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Jessie and Robert Affleck were Shetland Islanders. Jessie (nee Gifford) and Robert married in Wellington in 1876. After several years in Wanganui, Robert established the Opunake Lighter Company in Opunake in 1881. Jessie Affleck died in 1919 and Robert in 1923.
In May 1974 the Affleck family had a family gathering at Opunake to commemorate the arrival of the Affleck family in New Zealand.
A collection of papers relating to the family of Jessie and Robert Affleck. The collection consists of letters, photos and ephemera which have been mounted on display boards for the family gathering May 1974, plus some loose papers.
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  Part 1

1. Label from the cover of the original storage box. 'Family Photos. Other men have laboured & ye have profited by their labours'

2.Typescript. Memorial service for the Affleck Family by Rev. Stuart White at the Presbyterian Church, Opunake. Sunday 19 May 1974, 2p.m. Also the newspaper notice for the service. 16.5.1974

3. Letter of thanks dated 21 January 1975, from the Auckland Institute and Museum for the gift of a watch and sovereign keeper, given 17 January 1975.

4. Transcript of the Opunake Lighter Company rules and regulations. Original item 45.

5. Photograph. Laminated colour copy. Phylis Crowley 1913 - 1994.

6. Draft copy of a memoriam to Jessie Ann Crowley aged 89 years, died 3 April 1974. Includes a water colour sketch on bottom of page.

7. Photograph. War grave at Doullens, France. April 25 1918 for David Affleck. Son of Robert and Jessie Affleck, Opunake. Died 25 April 1918

8. Memorial commemoration and Addendum for Private David Affleck, Canterbury Infantry Regiment, N.Z.E.F.

9. Booklet. Centennial of New Zealand 1840 - 1940. Opunake and County of Egmont celebrations. April 7th to 10th 1940.

10. Booklet. Opunake school 75th anniversary.19 - 22nd October 1956. Includes a letter from Alice Brame to Jessie. 29 April 1957.

11. Booklet. Welcome to Opunake. Opunake District Promotion Committee 1974.

12. Booklet. Opunake Co-op. Dairy Co. 75th Jubilee. 1899 - 1974. Annotated. Includes newspaper cutting on the retirement of Lawrence Barrett, chairman of the Egmont Co-op. Dairy Co. Dairy Exporter. Oct. 1987.

13. Photograph. Headstone of gravesite. Jessie wife of Robert Affleck. Photographer J. Feaver, Opunake. c1920

14. Photograph. Headstone of gravesite. Jessie wife of Robert Affleck. Photographer J. Feaver, Opunake. c192015. Certificate of services on the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces and military medals and nursing insignia. 22/188 Sister Mary Ellen Affleck.

15. Display board no.1. Certificate of discharge (2). 1870 Testimonial 17 March 1871 and photograph. Robert Affleck.

16. Display board no. 2. Certificate of discharge and testimonial for Robert Affleck 1871, 1872. Photograph. Mary Affleck of Lerwick, Shetland, sister of Robert Affleck.

17. Display board no. 3. Certificate of competency as second mate. Robert Affleck. 1872 plus (in folder) photocopy of the reverse side of the certificate of competency.

18. Display board no. 4. Marriage certificate. Robert Affleck and Jessie Gifford. 11 February 1876

19. Display board. Un-numbered. Letter and memorandum to Robert Affleck on his appointment to and pay for the position of signalman at Opunake. October 1882. On reverse letters from Miss P. Crowley to the Auckland Institute and Museum and the Auckland Maritime Society regarding Robert Affleck's papers covering his time as signalman at Opunake in the 1880's

20. Display board no. 11. Marine Department circular March 1885 regarding the survey of coastal and harbour lights in the Colony.

21. Display board no. 12. Balance sheet for the Opunake Dairy Company, March 1886 and a property assessment for Robert Affleck, Signalman, Opunake. 5 February 1886

22. Display board no. 13. Opunake Dairy Company report, March 1887 and typed notes on the children of Robert and Jessie Affleck.

23. Display board no. 14. Photographs of family.

24. Display board no. 15. Photographs of Jessie's tea-party (3) undated. At the races (1) undated. Postcards of Opunake (3) undated.

25. Display board no. 16. Photographs. Alfred Crawley, Jessie Affleck and the Opunake Band. c1910

26. Display board no. 17. Examination Certificate. Mary Ellen Affleck. May 1910 and letter of commendation for New Plymouth Hospital trainee Mary E. Affleck. February 1915.

27. Display board no. 18. Nurses registration certificate. Mary E. Affleck, New Plymouth Hospital. January 1913 and letter of commendation, New Plymouth Hospital. March 1915

28. Display board no. 19. Nursing certificate for Mary E. Affleck from New Plymouth Hospital. October 1912 and photograph of Mary in nurses uniform.

29. Display board no. 20. Photograph and newspaper cutting. Affleck - Crawley wedding, Opunake. 14 June 1911

30. Display board no. 21. Photographs. Jessie and Alfred Crawley and daughter Phyllis Mary. 1914

31. Display board no. 22. Photographs. Tom, Jim and Frank Affleck in uniform. 1914 - 1917

32. Display board no. 23. Photographs. War photographs. c1915

33. Display board no. 24. Photographs and certificates for war grave of Private D. Affleck Doullens, France and two postcards to Mother from Tom. June - July 1918.

34. Display board no. 26. Certificate. Society of Trained Masseuses. Mary Ellen Affleck. June 1919. Letter of commendation for Sister Affleck from the Principal of the School for Medicinal Electricity. July 1919.

35. Display board no. 27. Death certificate for Jessie Affleck, notes on Robert and James Gifford and photograph of Jessie Affleck undated.

36. Display board no. 28. Letters of commendation for Sister Mary E. Affleck, 1933 and photograph of Mary in her rooms, Wellington. c1921

37. Display board no. 29. Photographs. Kate Affleck. Jessie Affleck and house at 79 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

38. Display board no. 37. Photographs. Marriage of Thomas and Mary Affleck. June 1927 and Joyce Affleck.

39. Display board no.38. Photographs. Catherine and Joyce Affleck. Undated.

40. Display board no. 39. Photographs. Marriage of Doreen Affleck to V. Hopping, May 1955 ; Doreen's three sons, undated ; Francis Affleck, 1974 ; marriage of James S. Affleck to Jillian Needham, June 1957.

41. Display board no. 40. Opunake Diamond Jubilee, May 1942. Photographs and souvenir programme.

42. Display board no. 41. Opunake School Jubilee, October 1956. Photograph and programme.

43. Display board un-numbered. Drawing of Mother by P. Crowley c1935 and photograph of Kate, Jessie, Mary and Dave, undated.

44. Display board no. 5. Receipt, John McKenzie Fancy Bread and Biscuit Baker Wanganui, 11 October 1879. Receipt, sale of the fishing ketch "Rosette" to Robert Affleck, 4 April 1881. Employer reference for Robert Affleck, 28 October 1879.

45. Display board no. 6. Handwritten 'Opunake Lighter Company Rules and Regulations'. Transcript item 4.

46. Display board no. 9. Opunake Town Board Property Valuation List, Robert Affleck, 11 November 1882. Memorandum to the Signalman, Opunake, 11 December 1882. Letter to Mr Affleck, 22 January 1883.

47. Display board no. 10. Memorandum to the Signalman, Opunake, 10 January 1883. Circular to the Signalman, Opunake, 20 June 1883.

48. Display board no. 7. Receipts (3), Bot. of Pettigrew, Laybourn & Co. October 1, 21, 29 1881.

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Inventory created by A. Carlile, 10 November 2003

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