Skinner, William Henry

The papers include Skinner's diaries 1873-1946 excluding 1908 which describe his experiences while surveying and records local history on areas he visited. The collection also includes notes, clippings, reminiscences and ephemera which were interleaved throughout his diaries.
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  Box 1

Diaries (4 vol.) 1873 - 1876. Plus transcripts 1873 - 1876 and 1880.

  Box 2

Diaries (10 vol.) 1877 - 1886. Plus typescripts of diaries 1880-1882

  Box 3

Diaries (9 vol.) 1887 - 1895

  Box 4

Diaries (9 vol.) 1896 - 1904

  Box 5

Diaries (7 vol.) 1905 - 1907 and 1909 - 1912

  Box 6

Diaries (6 vol.) 1913 - 1918

  Box 7

Diaries (6 vol.) 1919 - 1924

  Box 8

Diaries (6 vol.) 1925 - 1930

  Box 9

Diaries (6 vol.) 1931 - 1936

  Box 10

Diaries (6 vol.) 1937 - 1942

  Box 11

Dairies (4 vol.) 1943 - 1946

Field book 1881

Folder. Containing 4 enclosures from the Field Book

Cash book 1877 - 1886

  Box 12

1.Transcripts and notes. (1 vol.) For an in depth list see Q drive Inventories includes: Transcript on passenger ships 1841 - 1853 with annotations.

Transcript of St. Mary's Church, N.P. Register of Male population 1842 - 1844.

Copy of Richard Brown's Description of the military and naval expedition from Taranaki to the Warea Pa April 1860.

Genealogical information on the Bishop, Ramsden, Ward, Weston and Smart families.

Landing at New Plymouth from the Amelia Thompson by William Bassett and Prudence Skinner (nee Veale).

2. Legends (1 vol.)

Legend of the loves and wandering of Puke a naki. The attack on Te Ngaoro Pa by Taranaki Tribe.

Capture of Unu tao Manawa Pa at the base on Mt Egmont.

Legend of the first planting of the Kumara by Taranaki Tribe.

Folder. Inserts from the Legends volume.

Whakapapa for Te Kerenene and Porikapa te Wareware.

Whakapapa for Terematoru and Tuparikino

Notes from 'Life and times of Patuone by C.O. Davis p.40

Waiata by Hohepa of Turakina speaking of Lake Wairarapa. Maori with English translation by Skinner

3. Research notes (1 vol.) Pagination refers to that in volume.

1) Extracts from Minutes of the St Mary's Parishioner's meeting and committee meetings 1889 p.5

2) Notes on the early history of the Church of England in New Plymouth p.16

3) The Defence of Otaka or Ngamotu Against Waikato p.38

4) Capture of ReriReringa fighting pa of Ngatimaru tribe on Waitara River p.53

5) Attack on the Pa Kaitangaka by Titai tribe p.54

6) Narrative (sic) of events leading up to fall of Pukerangiora and occupation of Taranaki by Ngatimanapoto (sic) & Waikato p.57

7) The Fall of Pukerangiora, Nov or dec 1831 p.71

8) Notes taken from the conversation of Watene Taunga -a tara and his son in law, or son, Rangi at Matarikoriko, by Mr S. Percy Smith 13 March 1897 Regarding Te Rauparaha and Tuwhare p.81

9) Te Tuiti (Tikorangi) p.95

10) Mikotahi p.101

11) Story of the Rimupiko pa by W Good of Oeo p.109

12) Notes re Titahi tribe p.11

  Box 13

1. Folder Inserts removed from Research Notes. For a full inventory see Q drive.


Two letters to Skinner from S. Percy Smith June 1894 re Te Kahui.

Includes a Polynesian Society envelope.

Mrs Brown's story of Te Rauparaha.

Names of Ariki and their hapu.


Note on Te Atiawa.

Notes of the voyage of the Marion 1772.

Index to this volume (Research Notes) and another unidentified.

Two letters from S Percy Smith Jan 11 1894 and Jun 8 1895 re Te Atiawa research, includes notes, map and envelope.

Native Hostelry NP/Skinner.

Letter to Smith from Gudgeon May 11 1896 re research into Ngata? of Gisborne - includes whakapapa

Hurl's shop NP.

Ngatawhiti, Rangiapitirua and Potataka + 2 notes.

Notes on Ngamotu, Otumatua, and information given by Rev Hammond (1893) regarding Waitara.

2. Ehphemera removed from Skinners diaries 1879 - 1916 arranged chronologically.

At the time of removal, the name of the diary or page/date was not noted.


Newspaper clipping. Musings from the bush.

Survey notes. mss.

'Sentry-go: An incident of the first Taranaki War'. there is a reference to San Newall.


Newspaper clipping. Taranaki News, 12 February 1881. Reply by FA Carrington regarding caying last stone of the harbour.


Letter regarding cooking at Douches.


Two newspaper clippings: My First Impressions of New Zealand by TWG, originally published in NZ Herald, Taranaki Daily News April.


Correspondence from the Bishop of Auckland regarding welcoming of two clergymen, 13 August 1885.

Two cast lists for zone acts.


Letter to Skinner re his appointment as Vestryman, St Mary's. Feb 9 1886

letter to Skinner from Humphries re permission to shoot cattle on Crown Land. Oct 13 1886

Copy of Morgan Crompton obit Taranaki Herald. 28/12/1886


Report to the Harbour Board meeting.

Letter to editor regarding need for public gymnasium.


Miniature print of Daily telegraph, Sydney. March 2 1891

Henry Heal Quotes for timber, undated.


Letter from J R Stewart, Manaia, Dec 15 1893 re survey work. With envelope.


Two notes on early settlers - first Town Board


Notes on surveyors and surveying the Moa block

Newspaper clipping Old Identities Dinner at which it was decided that Fred Earp was the 'Father of Inglewood'.

Note on the formation of the Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. August 6 1896

A summary of how Rev Evans was appointed assistant to Archdeacon Govett at St Mary's Church NP

Copy of a letter to Rev Walker from Bishop of Nelson July 1896 re John Young of Fitzroy wearing a hood while a lay reader or lay preacher. (with envelope )


Obit. for James Hill

Note - Maori names with English translations

Church Gazette April 1897 p63 and 64 containing an article on the Taranaki Archdeaconry

Newspaper clipping, undated, re Anglican Church meeting Okato and Tataraimaka.

Letter to Skinner from A Shand, Urenui 17 March 1897 re sale of Maori land


Newspaper clipping - Harbour Board

Newspaper clippings regarding Archdeacon Govett's jubilee

Influenza Dangers

Invoice from John Gilmour July 9 1898

List of orders for medals to Commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee


St Mary's Church NP, unveiling of the hatchments, note, newspaper clippings Aug 28 1899, special feature in Auckland Weekly News Sept 29 1899

Two financial statements from the I.O.O.F.,N.P.D (independent Order of Odd Fellows) E J Skinner

Receipt for money held in trust for Stanley W Shaw.


Telegram to Skinner from Govett re Taranaki Trust 11 Oct

Copy of letter from Skinner to S Percy Smith re Skinners service in the dept of Lands and Survey - gives a description of service and states reasons why he should have a promotion and/or raise in wages. Sept 21st 1900


Memo to W H Skinner from D Grant, Lands and Survey 13/5/1901 re registration of surveyors

Jas Sanderson's Quote for the erection of additions to St Mary's Sunday School, 14/5/1901

W. F. Brooking's quote for repairs to St Mary's roof 15/5/1901

Telegram to W Kerr 22/8/1901 re W H Skinner and the Polynesian Society

Letter to Skinner from Handlin(?) University of Otago 20/8/1901 re museum collections

Copy of letter to A Baron from Chief Surveyor 26/8/1901 re Skinner's transfers to Wellington.

Memo from Chief Surveyor to W H Skinner re transfer to Wellington 27/8/1901

Newspaper clippings - Scenery Preservation Society Aug 27 1901; 4 articles on the Sand Pump and the port March 1901

Letter to Skinner from St Mary's Vestry re hatchments for St Mary's, notes on Sunday School meeting on reverse. Nov.9 1901.


Order for 1 pocket Communion Set in silver. July 27 1901

Copy of letter from E Dockrill, Mayor of NP, 29/7/1902 re the Governor presenting war medals.

Copy of letter to Skinner from Chief Surveyor 1/11/1902 re leave of absence granted

Copy of letter to Colonial Sec, from Scenery Preservation Society re destruction of tuis in Waitara area. undated.

Newspaper clippings - Taranaki Acclimatisation Society, Shooting Season 1902 (lists people to whom licenses have been granted); Proposed Ironsand Co and Harbour Improvements; poem - The Lizzie Bell, wrecked off Oeo July 24th


Letter to Skinner from N Takaoka and T J Ando (both of Japan) re gift of Maori artifacts - Hokkaido Museum. Also envelope (Star Hotel, Auckland);

Letter from Wm Jennings to Skinner 19/8/1903 re Mokau River Trust Bill

Letter from G Griffiths from Skinner Nov 11 1902 re rental property on Devon Street.

Notes re St Mary's vicarage and parsonage

Business card for Robin & Co, art and antique dealers

Order of Service for the Unveiling of Memorial to the Taranaki Troopers(Boer War) at St Mary's Churchyard NP.

Newspaper clippings - Trooper's Memorial, St Mary's: St Mary's Church 60th anniversary; obituaries - J Berry and William Lloyd; William Waller; Borough Building Bye-laws; Borough finances: A Slumbering Province by Dunboy (Scenery Preservation Society)


Letter from Skinner to his son Harry (undated) re visit to various historic sites - mentions W Grey of Okato and the tangi of Kahui te Kara Karehe;

Letter to Mr Skinner from F. Milner, Nelson College 11/5/1904 re son Harry's education

Programme - Grand Musical Festival of MADAM CARANDINI Miss Fannie Carandini, Miss Rosina Carandini and Walter Sherwin, March 24th 1870 (or 1872)

Quote from Frank Messenger for alterations to shop in Devon Street Oct 22 1904

Quote for building material, alterations to Griffith's shop (not dated)

Notice from Chief Surveyor, to Skinner advising of salary increase 22 Nov 1904

Bereavement card Robert Parris (d. 18 Sept 1904)

Clippings - extracts from the Taranaki Daily News and the Taranaki Herald Address by Bishop Neligan (at st Mary's); RMS Niger: 50th Regiment, "The Queen's Own" (Royal West Kent Regiment; Mokau (tangi for Te Rangi Tautaka Takerie); Robert Parris funeral; Chief Kahui; Maori Village at the Exhibition.


Clippings - The Exhibition Thursday tops the record Jan 13 1905; A maori Christening describing the christening on Kaniwara (Carnival) son of Rangi Tarawau born at the Exhibition's Maori Village, Rev Bennett officiating; The Departure of Rev F A Bennett; New Plymouth Breakwater Protection Fund; 2 clippings on the North Egmont Forest Board (Skinner's retirement);

Letter to Skinner from ? Dept Lands and Survey 26/1/1905 re his appointment as Chief Surveyor at New Plymouth

Note of congratulations to Skinner from C. E. Major 3/2/1905

Letter to Skinner from Arthur Fowler (Church Committee) 22/5/1905 re Holy Trinity diamond jubilee

A/c from Nelson College June 17 1905

Incomplete draft letter from Skinner (?) to Mr Kensington, re increase in wages.


Copy of letter from Skinner to W. C. Kensington Under Secretary for Crown Lands 9/3/1906 re Workers Dwellings

Receipt issued by Deputy Registrar, O.A.P, New Plymouth to W H Skinner for the Passenger lists of the William Bryan, Amelia Thompson, Oriental, Timandra, Blenheim and Essex 30/3/1906

Invoice issued by Newton King to Hapurona Horima (sp?) guaranteed by Skinner 17/7/1906

Copy of Skinner's account of court hearing re Joshua Jones lease of land on the Mokau. Pepene Eketone, son in law of Kingi Wetere of Mahoenui giving evidence, 19 Sept

Clippings - dedication of Maori Church Purangi - lists some of the people present; The Story of Tiki and Other Things by WHS (Huirangi)


Clippings - Obit Justice Hon H Molesworth; Historic Sword in Hawera Library (Von Tempsky): St Mary's Church - the enlargement proposals: obit The Late Archdeacon Williams, obit The death of Samuel Williams, and Ngahereana by W. T. Morpeth.


Transcript of inscription on cross for those who fell in the attack of No 3 Redoubt, Huirangi 23/1/1861. Also for Rawiri Waiaua and others killed on Corbett Rd Aug 1854

Copy of letter from John Skinner March 24 1909(?) re Thomas Kingswell Skinner, their late father's estate

Copy of letter to Dr Hocken, Dunedin re original sketch by Mr Lewis, Surveyor 1844 of Mt Eliot of Mt Eliot meeting.

Telegram from A. Hamilton to Skinner re purchase of funnel offered by E. Little 8/1/1909

Clippings - Marsland Hill Monument, Maori War Memorial unveiled by His Excellency the Governor, Unique Proceedings May 7 1909; Empire Day, "Hands across the Sea":


Papers re Edward Little - copy of two letters (Skinner's reply) re purchase of box 15/6/1910 and 29/6/1910; receipt for Maori flute 20/4/1910 and receipt for carved Maori box.

Order of service for memorial service for King Edward VII 20/5/1910

Copy of letter to Mr Evans from Bishop Auckland 14/7/1910 re position of Archdeacon on Taranaki.

Memo to Skinner from Chief Surveyor re Freeman's increase in salary 7/10/1910

Papers re personal accounts etc (15 items)


Letter to Skinner from L A Short re Devonish graves 3/1/1911

Telegram to Skinner from Thomas McKenzie 25/3/1911 re Taranaki research

Private correspondence to Skinner from Chief Surveyor 30/3/1911 re Mr Skinner's promotion to Marlborough

Letter from Francis Edwards, London re two works of art for sale 12/4/1911

Copy of letter from Weston and Weston Emery taking over stock of Laurence. 15/6/1911

Letter from NZ Express re transfer to Blenheim 11/7/1911

Copy of letter from P Webster from Skinner re Right of Way over Section 663 in the Town of NP 22/7/1911

Copy of letter to Skinner from Secretary St Mary's Vestry 31/10/1911 re Skinner's transfer to Blenheim.

Draft letter to St Mary's Vestry re church use of land owned by Skinner?

Newspaper clippings - Civic and Anglican farewell for Skinner (3 clippings) ; Taranaki's Anniversary: Magnificent Mokau;


Two receipts for goods from Edward Little - necklet and canoe seat 29/2/1912 and ? 13/7/1912

Marlborough Scenery Preservation Board minutes for meeting 7/5/12

Independent Order of Odd Fellows notice of meeting 4/6/12

Letter to Skinner from Sec. N.P. Investment & Loan Society re shares 10/6/1912

Tender form - installation of lights 22/7/1912, (2 sheets)

Copy of letter to Skinner from NZ Institute of Surveyors re admission to institute 5/8/1912

Lletter to Skinner from Standish & Standish re Madsen Estate 6/8/12

Letters (3) re installation of electric light in rental property 7/8/1912

Draft letter to Kensington re his (Kensington's) retirement

Clippings - obits for Decimus Storry Govett and William Armstrong; wedding of Miss Lucy Skinner to W T Churchward;


Letter to Skinner from W H Butler 29/4/1913 re mentoring?

Letter to William from Lucy 26/10/1913

Copy of letter to Headmaster Ashburton Grammer School Devon (UK) re scholars 1785 - 95 (Skinner family info)

Bereavements - Mrs John Black and Mr Hamilton.

Invitation to the opening of the Wairau bridge 24/1/1913

Receipt for Maori flute rec from Edward Little 22/7/1913

Clippings - retirement of Mr J O'Neil; NZ Regiments; Augustus Hamilton's death; Forestry Commission sitting at Blenheim


Menu for Banquet and Presentation to John Strauchon, Lands and Survey 18/5/1914

Telegram to Skinner re appointment to Chief Surveyor Napier 18/2/1914

Testimonial for WHS from Independent Order of Odd Fellows 21/2/1914

Letter to Skinner from Stanley Shaw 10/3/1914 re death and funeral for Aunt White

Two sales accounts Griffith & Sons, 25/3/1914 and 28/3/1914

Farewell letter to Skinner from vicar at Blenheim 28/3/14

Letter re election to the Hawkes Bay Philosophical Institute 29/6/1914

Letter to Skinner from Mayor's Office Np re contribution to NP's Patriotic Fund 14/7/1914

Telegram to Skinner from Irene Skinner advising son Harry has enlisted 2/12/1914

Draft letter re lease of 'Richmond building'

Three receipts for goods from E Little - mere 5/9/14, Maori flute 22 Jul 1914 and unidentified 30 Dec 1914

Bereavements - Theophilus White (card) and letter from R Clinton Hughes re death of his father Robert.

Letter to 'My Dear People' from M.B.S undated re news of family and friends in NP.

Extract form Taranaki Herald - illustration Walkure 2/5/1914

Clippings - Presentation to W F Gordon; Fatal Accident, Paritutu and small fishing boat collide. Flinders Hursthouse dies: death notices for Wm Innes and Wm Bullot; Skinner's Farewell from Marlborough; Battle of Orakau by W.H.S.; Mr Strauchon's retirement - The official farewell ; Mr Nicholas Golding's 97th birthday


Letter to Skinner from John Guard 3/2/1915

Letter to Skinner from Standish and Standish re Madsen Estate 22/2/1915

Otago University receipt for a card and Bone articles (per H.D. Skinner - on loan) 2/4/1915

Note to H.D. from his father wishing him farewell 16/4/1915

Copy of specifications alterations for Devon Street building 20/5/1915

Quote for painting shop 20/5/1915

Letter to Skinner from BNZ 27/7/1915

Letter to Skinner from W. S. Thompson, Hospital, Cairo 13/8/15

Letter to Willie and Margaret from Grandma 29/8/1915

Letter to High Commissioner of NZ, London from Skinner re package for Harry 22/9/1915

Letter to Skinner from F. E. Telling Simcox, Porangahau(sp?) 16/11/1915

Two telegrams - Francis Thomas Bell and T. W. Brodrick

Taranaki Land Building and Investment Society - 50th jubilee, 50th Annual Report

Statement of a/c for St Mary's 1915

Bereavement - Mr Golding

1916 (missing)

Letter to Skinner from Thos Kyngdon 25/2/1916

Two telegrams re Lands Survey Dept Napier, one congrats for promotion to CHch

Copy of letter to T. N. Brodrick from WHS 15/3/1916 re position in Chch

Letter to Skinner from Fred de la Mare 16/3/1916 re Harry's military service and copy.

Letter to Skinner from A Ford Matthews, Gisborne 22/3/1916 re appointment to Chch (with envelope)

Letter to Willie from Grandma? Skinner 23/3/1916

Copy of letter to Mr Matthews from WHS 24/3/1916 re transfer to Chch

Copy of letter to Skinner from A.J. Cameron Pouparae Waeranga-a-hika re Lands and Survey meeting & transfer to Chch

Letter to WHS from Sec NZ Institute of Surveyor, Napier Committee 8/4/1916 re promotion to Chch

Letter to WHS from Thomas Humphries re promotion

Letter to WHS from Fred de la Mare 10/4/1916 re Harry

Letter to NZ Institute of Surveyors Napier from WHS re promotion

Letter to Skinner from Thomas Brook 10/5/1916

Letter to Willie from Jack 21/5/1916 conflict over the Murch estate

Letter to Skinner from Roy Nicholson, Solicitors NP re Vinsen lease 19/5/1915

Letter to Skinner from F R Gillingham 28/6/1916 re Gillingham family bible

Draft letter to Harry 1/9/1916

St Mary's envelope system 13/10/1911

Copy of letter to Boon Bros from WHS 21/11/1916

Letter to Skinner from Dorothy K Richmond 22/11/1916 re cure for cancer

Telegram from Leatham advising of death of mother

Card - greetings from L/Corp Primrose

Clippings - various including death notice for James caddy Davies, Big Fire at New Plymouth (Theatre Royal etc); WHS farewelled from Napier (3 articles)

Receipt - E Little, 2 Island adzes mounted.

  Box 14

Ephemera removed from diaries 1917 - 1926.


Letter to Skinner from ? Blenheim 8/2/1917 re loan the death of Mr Conolly

Invitation to opening of the Bush (Riccarton Bush Trustees) 24/2/1917

Letter to Skinner from Elsdon Best 28/2/1917 re artifact

Telegram - from Irene Skinner 25/2/1917 re Bill's commission

Letter to William from Margaret, York Terrace 13/3/1917 - family and community news

Letter to Skinner from Ida Hamling (sp?) 14/5/1917 re gift to sons

Telegram to Skinner from Stanners 17/5/1917 re discharge from army

Letter to Skinner from Philosophical Institute Canterbury 17/3/1917 re election as Vice President

Letter to Skinner from Alex Turnbull 4/7/1917 re Heaphy's sketche

Telegram to Skinner from Francis Bell 9/8/1917 re death of father

Copy of telegram to Sir F. Bell 9/8/1917 re father's death

Three telegrams re John Skinner death- car accident 19 & 20/12/1917

Extract from diary Friday - Sunday re John Skinners funeral?

Letter to Willie from Jack undated - mentions their mother, St Mary's 'high church services... do not see to fit". Mentions iron sand and petroleum,

Clippings including obit. for Col E N L Okey, Holy Trinity Stratford Parish Notes; In Memorium for Mary Devonish (2); Death of Miss Imlay; death of Mrs Devonish nee Hirst; Evidence at the Inquest of John Skinner; death of Mrs Hirst (Grace)


Letter to Willie and Margie from ? Skinner (Grandma) 8/3/1918 re family

Telegram re curios 25/6/1918

Note re interview with Mr Hislop - Harry applying for position in Museum

Typescript copy of letter to Mr Smith from Skinner 25/6/1918 re Polynesian Society business

Letter to Father from Son (Harry) 8/10/1918 his collection

Envelope (Hocken Library) containing illustrations of artifacts

Philosophical Institute of Canterbury 1918 programme and Notice of first meeting address by WHS

Prayers for use in time of war

St Mary's re dedication Festival November

Clippings - H D Skinner's appointment Lectured Otago University; H D Skinner loans artifacts to Otago University Museum; Weather report for the month of July recorded at Pukekura Park Meteorological Station; Afforestation an address by W H Skinner; Taranaki Church of England Trust Board,additions to St Mary's; the Anglican Church; lengthy service of W H Skinner Crown Lands;


Letter to Skinner from Brodrick, Lands and Survey Wellington 6/1/1918 re Skinner's resignation

Letter to Mr and Mrs Skinner from W J Gray, Okato 7/1/1919 references to the flu epidemic, the tangi for Komene, others mentions Bayly, Hone Pihama.

Letter to Skinner from Willi Fels(sp?), Dunedin 17/1/1919

Letter to Skinner from Devonish M.... 18/1/1919 re Skinner's retirement.

Letter to Willie and Margaret from (Grandma?) Skinner 21/1/1919

Letter to Skinner from John ? 21/1/1919 re retirement.

Extract from letter dated 25/1/1919 on the French front from W J Churchward

Letter to Gilmour & Clarke Estate Agents from Skinner 6/3/1919 re York Terrance withdrawn from sale

Letter to Skinner from NZ Returned Soldiers Assoc 5/5/1919

Letter to Skinner from Edward Little 20/5/1919 - making contact again after the war and offering a Maori patu. With envelope (no stamp or cancelation)

Letter to Skinner from Sec Philosophical Institute Canterbury re resignation 30/5/1919

Receipt from F M Graylings, Builder NP 18/7/1919

Letter to Father from Irene - 23/7/1919, death of Mrs Prudence Skinner

Letter to Father and Mother from Irene 31/7/1919, re above

Letter to Skinner from NP Town Clerk 9/8/1919 re Museum opening

Letter to Skinner from W T Churchward 10/8/1919 re death of Mrs Prudence Skinner

Letter to Skinner and son from NP Ratepayers Assoc 10/9/1919 re gifts to the museum

Letter to Skinner from Francis D B?, Sarnia House NP 14/9/1919 re resigning position of Assistant at St Mary's

Letter to Skinner from the Minister of Lands re his retirement.22 November 1919

Order Paper Taranaki Archdeaconry Board 26 & 27/11/1919

Letter to Skinner from Polynesian Society 3/12/1919 re position on council

Two letters to Father from daughter Lucy Churchward, re death of her Grandma (Mrs Skinner or King?)

Ribbon from souvenir badge St Mary's Sunday School PEACE MEMORIAL BUILDING 23/8/1919

Clippings including - H D Skinner appointed lecturer (5); obit for Maurice Richmond and his son Major J M Richmond; death of J N Davis; presentation to W H Skinner, retires Lands Dept (5); Peace celebration - official programme; opening of museum (4); Westend School site (3); Michael Square/Poverty Flat gifted to Education Bd.


Memorial card for Prudence Skinner died 24/7/1919

Letter to Skinner from NP Town Clerk 24/2/1920 re street names

Letter to Father from Irene(?) 9/5/1920 re his mother's visit and a view of the Prince - describes the crush of the crowds.

Letter to Father from Harry 19/5/1920

Copy of Letter to Chancellor Otago University from Lecturer in Ethnology (Harry) 20/5/1920 re WHS donation for ethnological purposes

Letter to Skinner from University of Otago 22/5/1920 re donation

Letters (3) to Skinner from NZ Institute 11, 15 and 28 June1920 re hector Award to S Percy Smith

Letter to Skinner from H Weston, Taranaki Herald and Budget 3/7/1920 re articles for newspaper

Credit from Webster Bros 16/7/1920

Copy of letter to Librarian/Curator Carnegie Institute NP 26/8/1920 re irregular hours of old museum room

Commemorative ribbon - Kei Wareware Tatou Gallipoli 25/4/1915

Clippings include H D Skinner lecture; 'The Dominion Forests" with death notice Earnest Beckbessinger, Millicent Gayland, and L/Col Hickman Rose Russell; reports on Harry's lectures (3); NP Bowling Club presentation to Mr W Rundle; 60th anniversary Battle of Waireka; In the Far North articles by WHS (2); death notice Emily Kingcome Crocker;

Papers including receipts and an invitation to Official Reception of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and rec for purchase of a reproduction View of beach at New Plymouth by Wm Strutt 1855


Condolence. Death of Mrs Hoby Jan 1922

Letter to Skinner from Chilton, Canterbury College 24/4/1922 re death of S Percy Smith

Letters (3) to Skinner from Under Sec, Dept of Justice to offer position of Justice of the Peace

Letter to Dearest William from Gary Mill's wife(?) Barnstaple, 21/5/22. Also a letter to Mrs Skinner from Florence Sparrow 13/5/22

Report NP Sash and Door Co Ltd 10/7/1922

Letter to Skinner from Standish and Anderson 26/9.1922 re Fruit Store etc at Wollett's shop.

Letter to Grandpa (WHS) from Margaret Churchward (1st letter)

Notes on Koru Sawmill Bush? includes info on Saxton Estate Blanchetts, Monteith etc.

Papers including receipts, lists noting pain levels, house and section maintenance etc

Clippings - The Late Henry Brown; Taranaki Country - as seen by a Surveyor, a reminiscence of 50 years ago


Telegrams (2) to Skinner from Harry 12 and 15 February 1923 re birth of son.

St Mary's NP annual report 31/3/1923

Invitation Jubilee celebration Canterbury College May 1923

Letter to Skinner from Clutha Mackensie, Sir Arthur Pearson Memorial Fund 9/7/1923 re fund raising

Letter to Skinner from Royal NZ Society for Health of Women & Children (Plunket) 20/8/1923 re fund raising

Telegram - memo to Skinner from H R H Balneavis 28/8/1923 re Polynesian Society

Letter to Father from Harry 1/10/1923 re artefacts and the NP museum

Letter to Father from Harry (undated) re fragile health of the baby (Dick), also mentions artefacts

Poem written by C A C Beardsworth an acrostic on the name William Webster written in 1851 when Webster was 10 years old

Newspaper clippings including - finding of Poutamawhiria (2); Early Colonist' Room opened at Library; Mokau/Te Kuiti Rd; Plunket appeal; NP Group travel to Hichson's Spiritual Healing Mission; Rev F G Evans marries Miss Mary Govett; Archdeacon and Mrs Evans Silver Wedding): Polynesian Society: H D Skinner lectures (2); Savage Club visits: letters to Ed re arrival of Poictier 1850; Formation of Taranaki Rugby Football Club;


Letter to Skinner from Mair (?) 29/1/1924 re return of Parlington's diary

Letter to Skinner from Royal Society for the Health of Women and Children (Plunket) 15/3/1924 re thanks for fund raising

Letter to Skinner from Francis Harvie 7/5/1924 re laying Sunday School stone

Letter to Father from Harry 8/5/1924 (incomplete) commenting on JPS

Copy of letter to H D Skinner from Sir Wm Ridgeway Cambridge University 22/6/1924 re monograph

Copy of letter to H D Skinner from Dr A C Haddon re monograph

Letter to Father from Harry 27/7/1924 re Polynesian Soc & NZ Institute business

Letter to Father from Harry 3/8/1924 re as above

Report from Skinner Chairman of Public Library Committee, report on Circulating Library, Finance, Museum and Early Settlers' Collection

Papers including receipts, tickets to the Feb meeting of the Taranaki Jockey Club (2) etc

Clippings including - WHS's appointment Commissioner of NP tramways and electric power; Football Jubilee, formation of first club; As Others see us - Taranaki in 1874; The Morioris of Chatham Islands.


Memorial card for Mary Veale.

Letter to Skinner from Town Clerk, NP Borough 17/4/1924 re appointment Commissioner Tramways and Electricity.

Letter to Skinner from British & Foreign Bible Society 23/5/1924 re Herbert William's hon degree.

St Mary's Order of service for Laying of Stone, Peace Memorial Hall 1/6/1924

Telegram to Skinner 18/10/1924 re election to Synod

Extract NZ Gazette 30/10/1924 re Gov. General Jellico (and illustration)

Letter to Skinner from Win, Blenheim, 5/11/1924 re shipping research + family info

Letter to Skinner from J Sutherland 8/11/1924 re Jubilee

Letter to Skinner from Commissioner Crown Lands 15/11/1924 re appointment to NP Scenic reserves Bd

Clippings - includes - St Mary's Peace Memorial Hall; Egmont National Park - noxious animals; H D Skinner; Cenotaph unveiled today: Paritutu; NP War Memorial Committee; new Taranaki/Waikato Diocese.


Letter to Skinner from Thomas Humphries re the latter's Diamond wedding anniversary 9/1/1925

Letter to Skinner from Public Superannuation Office re pension payment 21/3/1925

Letter to Skinner from The Vicarage, Waitara re Diocesan meeting

Telegram to Skinner from Gregory 16/5/1925 SS Aorangi invite to Bishop Museum Honolulu

Letter to Mr & Mrs Skinner from Westervelt re visit to Honolulu

Letter to Skinner from Agent CARM Line 22/5/1925 re visit Bishop Museum

Menu Union Steam Ship Cp - may 28 1925 Aorangi

Part of letter to ? from ? re war graves for S G Smith, E F Mason

Letter to Skinner from BNZ 29/8/1925 re death of brother Kingwell

Letter to Mrs Douglas from Eliza Hay 25/8/1925 re death of Sam Wright; also a letter Margaret from E Douglas 30/8/1925 also mentioning the death of brother.

Letter to Willie from Tom 30/8/1925 re (Thomas)Kingwell (Skinner's) death

Telegram to Thomas Hirst from Skinner re death of Kingwell

Telegram to Skinner from Father ditto

Telegrams (2) to Skinner from Hirst Aug 1925 re sale of sections

Letter to Father from Irene 6/9/1925 re death of Kingwell and family news

Letter to Skinner from Gordon Beale, Holy Trinity Fitzroy 11/9/1925 re sympathy for death of brother

Letter to Willie from Tom 13/9/1925 re Kingwell's will etc

Letter to Uncle William from Dolly 15/9/1925 re loss on Uncle King(well)

Letter to Mother and Father from Irene re winding up Kingwell's estate

Admission ticket to Nelson Day Dinner, Piccadilly, London 21/10/1925

Receipt from Harry Hems & Son, Exeter for payment of design of Memorial Screen for St Mary's 11/11/1921

Letter to H D Skinner 9/12/1925 re Rockerfeller Foundation* Notice of Public Meeting Buy British Goods, London, 15/12/1925


Notes including a visiting card from Louis von Hermert, a letter in German from Jane Meuslahn Bib..(?)(Polynesian Society); Synod programme Feb 1925; Organisation of Church Work Amongst the Maori an extract from Proceedings of the General Synod 1925; notes on people Skinner visited in UK and Canada; part of a diary - describes visiting war graves in France; and other misc papers

Clippings - including notice of deaths for Catherine Maclean, Edna Suridge and Amy Turton (relict of Wesley); Life on board RMS Aorangi; John Veale's 90th birthday; Flanders Fields; Vancouver to Montreal by WH Skinner; photo of Anglican Synod 1925 (AWN); last Polynesian Society to be held in NP; Von Tempsky's sword; H D Skinner; Synod; 50 years Ago; Early NP some reminiscences by Fifty-One


Letter to Willie from Tom 6/12/1925 re Kingwell's estate and other news from home

Card from Basil Daly 7/12/1925

Letter to Skinner from Percy Webster 18/12/1925 re Kingwell's death

Letter to Skinner from Edward Touche 18.12.1925 re condolences on Kingwell's death

Letter to Aunt Margaret from Gwen Weaver 29/12/1925 re death of their baby

Letter to Father and Mother from Harry 18/2/1926

Letter to Skinner from Librarian Royal Colonial Institute, London 22/2/1926 re presentation of Skinner's book Taranaki

Copy of letter to Skinner from Clark Wissler American Museum of Natural History 16/3/1926 re travel in US

Letter to Skinner from the Mayor, Plymouth UK 1/4/1926

Letter to Skinner from Archdeacon Diocese of Waikato 4/6/1926 re position on the Standing Committee of General Synod

Letter to Skinner from Sec. Egmont National Park Board 6/7/1926 re invit to join committee as an Hon member

Letter to Skinner from Registrar if Inscribed Stock, Treasury 15/7/1926 re stock/investments

Letter to Skinner from Curator, Southland Museum 9/11/1926 re bird life endangered on Stewart Island

Letter to Skinner from A K Atkinson 21/12/1926 re Nelson Diamond Jubilee

Report on the Conference of Museum representatives 1926, Dominion Museum

List of Maori artefacts noting 'actual cost'

Papers and memorabilia relating to Wm and Margaret's overseas trip

Clippings include - archives to Old Colonist Room; Museum conference; reopening of Old Colonists Room, Carnegie Institute; 50 Years Ago - Garrick Club; wedding Evelyn Fookes to Philip Atkinson; England re-Visited by WHS; Waikato Diocese.

  Box 15

Ephenera removed from Skinner's diaries 1927 - 1936


Statement by Thomas Kingwell Skinner re claim for Crown Grant 10/8/1856

Letter to Skinner from D Smith 21/2/1927 re Confiscated Lands Commission

Letter to Skinner from Bishop Waikato 10/3/1927 re Bishop's Appeal

Letter to Bishop Waikato from Skinner 14/3/1927 re Bishops Appeal

Letter to Skinner from L Wilson, Girl Guides Association 20/3/1927 thanks for support

Letter to Skinner from Gavin, Vicarage, Wt 29/3/1927 re invitation to lay foundation stone at Motunui Church

Booklet - Form For The Laying of a Foundation Stone of a Church 1914

Letters (2) to Skinner from Monaghan, St Mary's Hawera , re offer of position as vicar NP

Letter to Skinner from Bishop Waikato 21/4/1927 re Taranaki archdeaconry

Letter to Father from Lucy 4/5/27 re family news

Letter to Skinner from George Home 7/5/1927 re overseas trip

Letter to Skinner from County Clerk Taranaki Country Council 9/5/1927 re Jubilee celebrations

Letter to Skinner from George Home 30/6/1927 reporting on overseas trip

Letter to Skinner from Chilton, Canterbury College 5/7/1927 re Chilton's retirement

Letter to Skinner from Bishop Waikato 16/7/1927

Letter to Skinner from West, Missionary Equipment & Literature Supply, London 21/7/1927 re books despatched

Letter to Skinner from Weston 29/7/1927 re Kingwell's estate

Copy on Memo to Under Secretary Native Dept Wellington from Jas W Browne (Judge) 29/8/1927 re Tokomaru Canoe (anchor)

Letter to Skinner from Kapinga McClutchie 20/9/1927 re Poutama Whiria.

Letter to Skinner from Commissioner Crown Lands 15/10/1927 re NP Scenic Reserves Bd

Letter to Skinner from A R Atkinson 15/11/1927 re Hector Bolotho's article in NZ Literary Association - United Empire

Letter to Skinner from Bishop Waikato 17/12/1927 re Standing Committee

Letter to Skinner from Elsdon Best

Papers including programme for Dramatic Entertainment in aid of the Beautifying and Plunket Societies; invit to dinner with Taranaki County Council Jubilee and the Official reception for the Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of York; misc receipts etc

Clippings including - Tokomaru anchor and Poutama Whiria; Mokau River Bridge opens; Tangi for Rangi Watson (Matatoru): review of Hector Bolitho's article United Empire; death of Newton King; Canon E H Strong inducted St Mary's NP; Mr & Mrs James rutherford visit; Ernest Rutherford; obit Isaac Bayly; Laying foundation stone of Motunui Church; NP Savage Club; Land for sale Aotea Estate( Timandra Street area)


Roll of Members of the 24th General Synod 1928

Bill before Synod and report of Select Committee Regarding The Maori Bishopric Question

Summons to Synod 19/4/1928, W H Skinner, Lay Members for the Diocese of Waikato

Extract from NZ Gazette No 6 2/2/1928 re Scenery Preservation Act

Telegram to Skinner from Churchward 25/2/1928 Happy Birthday

Letter to Skinner from Bosworth 28/2/1928 re death of Mr Bosworth

Letter to Skinner for Sec Stratford District Jubilee Committee 24/3/1928 re invitation

Letter to Skinner from NPBC re early NP documents and correspondence

Letter to Skinner from Gordon Reid 12/4/1928 re Bishop cancelling license of Canon Harvie

Letter to Skinner from St Mary's NP re elections at parish AGM

Letter to Skinner from Geo Thomson 16/5/1928 - death of her son

Letter to Skinner from Beatrice Humphries 26/8/1928 re father

Letter to Skinner from Kahi Hanawira, Waitara 30/7/1928 re donation for Mission car

Letter to Skinner from Fred Bennett 12/10/1928 re Fred's appointment as First Bishop of Aotearoa

Order of Service - Consecration of Rev Frederick Augustus Bennett as Bishop of Aotearoa 2/12/1928

Letter to Skinner from Fred Aotearoa (Bishop) 17/12/1928 re above service

Papers including invit to NZ Institute of Surveyor's Annual Conference dinner at the White Hart Hotel; General Synod Garden Party; Official opening of the North Egmont Hostelry Co, Shaw family bereavement; Christmas card; various receipts and statements of expenditure etc

Clippings include - Consecration of 1st Bishop of Aotearoa; obit Thomas Humphries; Taranaki Archdeaconry; Soldiers graves in Te Henui; Western Park; Sale of T K Skinner estate land; land values 72 yrs ago; Richard Cock resigns from Sinking Fund Commission; mr and mrs Thomas Humphries; Canon Harvies suspension H D Skinner; obit Stanley Wakefield Shaw; historical documents;


Letter to Skinner from Swabey, Dunedin 23/3/1929 re Polynesian Society

Envelope addressed to Skinner Dunedin postmark

Telegrams (2) to Skinner from Irene, Tahiti Radio 27 and 30 March 1929

Letter to Skinner from Sec St Mary's NP re repayment of loan to Ladies Guild

Telegram to Skinner from Irene (?), California 14/4/1929

Letter to Skinner from Chas Burgess 19/5/1929 re invite to gathering of Royal Empire Society

Letter to Skinner from Church of the Province of NZ 2/7/1929 re Provincial records

Letter to Father from Harry 27/8/1929 re family news

Letter to Skinner from Town Clerk Hawera Borough Council 22/11/1929 re donation of History and Traditions by S Percy Smith

Letter to Skinner from G Robinson 20/12/1929 re his 90th birthday

Invitations to - Official opening of bitumen sealed North Egmont Road, May 3rd; Opening of the new club rooms YWCA May 28th; presentation at Philosophical Society Canterbury; Citizens' farewell to Governor General and Lady Fergusson; Civic reception for Viscount Craigavon, Victoria League; Auckland War Memorial Museum - consecration of cenotaph and opening of building

Obit. Dr Chas Chilton

Clippings including- Standing Committee of the General Synod; Ceremonial transfer of Pukekura Park; Western Park; obit Wm James Gray; Rev R L Connolly defends Cannon Harvie; greenstone tiki found Pihama;


Copy of letter to Jack from Skinner 8/4/1867 re taking a boat out on lagoon at Ngamotu etc

Copy of letter to J J Mitchell JP, Mayor of Plymouth from Skinner 23/1/1926 re memorial to Plymouth Co emigrants on the Barbican.

Letter to Skinner from Newman, of Philip Ashberry & Sons, London 20/1/1927 re silver teapot. With envelope

Note to inform Directors of Egmont Collieries Ltd meeting 23/11/1928. Plus receipt

Letter to Skinner from ? re engagement to Bab Whitcombe. With envelope

Order of service 28/1/1930 for Unveiling of Memorial Stone erected at the graves of Wetini Tauporutu and the other chiefs killed at Mahoetahi

Letter to Skinner from Taranaki Alpine Club re meeting for the formation of this club 12/2/1930

Letter to Skinner from Herbert Waiapu (Bishop Herbert Williams) 17/2/1930

Letter to Skinner from Gavin, Vicarage, Waitara 25/3/1930

Letter to Skinner from H & M E Mankelow 11/5/1930 re invitation to Golden Wedding celebrations

Letter to Skinner from ? 20/5/1930 - further to notice of engagement

Copy of letter to Percy Thomson, Mayor of Stratford from Skinner re congratulations on Golden wedding anniversary

Letter to Skinner from Effie Rundle 25/8/1930 re death of her father

Letter to Skinner from G Robinson 20/12/1930 re celebrating his 91st birthday

Two drawings by Dick Skinner aged 6

Invitations - opening of the NP Savings Bank new chambers 13/6/1930; annual dinner, Royal Empire Society 26/5/1930; Civic reception for Governor General and Lady Bledisloe 12/6/1930;

Clippings including - Summer School for teachers; memorial to Maori Chiefs; Mother Plymouth and her daughter: Waitara's early days; Mr and Mrs W H Skinner - golden wedding anniversary; Otago University Museum opening of Willi Fels wing.


Invitation to Synod social function at Bishop of Christchurch's home 7/2/1931

Programme for the 25th session of General Synod, Christchurch Feb 1931

Summons for Skinner to attend Synod in Christchurch, Feb 1931

Letter to Skinner from Beatrice Humphries, 1/2/1931, re death of her mother.

Letter to Skinner from Chairman Girls Work Committee of the Young Women's Christian Association of NZ 23/2/1931 - letter of thanks

Letter to The Editor, The Dominion, Wellington from Skinner 25/7/1931 re State Forestry

Letter to Skinner from H A Swashich (sp?) 3/12/1931 re appointment of new vicar for St Mary's

Letter to Skinner from G F Robinson 21/12/1931 - letter of thanks

Clippings including 90th anniversary of arrival of Amelia Thompson; R J Matthews - rugby.


Letter to Skinner from W Cutfield 3/1/1932 re Cutfield Golden Wedding anniversary

Letter to Skinner from Thomas Crump, 26/2/1932 re 75th birthday

Clipping and list of names of people wishing Skinner happy 75th

Letter to Skinner from Percy Stainton 26/2/1932 re 75th

Telegram to Skinner from Ernest April 1932 re death of Mildred

Invitation to opening and dedication of st Andrews NP 16/4/1932

Order of service, Opening and Dedication of St Andrews Church

Letter to Skinner from Treasurer Philosophical Institute Canterbury 20/6/1932 re resignation

Letter to Skinner from Sec Philosophical Institute Canterbury 28/6/1932 re resignation

Letter to Skinner from Sec Selwyn Plantation Bd, Christchurch 15/7/1932 re invitation to lunch at Ballantynes

Telegram to Skinner from Irene Skinner 28/8/1932 re Florence Hirst's offer of home

Telegram to Skinner from H Greenwood 3/9/1932 re congrats

Letter to Aunt and Uncle from ? 1/10/1932 re family

Letter to Skinner from Wiri 31/10/1932 re news from Blenheim

Submission by the Marlborough District Law Society re the closing of Lands and Deeds offices

Letter to Skinner from Hilda Hamerton re thanks

Letter to Skinner from Dora 7/12/1932 re 'giving her away'

Letter to Skinner from Sanders, Commander Wellington Regiment 21/12/1932 re thanks

Christmas card from the Wellington Regiment

Papers including receipts etc. Some from the Unemployment Board (Receipt for Emergency Unemployment Charge)

Clippings include - Yacht Nahlin visiting NP; St Mary's Church, farewell to Canon Strong and welcome Archdeacon Gavin; opening St Andrews NP: Taranaki 60 years ago; The career of W H Skinner; W H Skinner - historian of the Province; photo Mrs J Rutherford; Renaming the Waikato River?


Letter to Skinner from Gabriel & Curtis, Native Agent, te Kuiti 13/1/1933 re thanks for support over disturbance of urupa at Mangunga

Letter to Grandpa from Margaret 23/2/1933 re happy birthday

Letter to Father from Lucy Happy birthday

Balance sheet, Taranaki properties Ltd 31st March 1933

Letter from NP Sash & Door 4/5/1933 re company overdraft

Letter to Skinner from Stainton & Co 4/5/1933 - thanks

Letter to Skinner from Hirst, Sec Taranaki Church of England Trust Bd 22.5.1933 re reappointment to the Board

Letter to Skinner from A G Jones 24/6/1933 re rates

Letter to Skinner from Anderson, Dept of Internal Affairs 6/7/1933 re Polynesian Society?

Letter to Skinner from Joint Editor Polynesian Society 18/8/1933 re Society

Letter to Skinner from Jack Stevenson, Opunake 4/9/1933 re thanks for support

Letter to Skinner from Eric Ransden, Sydney 14/9/1933

Lletter to S G Smith, Parliament Buildings Wellington from ? Office of Crown Lands 19/10/1933 re Scenery Preservation Amendment Bill

Letter to Skinner from Francis Edwards (bookseller) 26/10/1933 re book order

Receipt for £6, payment for greenstone Hei to James Mynott

In memmorium card Elizabeth Pinkham

Christmas Card Taranaki 11th Rifles Regiment

Newspaper clippings include - Obit George Francis Robinson; obit R F Goulter; Library - Museum present building inadequate; Newton King's estate - Brookland's gifted to the City; 50 years of ministry - Archdeacon Evans; Photo of Dick Skinner on summit of Mt:


Letter to Skinner from Thomas List, Chairman Egmont National Park Bd 2/3/1934 re meeting re goat 'menace'.

Invitation to official opening of Brooklands 10/3/1934

Invitation to opening Burgess Park 24/3/1934

Letter to Skinner from Wiri, Easter Sunday 1934, re his appointment as crown Solicitor and news of Marlborough

Copy of letter to Lord Bledisloe 5/5/1934 re laying of foundation stone of the National Art Gallery & Museum, Wellington. And Lord Bledisloe's reply on a card.

Letter to Skinner from Truby King 18/5/1934 asking questions of Isaac Newton Watt and Maori wife.

Letter to Skinner from L W Lovell, Sec Egmont National Park Board 7/6/1934 re best wishes of Board

Letter to Thomas Kingwell Skinner from Board of trustee s for Public recreation of the Taranaki Botanic Garden 8/7/1902 re resignation from Bd. Also a Life Members ticket to TK Skinner

Letter to Skinner from E L Mason, house and real estate valuers 13/9/1934 re shares in Farmers Co-op Organisation Society

Letter to Skinner from Farmers Co-op 24/10/1934 re shares

Menu from the maiden voyage of MV Waiwera 1/11/1934

Invitation to Mr and Mrs Skinner H M S Laburnum Captain and Officers 'At Home' 13/12/1934

Two Christmas cards from the Taranaki Regiment

Letter to Skinner from BNZ NP re NP Sash and Door 29/12/1934

Ribbon Salvation Army NP Jubilee Souvenir

Papers including receipts etc and a note regarding correspondence with Lucy Churchward and granddaughter Margaret's 'inappropriate courtship'.

Clippings including - Mason Cup Cricket first match at NP Air Mail message for Mayor from Mr E Skinner, Sydney; Tale of Late Mr D Webster; illustration of Eltham jubilee parade and R C Hughes; NP Central School; Banker farewelled - Mr A D Keeling retires; (ship) M V Waiwera;


Invitation to President Carnegie Institute & Lady from the Mayor of NP for reception of his Royal Highness Duke of Gloucester 3/1/1935

Letter to Miss Skinner from Winifred Mansfield 27/1/1935 re thanks for hospitality

Letter to Skinner from E Carr Secretary Returned Soldiers' Association NP 12/2/1935 re invitation to reception for General Alexander and Lady Godley

Letter to Skinner from Alex Godley, 23/3/1935

Invitation to NP Girls' High School Jubilee Garden Party 20/4/1935

Invitation to NP Girls' High School Jubilee United Service 21/3/35 and Order of service.

Letter to Skinner from John Houston 6/5/1935 re King's Jubilee decoration

Letter to Skinner from Bishop & Mrs Auckland 5/5/1935 - thanks

Letter to Skinner from H D Bennett, 1/7/35 re status of Maori

Letter to Skinner from Sanderson, NZ Native Bird Protection Society (Forest and Bird Protection Society) 8/7/1935 re endangered species

Note from William le Fleming - Golden Wedding

Invitation to the wedding of Jessie Skinner to Albert Fookes 26/12/1935

Clippings including - Harry Arden; Taranaki honours list; National Park Bd, plan; article and illustrations of flood in Devon Street March 4; obit of Mrs James Rutherford


Letter to Skinner from H Fildes, Wellington 22/1/1936 re mss of part 1 of Life of Chas Armitage Brown

Invitation. Taranaki regiment presentation of Colours to the 1st Battalion 22/3/1936

Letter to Skinner from James, Borough Engineer 24/3/1936 requesting suggestions for street names

Thanks from the family of the late Richard Cock 28/5/1936

Invitation to unveiling of the St Maui Pomare Memorial Statue and official opening of Te Ikaroa-a-Maui 27/7/1936

Letter to Skinner from Town Clerk, Inglewood Borough Council 24/8/1936 re memorial tree for the late Henry Brown.

Letter to Skinner from H Fildes 22/10/1936 re Chas Armitage Brown's grave.

Note to Skinner from Chas H Burgess invite to lunch 9/11/1936

Note of thanks from Lady Chapman, Wellington

Note on lecture / discussion by G Kingsley Roth 1/4/1936

Letter to Skinner from Alex Geddes re meeting with Trevor Lloyd

Clippings including - Edwards abdication; Navy League observes Trafalgar Day; Kauri planted at Ratapihipihi reserve; illustration of ANZAC Day NP (AWN?); NP Library & Museum Committee; trip to Mokau - Ruhi Matene and Skinner; H D Skinner appointed Curator of Otago Museum.

  Box 16

Ephemera removed from diaries 1937 - 1946


Letter to Father from Harry 25/1/1937 re T K Skinner estate

Letter to Skinner from St Mary's Vestry 27/2/1937 re 80th birthday

Letter to Skinner from John Houston 12/6/1937 re acknowledging Skinners contribution in recording history

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders Wanganui Loan Finance & Investment Co Ltd 10/9/1937

Bereavement card - death of Mr Fildes - thanks Oct 1937

Christmas Greetings Mr and Miss Downie Stewart Dec 1936

Clippings including - Memorial to NP's first hospital unveiled; Car conversion trial (Mr Dalgleish's car); Envoy Buick's 80th birthday; Sash and Door Co. - increase in turnover; burial of C H Burgess; H D Skinner, curator Otago Museum;


Letter to Skinner from Annie Heloise Abel-Henderson 3/12/1937 re forwarding books

Letter to Sir from W R Vaughan, Church of England, Waifs and Strays Society, London 30/12/1937 re donation

Letter to Skinner from Lyson's invitation to speak at social for G H Gavin (25 years of service in ministry)

Letter to Skinner from Commissioner Crown Lands 22/12/1938 re NP Scenic and Historic Reserves

Letter to Valuer general from Skinner 24/5/1938 requesting revaluation of section in NP

Memorial card for the late Sir James Carroll 18/6/2938

Letter to Skinner from Whyte, Secretary Diocese of Waikato 3/6/1938 re thanks for service

Letter to Skinner from Gilmour, Mayor New Plymouth 21/6/1938 re thanks for service to Library and Museum

Letter to Skinner from Low, Public Library and Museum 22/6/1938 re thanks for service

Letter to Skinner from NZ Institute of Surveyors, invite to 50th Annual Meeting 12/7/1938

Letter to Skinner from Town Clerk, NP Borough Council 18/10/1938 re Paritutu Centennial Park

Letter to Skinner from W K Howitt 17/9/1938

Letter to 'People' from (unsigned and undated) description fire on board the ship near Sydney

Clippings including - WHS retires fro library/Museum; Centennial Park; illustration of proposed new Library and Museum; obit Mr J Edward Touche; Mr and Mrs R J Matthews 60 years in Taranaki; Egmont Park Board, fixed revenue desired;


Order of service Centennial of Maori Missions in Taranaki - dedication of the monument at Whiteley Church and the Maori Church at Moturoa 23/11/1939

Letter to Skinner from Acting Editor, Western Morning News, Plymouth UK, - book - Hundred Years Progress. With envelope.

Christmas card from M K MacDiarmid

Draft letter to S G Smith, MP, re Scenery Preservation Amendment Bill

Plan of proposed layout of Robe Street (running between Powderham and Devon Streets (not dated)

Letter to Mr and Mrs Skinner from S G Smith 30/12/1939 re thanks

Extract from magazine - list of graduates for 1939 showing H D Skinner D.Sc.

Clippings including - gift of porcelain to Auck Museum; Miss Sophia Ginger - 100th birthday; March - low rain fall; Mr and Mrs John Dingle 65th wedding anniversary; war clippings; memorial to settlers on Barbican, Plymouth; memorial to Taranaki airmen; James Heberley 1st to climb Mt Egmont?; obit Augustus J Ryan, airman; Maori collection at Nelson Institute Museum on loan from Taranaki.


Letter to Skinner from General Sec Dept of Internal Affairs 31/1/1940 re National celebration at Waitangi

Letter to Skinner from James Hughson, Mayor, Borough of Waitara 27/1/1940 - thanks

Invitation. Centennial of signing of the Treaty of Waitangi 6/2/40

Letter to Mr and Mrs Skinner from Stratford & District Centennial Committee - best wishes

Card to Skinner from Ted Andrews while serving in Egypt 6/3/1940 (with envelope)

Letter to Skinner from E Strong, St Aidan's Vicarage, Remuera 5/6/1940 re farewell before taking position in Queensland

Letter to Skinner from Claude H Western(?) Wellington, 8/8/1940 re best wishes

Letter to Skinner from Archbishop, 9/8/1940 - best wishes

Card from Mr and Mrs Skinner August 1940 re their Diamond Wedding

Letter to Mr and Miss Skinner from O J Platt, Sec Tahora School Committee, 4/9/1940 - thanks for gift of books to school

Invitation Mrs Burgess reception Anzac Day

Notes Adopted Report

Reminiscences of Mr and Mrs W H Skinner, Western Morning News 9/9/1940. includes Gift to Plymouth; Diamond Anniversary 60 years married Mr and Mrs Skinner; Ten Bridesmaids; Work as Historian; Message from the King; 50 years ago

Ribbon - NZ Centenary 1840-1940

Clippings - A Taranaki centenary; Mr and Mrs Skinner's diamond anniversary; Maori pole erected, ceremony at Fitzroy; Waitangi Pageant/celebration.


Letter to Skinner from Wiri 20/12/1940

Letter to Skinner from Bassett & Cu Wanganui 27/3/1941 re centennial celebrations

Order of Service; Citizens' Service on Ngamotu Beach 30/3/1941

Order of Service; Children's Service, Pukekura Park 30/3/1941

Order of Service; Unveiling of Memorial to Chas Creed, Rangiatea Maori Girls' School 30/3/1941

Programme, Taranaki Centennial Celebrations 1841 - 1941 includes words to God Speed the Ship; God Defend NZ; The Taranaki Song words by John Hursthouse NP 1845.

Invitation to re-union of survivors of first generation pioneers from the Plymouth/NZ ships, 1/4/1941

Thankyou card from the Bassett family re death of Mary Bassett nee Elliot July 1941

Ribbons for NP Centennial (orange for Amelia Thompson, yellow for Oriental) T C Committee ribbon

Papers including various names and addresses, receipts etc

Clippings - NP Centennial; Harry George 91st birthday;


Telegram - greetings from 'Sunshine' 26/2/1942

Part of letter to Skinner from ? re best wishes and speedy recovery from the Archdeaconry Board 13/4/1942

Letter to Skinner from Public Library and Museum 21/5/1942 best wishes and speedy recovery.

Letter to Skinner from Gilbert NP Sash and Door Factory & Timber Co 28/5/1942 re wishing him well

Letter to Skinner from Wiri, 18/10/1942

Copy of letter to Chairman, Taranaki Church of England Trust Board, NP from A R Standish and N F Little 18/12/1942 re Anglican affairs

Notes - extracts from diary? March 19 1921 finding Chas Armitage Brown's grave on Marsland Hill.

Notes - Charles Armitage Brown, the closest friend of Poet Keats

Papers including card with V victory on it (copyright pending).

Clippings: Sash and Door Factory Annual meeting; Spurdle family gathering; Maori Battalion and other war clippings; illustration of Prof Wodzicki, Polish Consul General and family visiting NZ

Carving found at Tikorangi;


Letter to Margaret from William 27/3/1943 re death of Mrs Evans and a description of her funeral.

Archdeacon Evans - thanks for sympathy card (Mrs Evans) April 1943

Letter to Skinner from Bellringer, Town Clerk NP Borough Council 20/7/1943 re Skinner liaising with Nicholson Kirkby Sheat, solicitors re Miss C A Douglas' colonial, Maori and photographic collection left to the Museum

Letter to Skinner from Commissioner Crown Lands 2/8/1943 re Scenic Reserves

Letter to Skinner from C A Mullens 16/8/1943 re Grandfathers medal and sword to Museum

Order of Service, Centennial festival presentation of The Messiah, St Mary's Choir and NP Choral Society 8/12/1943

St Mary's (NP) Centennial Committee, Speech list

Invitation to Skinner from Mrs Burgess Anzac afternoon


Letter to Skinner from Potter, Dr Barnardo's Homes, 25/1/1944 re gift

Letter to Skinner from Alexandra Orphanage, London 27/1/1944 re gift

Letter to Skinner from Waif's and Strays Society 28/1/1944 re gift

Letter to Skinner from Founders Society 8/5/1944 re membership

Invitation to Skinner from Mrs Burgess, Anzac afternoon.

Letter to Skinner from Taranaki Hospital Board - renaming Rangiatea Home to Rangimarie 19/10/1944

In memmorium card - Charlie Emanuel Bellringer 9/12/1944

Poem untitled and uncredited - about a local? business relationship

Transcript from Daily News NZer in Mustangs Sweep Across France

Clippings - including Otago Museum; Sash & Door Company fire; Normandy 'Dogfights' - Grandson - Basil Collyns; Western Park; letter to Ed. by WHS on Forest preservation; Story of Ngarimu (Victoria Cross);


Letter to Father from Lucy, not dated, happy birthday and family news

Invitation to Anzac afternoon, Mrs Burgess

Letter to Skinner from Beulah Hartnell 29 April 1945 re Bible Society meeting

Letter to Skinner from St Mary's Church re service to church 1/5/1945

Letter to Father from Lucy - thanks for gift

Speech notes spoken by WHS at the centennial memorial service for the laying of wreath on grave of Capt King.

Order of service, United Service of Thanksgiving

Clippings including HD Skinner; W H Skinner; T K Skinner estate property in BroughaM Street; death of Roosevelt; Taranaki Philharmonic Society; Basil Collyns shot down over France/award (6 articles); St Mary's commemorative Service; Centennial of laying St Mary's foundation stone;


Notice of meeting of Directors NP Sash and Door Factory & Timber C0 21/11/1945

Invitation to wedding of Dorothy Woodward to James Logan 23/2/1946,

Letter to Skinner from St Mary's Church - birthday wishes 89yrs signed by Gavin, Lysons and Waters

New Plymouth Historical Society, First Annual Report 31/3/1946

Letter to Skinner from Bishop Waikato 22/4/1946 re Skinners resignation from the Archdeaconry Bd of Taranaki

Invitation to Mrs Burgress's ANZAC afternoon

Invitation to dedication ceremony for the Taranaki mobile x-ray unit at Manukorihi 4/5/1946

Account with Thomas Avery & Sons for the printing of 'Reminiscences of a Taranaki Surveyor' 8/9/1946

Letter to Father from H

Extract from the journal of John Newland (2 copies)

Statement of accounts for the T K Skinner estate 26/6/1946

Clippings including "Reminiscences of a Taranaki Surveyor"; Skinner retires from the British and Foreign Bible Society ; death of Mr Willi Fels ; Freyberg ; Otago Museum;

Obituaries. Acollection of obituaries collected by Skinner, pasted onto sheets of paper and arranged alphabetically. A photocopy of this collection is available in the Taranaki Research Centre.

  Box 17

New Zealand Centennial

New Zealand Centenary 1940 : report of conference held in Parliament Buildings Wellington 2/3/1936

Bibliography compiled for Centennial research

Papers. A collection of papers attributed to Skinner which were retrieved from the Taranaki Museum vertical files ca.1997

Grey (Gray?) William of Okato, Information on the origin of Ngamahanga and information re the "Whiro" lament

Imlay, Peter

Kennaway, W. (Royal Engineers)

Morpeth, W.

Newland, J. A list of documents interleaved in his diary plus two items

Richmond, May. A letter from May E Richmond to WHS 1944

Skinner, Margaret Irene re her estate 1963

Robley letter and four postcards

Skinner, W. H. obituary, notes etc

Cook, Capt James notes.

Folder 1:

-Letter to E Tregear, Survey Dept, Wellington from WHS April 3rd 1885 re Maori tradition in the Mokau area.(with envelope, stamp and New Plymouth postmark)

-Letter to Skinner from Percy Smith 26 June 1915 re Marsland Hill

-Letter to 'Cousin' (WHS) from 'Cousin Mary' in Devon, England, June 16

1944 re family news & effects of war (with envelope)

Folder 2:

- Correspondence, National Historical Committee.

- Early Colonist's Museum.

- Land Surveys department.

- Regimental colours.

- Confiscated land.

- Fishing.

- Kahu kuri.

- Medical men/hints.

- National Maori Centennial Celebration Committee.

  Box 18

- A leather bound, illuminated address presented to WHS on his departure from New Plymouth - bound for Blenheim where he was to take up the position os Commissioner of Crown Lands. The illuminated address was signed by G Brown (Mayor), S Percy Smith (Polynesian Society), W A Collis (Taranaki Scenery & Preservation Society), Frank Wilson (New Plymouth Library and Museum), Harris Ford (Chairman Recreation Grounds Board) and H Cattley (Western Park Board).


- War graves.

- Speech, Rev. Henry Govett.

- Public address/articles.

- Whirlwind.

- Peace names.

- Taua, a story of a journey from Aotea to Kaipara.

- Miscellaneous papers.

- Tikorangi, T. McKenzie.

- Tama-ahua

- Urupa. Poharama Te Whiti. Hone Rophia. Matene Tupoki. Rawhiri Waiaua.

Looseleaf, list of books about Taranaki.

Birthday card from M K MacDiarmid, 26 February 1933.

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