Winter, Peter Leslie

A collection of diaries and correspondence 1945 - 2004 created and collected by Peter Winter of Motonui, environmentalist, political activist, author and pacifist.

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  Box 1

Photograph, poster and invitation card from the Motunui Moth-ball Ball, held to celebrate the shut-down of the Synfuel Plant August 1987.

Postcard. Farewell to Mobil. A gathering at the Motunui Hal,l 8 August 1981.

Photographs. Giant Albatross. Location unknown ; Village of Parduboce, Czechoslavakia.

Folder 1.

Correspondence. Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, North Taranaki Branch. 1984 - 1991. Includes submissions onthe land use of Land Settlement Blocks in Mokau-Mohakatino, Aotuhia,the Mokau and Ohura Coalfields, Petrochemical exploration in the Sugar Loaf island area.

Folder 2.

Correspondence. Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, North Taranaki Branch. 1991 - 1996. Includes submissions on the Blue Rata Reserve, Kiwi habitat in eastern Taranaki, Project Crimson, Riparian margins in Taranaki and various resource consents in North Taranaki area.

  Box 2

Folder 3.

Manuscript. 'Kingi' and publishers refusal correspondence. 1989 - 1990. A story written for children.

Folder 4.

Manuscript. We're going to the zoo. Undated. Has number 319 inscribed on front page.

Letter of thanks from the Stratford Writers' Group for the entry of a story in the 1996 JFB (June Faulkner Blake) Memorial Contest.

Manuscript. Puk Puk Puk. Undated. Retitled copy of We're going to the zoo.

Folder 5.

Manuscript. 'Expendable'. Original and corrected manuscripts, includes photographs.

Letters. Anne Brown to Peter Winter re Arthur Stubbs. 2002

Daily News article. 'Bayonet baloney'. 25 May 1991

Poem. 'Battle of Crete' by Andy McLeod 5053 19Bt. Crete Vet. Undated.

Typescript. 'A year ago today, My impression of Crete. 20 May 1942'.

Typescript. 'Where the honour and glory?' Notes concerning the treatment of prisoners-of-war.

Typescript. 'For the record'. Recounts the activities of the Div. Pet. Coy. (Petrol Company) in Crete.

Typescript. 'For the record'. Peter Winter's views on General Fryberg.

Typescript. 'Oops! Wrong concentration camp'. Larissa Concentration Camp and Winter's treatment at the hands of the Italians and his subsequent application for compensation and rejection by the New zealand Government.

Folder 6

Publishers refusal correspondence to various manuscripts. 1945 - 1986

Folder 7

Correspondence from readers of his published books 'Expendable' published in 1989 and 'Free lodgings' published in 1993.

Folder 8

Correspondence relating to Winter's application for compensation from the 1987 compensation fund and an apology from the Italian Government for his treatment while a P.O.W. 1980 - 2003

  Box 3

Folder 9

Correspondence. Energy issues 1980 - 1983. Synthetic fuels, Motonui and the Motonui Residents group

Folder 10

Correspondence. Energy issues 1983 - 1989 Synthetic fuels, Motonui.

  Box 4

Folder 11

Correspondence. Energy issues and the operation of the Methanex, Motunui plant. 1990 - 1994

Folder 12

Correspondence. Energy issues and the operation of the Methanex, Motunui plant. 1995 - 2002

  Box 5

Folder 13

Newspaper articles written by Peter Winterfor Taranaki Newspapers.

'What is a tmesipteris?' Garden of Tane series. The Sunday Express 25 November 1984

'From tiny seed to forest tree'. Garden of Tane series. The Sunday Express. Undated.

'A little something for tomorrow?' Undated.

'Rimus on the skyline'. Undated.

'Natural wonders our greatest gift.' Saturday Forum series. Daily News. 16 January 1999.

'A frustrating conspiracy of silence.' Saturday Forum series. Daily News. 12 April 1997.

'TRC should concentrate on core duty to habitat.' Saturday Forum Series. Daily News. 18 October 2001.

Folder 14

Correspondence. Taranaki Kiwi Protection Trust. 1998 - 2001

Folder 15

Song of the plant. Written as a protest at the opening of the Motunui Synthetic Fuels plant 1986.

'We're residents of Motunui'. Written as a protest at the opening of the Motunui Synthetic Fuels plant 1986.

Miscellaneous articles and notes written about fossil fuels, chemical companies and air pollution, destruction of rainforests, agribusiness, felling of rimu forests.

Folder 16

Correspondence and references. 1946 - 1987

Folder 17

Correspondence. 1988 - 2004

Folder 18

Values Party correspondence. 1979 - 1984

Folder 19

Save the Rivers Campaign Taranaki Branch. Correspondence. 1981 - 1982

Folder 20

Taranaki Clean Sea Action Group. Correspondence. 1980 - 2001.

  Box 6

Diaries 1988 - 1998. Contain daily entries.

  Box 7

Diaries 1999 - 2003. Contain daily entries.

Folder 21.

Manuscript. 'How's your hearing'. An unpublished autobiography, plus correspondence from publishers.

10 coloured slides for 'How's your hearing'.

Permission from the Winter Family is required if this manuscript is to be quoted from for publication.

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