Oral history. Born Florinda Voitrekovsky (Voitre), Floss grew up on a Norfolk Road farm with her parents and two sisters. She lived in the Inglewood area all her life, marrying Andrew Lambert and farming on the Bedford Road until 1979 when they retired to Inglewood. Her recollections include her childhood and family history, farming and school life, marriage to Andy and her passion for local history.
Date of Interview: 1988
Interviewer: Maureen Wilson
Restrictions: none
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  Part 1

Research tape.

Tape 1 Side 1

Family details, living on returned Servicemans farm. Ancestors, Father's war service and marriage of return to NZ. Education, working on the farm, school teachers. Describes life in 1920's, kerosene lamps, soap making, home curing bacon etc. Cyclone, WW II in which father served in the Home Guard. Tertiary education and took up school teaching. Marriage and family. Researching local history and genealogy

Tape 1 Side 2

Compiling histories cont. Describes Inglewood around the turn of the century, Influenza etc. Also a story about Mr C. West joining a circus.

Date of Interview: 1988

Interviewer: Maureen Wilson

Abstraction: Pam Murdoch

Restrictions: none

  Part 2

Master tape.

  Part 3


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