Oral history. A narration by Max Bracegirdle of his life story, beginning with his parents farm at Everett Road, living at Kaimata and being educated at home. Spent the war years as a Territorial, was sent to New Caledonia and Solomons. Returned to farm at Kaimata and was involved with the Moa-nui Dairy Company as a Director.
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  Part 1

Research tape.

Tape 1 Side 1

0.7 Family tree and early ancestors.

4.4 Max's parents farming at Everett Road.

7.1 Describes farm, unmetalled road, ford and taking cream to creamery etc. Living at Kaimata, schooling at home.

19.8 Arrival of electric power. Great follower of sport. Was involved in Young Farmers Club.

21.17 Enlisted in the Territorials, was instructor but kept in NZ due to medical condition. Finally got sent to New Caledonia, Solomons.

27.3 Married Peggy Gibson.

31.3 Took various position of Boards and Committees.

35.8 Very involved with Taranaki Education Board, Director Moa-nui and hobby groups such as the Chess Club, Tennis, Bowling and Rotary.

44.5 Thoughts on dairy industry.

Tape 1 Side 2 Blank

Abstraction: Florinda Lambert

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  Part 3

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