Oral history. Vivian, great-nephew of Truby King and grandson of Newton King, talks of meeting Sir Truby King at Stratford and later in Wellington at the Windsor Hotel.
Interview date: 7 December 2004
Interviewer: Rhonda Bartle
Restrictions: None
Created as part of the Taranaki Information Network Taranaki stories.
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  Part 1

Research CD-R

Address: 10 Mangorei Road, New Plymouth

Date: 7 December 2004

Interviewer: Rhonda Bartle

Abstraction by: Diana Gibbons

Restrictions: None

Subject/Project name: Truby King

Copied to CD from audio tape: 19 May 2006

  Part 2

Master Tape.

Subject/Project name: Truby King

Tape Number: 1 Side: 1

Tape Number: 1 Side: 2 Blank

Accession No


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