – 1912.

The Talisman Consolidated Ltd. 1907 - 1912

Folder 8. Journal of the voyage of the Frederick der Grosse from Southampton to Wellington. 28 September - 17 November 1897

Folder 9. Newspaper clippings.

  Box 2

Photographs. Notebooks and emphemera.

  Box 3

Medical certificates for Dr. George Home.

Originally rolled and stored in metal tubes. Certificates have not as yet been released and flattened.

11. George Home - University of Edinburgh 1892 - written in latin - a Gradum Magistri in Chirurgia (Master in Surgery)

12. George Home - University of Edinburgh 1892 - written in latin - a Gradum Baccalaurei in Medicina (Batchelor of Arts in Medicine)

13. George Home - Diploma of Public Health, Royal College of Physicians, London - 29 July 1897

14. George Home - Fellow of the College of Surgeons, Australia 5 June 1927

15. George Home - Medical Registration Certificate, Scottish Branch of the General Medical Council, 10 August 1892

16. George Home - Additional Qualifications Certificate, Scottish Branch of the General Medical Council, 1st August 1895

17. George Home - University of Edinburgh 1895 - written in latin - graduation from medical school - dissertation - The Innervation of the Ovary: A Histotological Study

18. George Home - King's College, London - Faculty of Medicine, Bacteriological Dept June 29 1897

19. George Home - Chelsea Hospital for Women, Gynaecology, 19 July 1897

20. George Home - Diagnosis and Treatment of Fevers - Metropolitan Asylum Board 21st April 1897

21. Lily Ross Wade - Nursing of Medical and Surgical Patients - Liverpool Northern Hospital, 1st December 1893

Letter folder. Tooled leather wallet. InscribedDr Home.

Photograph Album. New Zealand Army Service Corp, Motor Transport. Oatlands Park, Weybridge. 1919

Photograph Album. 'That mountain trip. February 8th to 15th 1901. A souvenir'. Images of a trip up Mt Egmont. Includes images of tracks and huts on the mountain.

Photograph Album. Includes family photographs Livingstone and Home families. ca.1927 - 1930

Photograph Album. Jessie L. Home February 28th 1913. Includes family photos 1909-1913.

Loose photographs. Includes images of Jessie Home, Home house Whaka Ora, New Plymouth.

Loose photographs. Army photographs includes group photo containing Dr George Home

  Box 4

1. Illuminated address presented to Dr George Home by the people of the Taranaki Hospital District on his resignation from the position of Assistant Medical Superintendent of New Plymouth Hospital, October 1926. Art work unsigned in original box.

2. Black metal tube - empty - originally contained certificates (items 11 - 14)

3. Bronze coloured metal tube - empty - originally contained certificates (items 15 - 18)

4. Bronze coloured metal tube - empty - originally contained certificates (items 19 - 21)

5. Silver photo frame containing a photo of Mrs Isabella Home, died Nov 29 1910 aged 78 years.

6. Leather photo frame containing photo of Mrs Lily Home in garden

7. Wooden photograph frame containing a photo of Dr George Home in military Uniform.

8. Carved wooden photograph frame containing photo of Isabella Home? Another photo has been used as a backing board - shows an image of a nurse in uniform - not named.

9. Small leather photograph frame containing an informal snap of George Home in uniform.

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