Oral history. George Fuller with the Friends of Pukekura Park taking a guided tour through Brooklands Park and the Maranui gully, talking about signifcant trees and Captain Henry King who was the first European settler to farm in the area and C.T. List who owned the area adjacent to the Maranui Gully. Recorded: 9 May 1999
Recorded: 9 May 1999
Narrator: George Fuller
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Research tapes.

Tape 1 Side 1.Tour through Brooklands Park with the Friends of Pukekura Park. Captain Henry King. Gifting of Brooklands by Newton King 1933. Monterey Cypress, native Kohekohe and Puriri. The dismantling of Brookland House.

Tape1 Side 2. Tour continues. Sweet Chestnut, Norfolk Pine, Copper Beech. Kauri, Pine Trees, Magnolia and the Maranui Stream as a source of water.

Tape 2 Side 1. Tour continues. Maranui Gully, epiphytes, supplejack, Pukatea and Gingko trees. Talks of C.T. List. Tape ends abruptly.

Tape 2 Side 2. Blank?

Recorded: 9 May 1999

Narrator: George Fuller

Abstraction: Floss Lambert

Copyright: Taranaki Museum/Puke Ariki

Restrictions: none

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CD-R. Migrated from analog tape. 4 October 2007

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