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Object Detail

A cream-coloured brisé fan made of fine guardsticks of ivory or bone. The fan has nineteen guardsticks that are held together by a brass rivet and a silk ribbon that is weaved through. Each guardstick is 2.5cm wide at the top and tapers to 0.5cm at the bottom. They are finely carved with abstract shapes that are identical on the inside seventeen sticks. The two sticks on the outside ends have different matching shapes than those on the inside. The fan is finished with two cream-coloured tassels attached to the brass rivet which is made of cotton thread with a small white bead on each.
Primary Maker
Primary Prod Period
World War I (1914-18)
Subject Category
Credit Line
This fan was carried by Natalie Reville as part of her wedding outfit. In a wedding photo Mrs Reville is shown holding the fan which originally belonged to her mother whose maiden name was Mollie Tucker. The fan was a gift to Mollie from her father, Fredrick Tucker. Mr Tucker sent the fan home from Palestine during WWI. Mrs Reville came to New Plymouth in 1950 to work as a nurse and it was during this time that she met her husband. She was married on July 5 1955 and she had her wedding dress made in New Plymouth by Mrs Suhr, a local dressmaker. The materials for the dress were purchased at Haughton's Dress Fabric shop.
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