A collection of scrapbooks known as the '1200 series' containing family tree information. Volumes 1210 - 1213 contains family trees from the first ships; Brougham, William Bryan, Amelia Thompson, Regina, Oriental, Timandra, Blenheim and Essex. Three more volumes contain family trees from the ships Halcione, Chile and Avalanche.
Volume 1200 includes an alphabetical index to the 1200 series.
Butler, Frederick Burdett
Primary Maker
Fred Butler

Archive Contents

  Volume 1200

Includes an alphabetical index to the 1200 series

  Volume 1201

Volume 1201.

  Volume 1201A

Volume 1201A

  Volume 1202

Volume 1202

  Volume 1203

Volume 1203. Has note: 'Entire book copied' [copy in TRC vertical file under Butler]

  Volume 1204

Volume 1204. Spine title: Family trees 5

  Volume 1205

Volume 1205 Whitcombe family. Spine title: Family trees 6

  Volume 1206

Volume 1206 Blundell family. Spine title: Family trees 7

  Volume 1209

Wesleyan baptisms New Plymouth 1841 to 1896

  Volume 1210

Descendants of the ships Brougham, William Bryan and Amelia Thompson.

  Volume 1211

Descendants of the ships Amelia Thompson (contd), Regina & Oriental.

  Volume 1212

Descendants of the ships Oriental & Timandra.

  Volume 1213

Descendants of the Blenheim & Essex.

  Volume 1215

Volume 1215 Halcione, clipper ship arrived New Plymouth 1875

  Family Trees 8

Family trees from the Halcione.

  Family Trees 9

Family trees from the Chile.

  Family Trees 10

Family trees from the Avalanche.


New Plymouth and Inglewood Methodist and Primative Church Marriages 1873 - 1909.

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