Scanlan, Brian

A collection of research notes, newspaper clippings, published articles and booklets much of which is related to Mount Egmont and mountaineering. 16 boxes. Duplicate images to be found in many envelopes.

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  Box 1

Brown envelope (A5) photos of Richmond Atkinson family / Hurworth Cottage ca. 1964.

Folder. Egmont. Newspaper clippings, notes, magazines. 1950-1980

Folder. Egmont. Ratana. Newspaper clippings. National Park admin. Report. 1960’s.

Folder. Newspaper clippings, pamphlets. ‘Egmont & Art’.

Parihaka Centennial. 1980

White A4 envelope. Hurworth & Egmont. Richmond Cottage & family photos. Early Egmont climbs.

Folder. Taranaki-general history including ‘Famous Maori Pas’.

Newspaper clippings, pamphlets. 1960-1970

Taranaki Regional Historic Places Trust newsletters. 1980's

Folder. ‘Education Central School’ brochure and newspaper clippings. 1960’s

Folder. ‘Transport’. Gibson’s Motors. 1970

Folder. ‘History in Focus’ – stories from Taranaki Herald. 1960-1970

Three loose newspaper clippings. Alpine Club 1968. Mountaineering 1969. Egmont pioneers 1984.

Red notebook No.2 1841-1843 – research notes.

Red notebook No.3 1893-1913. – research notes.

Green notebook No. 4 1913-1929 – research notes.

Green notebook No. 5 1929-1953 – research notes.

Dark blue notebook No. 6 1954-1964 – research notes.

Black hardback notebook ‘Trains’ (research notes). Line workings, Openings, celebrations, by-laws. 19th & 20th Century.

Notebook. ‘Trains’ & Perrett’s Research notes. 19th & 20th Century

Notebook. ‘Carringtons’ 1850’s. One entry in notebook

Notebook. ‘Coastal Erosion’ – research notes.

Notebook. ‘Sugar Loaves’ – research notes.

Notebook. ‘Pukekura Barrett’s cannon & Perrott 1978’ – research notes

Notebook ‘V’. Pukekura etc. – research notes

Notebook ‘W’. ‘General’ – research notes

Notebook 4 ‘1960’. Research notes from the Taranaki Herald articles.

Notebook 5. ‘Egmont’ - Research notes taken from Taranaki Herald.

Notebook 6 ‘Egmont’. Research notes taken from Taranaki Herald.

Notebook. Research notes from Taranaki Herald. Names and dates.

Notebook. ‘B’ Iron Sands – research notes.

Notebook C. General notes & dates & Pukekura (not Egmont). Round House. Barrett. Historic Taranaki notes.

Notebook D. Japan addresses etc. Weston family. General profiles. Herald notes etc.

Notebook E. General poverty. Hutt Harbour Quakes. Jubilee Exhibition 1891. Burton quotes. St Mary’s’ Churchyard.

Notebook G. General Skinner notebook

Ships named ‘London’. R. Cook, W.W. Smith, Western.

Red notebook X.

Red notebook Y. St Mary’s Church. Well’s family. Barrett Cannon.

Notebook Z. Early picture theatres. Hospital notes & dates.

Notebook. Articles from series 'People & places'. Maui B. Semco Grant 1. 1992

Notebook. Huatoki & Mangaotuku & Brougham Street. Index. 19th and 20th Century.

Notebook. Burton (Hill) etc. Research notes and letters (loose).

Red notebook. 'Where is it?' - research notes listed alphabetically (little used)

Note pad. Research notes on Port breakwater.

Note pad. 'Book 3'. London sewerage.

Loose negatives. Prospector's Hut, Kaitake Ranges. 1958. Fragile

Folder. William Fox party climbing Mt Egmont.

Folder. Opening of new huts. Fragile.

Folder. Supplement to Evening Press. Photo. 1886. Deteriorating.

Loose notes; People, pictures, Queen Street. New Plymouth. 1916

  Box 2

Note book no. 1. Hospital and Fire Brigade. Includes loose papers. Hospital pamphlet. 1880-1900

Note book no. 2. Hospital and Fire Brigade. 1880-1910

Note book no. 3. Hospital and Fire Brigade. 1930-1960

Note book no. 4. Hospital and Index. 1880-1960

Note-book. Street names. Contains loose papers. 19th and 20th Century

Note book. Egmont 1. Contains some loose notes. 19th and 20th Century

Note book. Egmont 2. Contains some loose notes. 19th and 20th Century

Note book. Egmont 3. Contains some loose notes and newspaper clippings. 19th and 20th Century

Note book. Egmont 7. 19th and 20th Century

Notes 1. Coastal region, shipping notes. 1875-1882

Notes 7. Geological notes of coastal region. 1965-1975

Notes 8. Shipping. 1882-1893

Notes 9. Shipping. 1835-1875(?)

Contents of bag containing note: Brian's diaries and research for museum':

1961 Diary. Research notes in alphabetical order. Includes loose documents.

1961 Diary. 'A B S'. Research notes about seabirds/islands/weather. 19th Century.

1954 Diary. Research notes including 'Defence of Otaka or Nga-Motu Pa' - typed notes. Includes loose documents.

Maroon diary. Research notes and newspaper clippings. Fragile.

Envelope. 'Historical articles not Brian's' plus Photographs. Alpine, National Parks. 1960-1980

Envelope. Three black and white photos. Aerial shots of New Plymouth. 1958. Includes letter from Taranaki Harbour Board re photos. 3 Feb. 1989

Doug Elliot's prints. About 35 black & white photos - beaches & rural scenes of North Island, mainly Taranaki region, including Oakura & Fitzroy Beaches

Envelope. ' (123) Tupare Russell Mathews' About 15 prints unidentified house and garden.

Envelope. ' (103) Pukaki 1954'. 6 B & W prints.

Envelope. '(54) Italy Harriet Wreck?'. 8 B & W prints.

Envelope. '(115) Paritutu Beach and Hamills' view'. 6 B & W prints. Jan-July 1956

Envelope. '(108) Winter climbs 1954 & earlier cloud effects'. 9 B & W prints.

Envelope. '(127) Open climb' 9 B & W prints. Jan. 1956

Envelope. 'Harbour photos' About 50 B & W prints.

Envelope. '(85) Historical Pukekura' about 30 B & W prints.

Envelope. '(154) Open climb' 4 prints. 1960

Envelope. 'Open climb' 4 prints. 2 February 1964

Envelope. '(152) Open climb' 1955. 3 prints

Envelope. Newspaper article. Harry Peters & Tim Weston, Trevor Nielson. 3 prints.

Envelope. 'Egmont summit. Views used at North Egmont Information Centre. 5 prints.

Envelope. ca.40 prints. Park & historical views of lake and Egmont. Includes newspaper clippings.

Photograph. New Plymouth Harbour Extension proposals.

Notepad. Research notes. 'Sugar Loaves no. 1' 1980's

Notepad. Research notes. 'Sugar Loaves no. 2' 1880's

Notepad. Research notes. 'Freezing Works 1'. 1880's-1920's

Notepad. Research notes. Milk. Bullocks 1960's

Notepad. Research notes. Weather, Dairy factories & history. 1840-1950

Notepad. Research notes. Mokau, Perrotts, Post Office Clock. 1940's - 1960's

Notepad. Research notes. R. Brown's marriage. References to Parihamore Pa Titoki Tree. 1880-1930

Notepad. Research notes. Bushfires, Mokau, Sugar Loaves. 1860's

Notepad. Research notes. Samuel, Richmond, Atkinson, Carrington

Notepad. Research notes. Chilman, R. Brown, Walers, Earthquakes. 1850's

Notepad. Research notes. Skeet, Bush Fires, Woman Balloonist. 1880's

Notepad. Research notes. Sunday Sport, W. Gordon, Poet's Bridge. 1870-1890

Notepad. Research notes. Govett family, Henry Weston, Ambury, Breach. 1920-1970's

Notepad. Research notes. Liardet Street, Leatham, Nurseries, Nairn, Laird. 1860-1890's

Notepad. Research notes. Breach. 1880 - 1920's

Notepad. Research notes. Chong, Newton, King. 1890-1940's

  Box 3

Chocolate box containing personal photos, col.prints & negs. ca.1970.

Folder "Assorted" 12 B/W prints Taranaki; 5 photo album leaves with 19 prints of loading wool from shore to S.S.Parera; 2 B/W prints of Port Taranaki. ca.1970.

Folder "Pukekura Park, extensive history". Loose typed notes. 1972-73.

Folder "Maori history, not Taranaki". Clippings, holographs. 19th century

"Minarapa notebook (numbered)", Research notes, clippings, B/W print Minarapa.

Envelope "Minarapa and Puniho Pa", 11 B/W prints.

Folder "Minarapa & photos", letter, clippings, holographs, photos.

Folder "Maori history Taranaki", clippings, notes, holographs, photos.

New Plymouth Centennial Choir & New Plymouth Orchestra, B/W print on board, 1941.

Envelope "Skeet material..." incl. Caroline Perratt, typescripts, holographs, approx. 40 B/W prints.

envelope "Hawke's Bay" 2 B/W prints, Easter 1962.

Envelope "North Norway (summer)", 7 B/W prints.

Envelope "Southern Alps, alpine top selection", 64 B/W prints, 2 clippings.

Envelope "Okahu gorge, Kahui holes", 27 B/W prints.

Envelope "Australian visit", 15 B/W prints.

Envelope "Park", 29 B/W prints.

Envelope "NP and Taranaki views (buildings, streets, roads), 28 B/W prints.

Envelope "Leed's enlargements Humphries etc", 16 B/W prints.

Envelope "Waitangi",3 B/W prints.

Envelope "Waiwakaiho river in Egmont Reserve and buried forest at Burgess Park...", 8 B/W prints.

Envelope, 6 B/W prints Pukekura Park, 1 B/W print surf boat, 1 B/W print Brooklands homestead, 1 col print tree trunk, holographs.

Envelope "Berlin", 20 B/W prints, 1 map on board of Greater Berlin, 1970's.

Envelope "Scenic (non Mountain), 15 B/W prints.

Envelope "Egmont record 1971..." 2 B/W prints, notes.

Envelope "Bell's Falls", 6 B/W prints.

Envelope "Queenstown 1951", 14 B/W prints.

Envelope "Assorted photos", 5 col prints,12 B/W prints.

Envelope "Egmont, early photographic equipement", 7 B/W prints, typescript, holographs.

Envelope "Raglan, Marakopa, Rotorua, March 1973", 4 B/W prints.

Envelope "Egmont Mikotahi's approaches Sugar Loaves & Port", 1 col print, 12 B/W prints.

Envelope "Sugar Loaves II", 34 B/W prints.

Envelope "Pukekura Park & big chestnut", clippings, typescripts, 2 periodicals.

Collection of handwritten notes re Pukekura Park.

B/W print portrait of Ernest Dieffenbach.

Sidelights on the Pukekura Park story, 4 Jul 1953, clipping.

B/W print portrait of Boulton, Horton, McLeod, Clinton-Hughes & W W Smith, Pukekura Park, Brooklands, 1934.

B/W print of man standing on snow covered tussock slope.

  Box 4

White plastic bag containing ca.300 mainly b/w prints, Sugar Loaves, Harbour.

Egmont; manila folder; clippings, corres. etc. 1940's

St Mary's church, notes and photos: white envelope; clippings, notes, booklet, 6 b/w prints.

Cape Egmont lighthouse; yellow envelope; 6 b/w prints.

Herald & Weston family & T H centennial number; brown envelope; clippings, mss, centennial memorobilia 1988.

Egmont handbook, illustrations marvellous; manilla folder; 42 b/w prints, photo clippings, 1940's.

Miscellaneous; manilla folder; clippings, notes re early Taranaki history.

History and traditions of the Taranaki coast; manilla folder tied with red string; photocopy of book.

Egmont, reviews and letters after publication; brown envelope; clippings, letters; 1962

Publishing; white folder; corres. 1950's.

Clipped bundle of notes re buildings - Round house, hospital, etc.

Old harbour; brown envelope; A synoptical acccount of the making of the harbour at New Plymouth/F A Carrington, 1888; Harbour Board committee report of proceedings, compiled by D H Parry, 1879; clipping re sand pipeline Ngamotu Beach, 1969; Sir John's Coode's report on the New Zealand harbours - New Plymouth, 1879.

Col. print New Plymouth harbour; 1973.

Misc. clippings tied with red string re census, shipping, microfilming newspapers, photocopy of 1884 plan of New Plymouth ARC2006-19, The unfortunate Dr McShane of Nelson and New Plymouth (photocopy),

White Hart hotel.

Taranaki Harbour Board; white envelope; 5 sheets col. contact prints; 1986.

Taranaki Herald, Weston family; manilla folder; clippings incl. programmed for Centennial Reunion of the staff of Taranaki Herald, 3/8/1952.

  Box 5

Individual file box containing approx 1780 b/w negs in individual paper envelopes. Numbered, but out of order.

Individual file box containing 44 small boxes (labelled) of col. slides mostly of Japan.

Individual file box containing approx. 698 b/w negs in individual paper envelopes; ca.20 envelopes of negs. (labelled), plus few b/w prints.

  Box 6

Ruapehu & Ngauruhoe; yellow envelope 161A; 11 b/w prints.

Queenstown etc, 1st visit; yellow envelope 91; 4 b/w prints.

Whangarei & Valley views; yellow envelope 122; 5 b/w prints.

Matukituki; yellow envelope 34; 9 b/w prints.

Moonlight track & Skippers; yellow envelope 102; 14 b/w prints.

NZAC section climbs & inaugural group; yellow envelope 107; 22 b/w prints; NZAC Newsletter 22 Jul 1977; FMC Bulletin Aug 1977.

Northern approach & track & Rahiri; yellow envelope 15; 15 b/w prints.

Avalanche views North Egmont; yellow envleope 146; 6 b/w prints.

Ice on Ridge track; yellow envelope 124; 7 b/w prints; winter 1955.

Curtis Ridge, Manganui & Curtis falls; envelope 71; 19 b/w prints; 1965.

The Saw and vicinity 5; 5 b/w prints.

Snow climbers (North side) 12; 18 b/w prints

Summit views (Winter) 58; 32 b/w prints

Wanganui track from Tahurangi & around 17; 8 b/w prints

Matukituki views (best selection) 137; 37 b/w prints

Summit views (summer) 59A; 16 b/w prints

Marlborough Sounds, Hamner etc...141; 18 b/w prints

Open climb 155; 17 b/w prints; 1961 etc.

Pukekura, Pukeiti, Mangamahoe; 16 b/w prints; 1964-

Milford track, large & air views 99; 19 b/w prints; 1952-

Egmont photos old Stratford railway; 10b/w prints; 1 col. prints

Open climb; 2 b/w prints; 1966

Open climb; 8 b/w prints; 1963-

Crater levels (Egmont) all periods; 35 b/w prints; 2 negs; 1 clipping

Crater levels 55-56 1918 & June 1916 (no snow on northern face) 126; 47 b/w prints

At McKinnon Pass 94; 9 b/w prints

Bell's falls track (early) 6; 10 b/w prints

Glade to Pompolona 92; 10 b/w prints

At Milford 97; 12 b/w prints

Fox glacier 29; 22 b/w prints; 1949

Matukituki 33; 7 b/w prints

Franz Josef glacier 89; 7 b/w prints

Mt Egmont snowfield - lady in horse and gig; 1 b/w print (loose) from Turnbull Library

Richard Watts at base of Shark's Tooth; 1 b/w print (loose)

Kaitakes 161; 20 b/w prints

Copland Pass (both sides) 26; 16 b/w prints

Mountain from Pouakaias, top views, Dover Rd & new hut 66; 39 b/w prints

Flowers, bush & opossums 7; 22 b/w prints

Mt Egmont and countryside; 1 b/w print (loose)

Perfect weather for the open climb; 1 b/w print (loose); 1949

Egmont from the Pouakais; 1 b/w print (loose)

Variations in weather, record snow May31 1959 162; 2 b/w prints

Pukeiti 133; 4 b/w prints

Egmont, very large 55; 11b/w prints

Paki 121; 3 b/w prints

Open climb 1966; 6 b/w prints

Ice and snow views (north side) ski & glissade 64; 19 b/w prints

Open climb 1949 & 1953 (1000th climber) 151; 6 b/w prints

Fox glacier 1949 31; 25 b/w prints

Spain & bullfight 45; 13 b/w prints

Aden 48; 2 b/w prints

Approach to Hermitage & Tasman glacier 88; 23 b/w prints

Cape Egmont lighthouse 131; (empty envelope)

Mt Tarawera & Rotomahan 171; 2 b/w prints

Arthur's Pass 172; 2 b/w prints

Curtis Ridge views (both ways) 13; 17 b/w prints

Haast hut & Grand plateau 25; 13 b/w prints

Hooker & Hermitage 27; 13 b/w prints; 1951

Great Barrier 173; 5 b/w prints

Egmont personalities, Atkinson, Jenkins, Walker 112; 5 b/w prints

Dawn climb & crater photos, March 22 1964; 11b/w prints; 1 col clipping

Pouakais from Egmont [Ahuahu swamp as well] 71A; 21 b/w prints

Summit views (earlier) 4; 36 b/w prints

Summit & winter climbs pre 1950, Incl. "Bluey" 3; 16 b/w prints

Milford reserve 98; 35 b/w prints

Humphries Castle & northern track 69; 16 b/w prints

Bergen & Oslo 50; 11 b/w prints

Kauri forest 120; 5 b/w prints

White Cliffs & Mt Messenger trips 1959-1962 134; 17 b/w prints

Taupo-Waikato Power schemes March 1963; 9 b/w prints

Dawn climb 1956 128; 5 b/w prints

Turtle "hole in Wall" & summer views 2; 2 b/w prints

Humphries Castle 9; 8 b/w prints

Egmont by Schweinfurth; notes, clippings and article in German; 1962

Distant views of Egmont & later 60; 34 b/w prints

  Box 7

Slides of Japan, featuring urban & rural scenes, women of Japan, gardens & flora; 59 col slides in metal box

  Box 8

Mt Taranaki, women of Japan, urban & rural scenes; 88 col slides in metal box

  Box 9

48 envelopes of col prints of general local nature. Some labelled. 1989-

  Box 10

Armitage Brown family tree & reunion records; 1983; A4 book bound with studs.

Research notes re Charles Armitage Brown land dealings; manilla folder tied with pink wool.

Armitage Brown material etc. Death certificate of Major Charles Brown; notes, clippings, 1 b/w print in torn brown envelope

Fanny Fantham [married Fred Bayley]; notes, clippings, photos in plastic bag

St Andrew's church fire; death certificate Moses Somes Breach 1913; photo Red House hotel; notes in brown envelope

Sugar Loaf Islands draft conservation management plan November 1996 (contains two early photos, loose)

A large collection of loose photos, research notes, clippings etc. covering a large range of subjects [ a jumble]

  Box 11

45 envelopes of colour prints of local nature, personal family, photos around home, New Plymouth (needs appraisal)

  Box 12

Approx 46 boxes of coloured slides - Mt Taranaki, Pukeiti and many of Japan (needs appraisal)

  Box 13

Matukituki 32; envelope 30 b/w prints

Fanthams & Syme hut & Bob's ridge 62; 12 b/w prints

Copland Pass etc. Fox & Franz 87; 44 b/w prints

Dawson falls track & Waingongora Falls 63; 24 b/w prints

Finland, Britain, France, Sweden 80A; 4 b/w prints

Matukituki & Wanaka 90; 14 b/w prints

Ruapehu trip (all sizes) 74; 29 b/w prints

Quintan & Sutherland Falls 95; 7 b/w prints

Finland & England 49; 5 b/w prints + 12 p. photos of sauna

Queenstown 1954 101; 11 b/w prints

Tasman glacier 24; 18 b/w prints

Fox glacier 1949 28; 20 b/w prints

Wilfrid's Alps photos 43; 32 b/w prints

Ngauruhoe, Tongariro March 1958 136; 5 b/w prints

Spain 80; 26 b/w prints

Pompolona to McKinnon 93; 4 b/w prints

Opononi [and Opo the dolphin] 117; 9 b/w prints

Manganui views (above Warwick Castle etc) 16; 6 b/w prints

European Alps 46; 4 b/w prints

Bay of Islands & launches 119; 8 b/w prints

Russell & Opua 116; 4 b/w prints

Pipiriki photos 148; 8 b/w prints

Bell's falls track & trees [old Holly hut] 70; 23 b/w prints

Western face [Mt Taranaki], Kahui hut & Puniho track 11; 18 b/w prints

Okahu gorge & Hughsons ledge 1; 15 b/w prints

Open climb 1962 156; 5 b/w prints

Winter 1955, Blundell ridge, north side 114; 10 b/w prints

Open climb, assorted years; 10 b/w prints

Lake Ada 96; 4 b/w prints

Fox glacier 1949 30; 16 b/w prints

Summit views (Shark's tooth, winter) 59; 21 b/w prints

Pouakai ranges, tracks, bush, hut (old) 149; 22 b/w prints

Alps in Europe 77; 37 b/w prints

Southern Alps & Ruapehu 81; 34 b/w prints (1 mounted)

Richard Barrett's death, origin Sugar Loaves; notes for 50th anniversary of Taranaki Herald 29 Mar 1940

32 envelopes coloured prints of local interest - New Plymouth, family etc.

2 envelopes small b/w prints of European scenes

7 boxes coloured slides of Taranaki, flora, Japan

4 loose b/w prints - 2 of Waitara shipping, 1 of Shark's tooth, 1 of Rerekapa falls

  Box 14

The Eastern hills, Mokau, Moki Rd, Rerekapa [Mokau coalfield]; manilla folder clippings, notes

Air drop & rocket exercise; envelope 9 b/w prints

Barrett material (cannon etc), & Paritutu dredge - final, Mikotahi; manilla folder clippings, typescript

Sugar Loaf Islands, Paritutu; envelope 16 b/w prints

The Maori and the mountains, by John Pascoe (clipping); A Barraud painting is an interesting link with the past {Pohaturoa} (clipping); Mountain of many moods {Mt Edgecumba} (clipping) in manilla folder

Devon St & Flour mill, NP historical & Turnbull photos; envelope 52 b/w prints (1 coloured)

Skiers 14; 22 b/w prints

Early sketches of Sugar Loaves; envelope 5 b/w prints + typescript

Egmont from top of Kahui Rd 129; envelope (empty)

Old odemtotoes; envelope 16 b/w prints; 4 coloured prints; 1 typescript; clippings

H[arry] Peters envelope; 17 b/w prints; manuscript

Air views of Egmont 67 envelope; 23 b/w prints

Mountain House + Egmont history envelope; clippings; manuscript notes

Ambury memorial etc. & ice photos envelope; 9 b/w prints

Chew Chong. Huatoki & Brougham St series envelope; clippings

Egmont envelope; 10 b/w prints

Parks & reserves, the Gables, tree list, Ngamotu beach folder; correspondence; 1 clipping; 1 coloured photo

Egmont & Lucy's Gully mostly 1960's folder; 6 b/w negs in envelope; 2 coloured slides + 4 b/w neg strips in envelope; Ernst Dieffenbach b/w print in envelope; 1 b/w neg Paritutu quarry in envelope; 1 coloured neg of wharf in slip; Moturoa blast 1920 1 b/w print in envelope; 4 b/w prints; clippings; typescript

Paritutu Centennial Park, Sugar Loaves folder; Richard Barrett articles in envelope; Sugar Loaves 2 b/w prints in envelope; notes; clippings; 2 coloured prints

Marine biology of the Sugar Loaf Islands Marine Park. Rev. 1989 + clipping

Folder - Sugar Loaf reserve; clippings, notes, etc

Mountain views; folder 61 b/w prints

Maori carvings, Maoris, old pas, Maori wars etc. Manilla folder, clippings

  Box 15

Hotels, White Hart, Criterion etc envleope; clippings

Tupare (the Matthews) envelope; clippings; brochures; typescript

Churches, not St Mary's envelope; clippings

Burton's hill, illustration & articles envelope; 4 b/w prints; clippings; map - Taranaki, sheet 7, topo 1:250,000

Park book 39 envelope; 38 b/w prints

Parks, trees, Tupare envelope; clippings; article; form

Trees, T.H. series 1985-1986...folder; clippings; article

Mangamahoe and waterworks 110 envelope; 11 b/w prints

[Untitled] Harbour breakwater folder; 7 b/w prints; 2 b/w negs; typescript

Dicky Barrett material envelope; clippings; typescript

NP miscellaneous...envelope; clippings; booklet

Notes from talks, Egmont, general NP, St Mary's church envelope; manuscripts

Ward of New Plymouth public hospital, 1890-1900; b/w print, mounted

[Notes on trees and cyclones] Pages 1 to 136, chapters 1 to 21 folder; manuscripts

Fitzroy folder; clippings

Whiteley & Pukearuhe envelope; 3 b/w prints; clippings; typescripts

Opunake history envelope; clippings

First troops arrive at New Plymouth, 20 Aug 1855. bw print (xerox)

The history of the New Plymouth hospital: an address to the New Plymouth Historical Society by A J Gunn, 21 Oct 1957 + clippings, 6 b/w prints, notes

Hospitals old and new envelope; clippings, 1 b/w print (framed)

Rod Syme, Joan Blake, Robert Watson Brown, Victor Davies, Patea wharf folder; clippings

People, not Taranaki [George Orwell] folder; clipping

Thomas Horton [nurseryman] folder; article

William Walter Smith biographical material envelope; letter, magazine, clippings, notes

Loose clippings A B Scanlan folder

Egmont 60's, 70's, 80's, ancient Maori bones photographed, Egmont clippings folder

Beach erosion & sand drift, Puketapu Bell block beach white envelope; 30 coloured prints, 3 b/w prints, clippings, notes; Coastal erosion of New R M Kirk, Oct 1980

Beach erosion 2nd envleope; clippings

Ironsand & Tom Smith's collection envelope; clippings, 14 b/w prints of old NP buildings & people

Marshland Hill envleope; 2 b/w prints, clippings, notes

Mace house, 21 Carrington St white envelope; notes, clippings; The capture of Kaitake Pa, 25 Mar 1864 typescript

Places (Taranaki) folder; clippings

Inglewood folder; clipping re Robert Brown

Waitara folder; clippings

Pukerangiora Pa folder; clippings

  Box 16

Pukekura Park sections, 1989 folder; clippings, letters

Taranaki people and places - reviews folder; clippings, notes, typescripts

Notable Taranaki trees folder; 1 coloured photo, clippings, notes

[1884-1984 Taranaki centennial] folder; clippings, typescript

Estate of Anna Scanlan...Heber Wells; Thomas King, Ngamotu, Paritutu, [ships] Food, fresh air and cold liver oil - Elizabeth Gunn; typescripts, 7 b/w prints; 1 coloured print

Sugar Loaf photos [actually] The Sugar Loaf intrusions near New Plymouth, by H C Arnold, 1939 + New PLymouth harbour, Sir John Coode's proposals of 1879; Port of Taranaki 1975 folder; typescript, maps

Parks & reserves, beaches etc. & plan for Paritutu beach road etc. folder; 12 b/w prints, typescript, plans

Shaw Savill centenary, 1858-1958 folder; 2 photo albums

New Plymouth: a report on the environment, by Robin Rockel, 1966-1967; 2 v.

The Restless Mountain, by D H Rawson; booklet

The Restless Mountain; 1 b/w print, letter from inside the booklet

Egmont handbook material, 1964 folder; clippings, typescript, b/w prints with captions

Newspaper aarticles by Brian Scanlan mainly on the state of Europe, 1951-52 folder

The Trimble family, by R P Hanham folder; xerox copy of manuscript

Taranaki's first railway folder; clippings, typescripts etc.

Taranaki Herald final issue 29 Apr 1989; clippings from newspapers on the closure folder

  Box 17

Scrapbook - Port of New Plymouth 1929-1948 folder

Egmont, the story of a Mountain - draft manuscript folder

Historic New Plymouth folder; notes and annotated clippings

Of people and places Feb 1982-Aug 1984 folder; clippings

World of wood [periodicals] 6 copies with articles by Scanlan; 9 b/w prints; New Plymouth's history, 2 clippings; Trees [62 coloured prints]


Poster. Taranaki People and

Places by Brian Scanlan. A Book Event.

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