Lysons, Edmund William M.

Edmund William Markham Lysons 1871-1959 was born in British Columbia, in his youth he was involved in silver mining near Bogota in Colombia. Lysons arrived in New Zealand in 1906 and practised as a surveyor in New Plymouth. His survey work included the bushlands of the Whanganui River. He married Ethel Carthew on the 23 January 1906 and had a son, Markham and daughter, Ida.
A lay member of the Taranaki Anglican Church, he published books on Taranaki Anglican Church history and had interests in Maori history. He died 8 December 1959, aged 87 years.
The collection consists of a series of files arranged in topics such as Church - predominantly Anglican and St Mary's New Plymouth and Biographical - notes on the Lysons and associated families. These files contain newspaper clippings, ephemera and manuscript material.
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1. Anglican. Auckland Diocese. Two N.Z. Church Gazettes

2. Anglican. Christchurch Diocese. Booklet

3. Anglican. Clergy Pension Fund. Booklet

4. Manuscript . 'English Traditions’ / Lysons.

5. Anglican. Music Chants. Book

6. Anglican. Music. Two Booklets

7. Anglican. Waikato Diocese.

Booklets 'Cathedral Bells. A souvenir of the blessing and installation of six St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton, N.Z. 1950. Order of Service for the consectration of C.A. Cherrington as First Bishop of the Bishop of Waikato. 12 December 1926. Order of Service for the constitution of the Church of Saint the Cathedral Church of the Diocese.

Waikato Diocesan Magazine 1 Dec. 1927 and 1 Jan. 1928

Calendar. Diocese of Waikato 1928.

Photographs. Electoral Synod of Waikato Diocese 27 April 1926 and Provisional Committee 1925-6

Newspaper article containing Provisional Committee and Synod photographs. Waikato Times 1 May 1926

8. Manuscript . ‘Music in New Plymouth’ / Lysons.

9. Anglican. Nelson Diocese. Letter Patent

10. Anglican. Church histories. Christ Church, Koroareka, 1949. The early history of the Parish of St. John, Te Awamutu, 1934.

Newspaper clippings. Rangiatea Church, Otaki. Article on Rota Waitoa, first ordained Maori. Anglican Church centenary, 1957. Church history. Written by G.H. Gavin. July 1952. Diamond Jubilee of the Anglican Church in Taranaki (1903)

11. Manuscript. Pioneers of the church in N.Z. / Lysons.

12. Taranaki Anglican Archdeaconry. Notes, a photograph of the First Archdeaconry. November 1919. Newspaper clipping. Taranaki Church Trust funds. TDN October 1928.

13. Manuscript. Notes on the change of boundary in Taranaki between the Anglican Dioceses of Waikato and Wellington.

14. Manuscript. 'Establishment of various religious denominations in Taranaki - Church of England / Lysons

15. Booklet. Waiapu Anglican Diocese Code of Cannons and standing orders. 1925 and covering letter.

16. Standing orders Wellington Diocese sSynod. 1923

17. Holy Trinity Church, Fitzroy. Newspaper clippings. Centennial May 1945. New vicarage November 1952. Dedication of new windows at Holy Trinity May 1954

18. Manuscript. 'Part One. The Missionaries. Tangata pai rawa'. / Lysons

19. Two brochures of church fittings. Jones & Willis Ltd. ca.1920 and Communion Plate. J. Wippell & Co. Ltd. ca.1920

20. Newspaper clipping. Nelson Cathedral. July 1932

21. Newsletter. New Plymouth Christian Youth Council. 1950

22. New Zealand Mission Trust Board. Resolutions. 1903 and 1904

23. Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth. Newspaper clipping. 75th jubilee celebrations. T.H. 8 July 1938

24. St Brides, Hurford and Barrett Roads. New Plymouth. Offertory book 1911 - 1945. Vestry book April 1945 - 8 September 1946, 2 copies 'The story of St Bride's Church / H.E. Carey. New Plymouth, Taranaki Daily News. 1951

25. St Mary's Church, N.P. Choir 1943. 2 photographs of choir. Newsletter. Sept. 1943

26. St Mary's Church, N.P. Early history. Newspaper clippings.

Church Festival T.H. 2 Dec. 1933.

Some lively journeys / W.H. Skinner. Taranaki Herald 1943. No.1 St Mary's Church from 1842 to 1847. 19 Nov. 1943. No.2 William Bolland's work. 20 Nov. 1943. No.3 St Mary's owes much to those who built it. No.5 The Registers : some curious incidents. No.7 Archdeacon Govett. No. 8 Settlers trek to town. 3 Dec. 1943.

Manuscript. St. Mary's Banner / Lyson's

100 Years ago. Church meeting. T.H. 16 December 1953

27. Manuscript. St Mary's Church history / E.W.M. Lysons 1921

28. St Mary's Church, N.P. 2 copies of 'Poem in Stone'. 1st ed. 1943, 3rd ed. 1950 and 4th ed. 1952. Annotated

29. St Mary's Church, N.P. Minute book. Ninetieth Anniversary Festival Committee. 7 March 1933 - 8 August 1935

  Box 2

Folders. (numbering consecutive)

30. St Mary's Church, N.P. Annual reports. 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1907 and 1944-45, 1948-49.

31. St Mary's Church, N.P. Vestry. Annual reports.

32. Manuscript St Mary's Church, N.P. Tusts. Research Notes on the Taranaki Church of England Trust Board.

33. Newspaper clippings. Copies of a paper "The Anglican Church : Diamond Jubilee in Taranaki' read by W.H. Skinner at a public meeting and reprinted in the Taranaki Daily News 14 Dec. 1903

34. The Taranaki Anglican Church Magazine May 1910 - October 1910. Published monthly (5 copies)

Taranaki Church Magazine and Diocesan Gazette July 1911 - November 1914. Published monthly (6 copies)

35. Advance : the gazette and newsletter of St Mary's Parish. New Plymouth. August 1946 - June 1947 (5 copies)

St Mary's News. June 1950 - Sept. 1968 (8 copies) and Parish of St Mary New Plymouth. May 1979

36. Research notes bound in a book. Also copies of the Taranaki Anglican Church Magazine.

37. Contract. Between Harry Cockayne (Contractor) and the churchwardens of the Parish of St Mary's, New Plymouth for additions to the church. 1892

38. Land Deed. Land Grant for St. Mary's Church, New Plymouth. 15 November 1861. Encapsulated.

39. Manuscript. Notes on the Crown land grant for St Mary's Church and Sunday School site.

40. St Mary's Church, N.P. Order of Service for the Unveiling of military hatchments. 3 November 1901. (1 fabric and 2 paper copies)

Order of service for the unveiling of certain hatchments in the Church of S. Mary. 28 April 1904. (2 copies)

Order of service for the unveiling of certain hatchments in the Church of S. Mary. 28 March 1909 (2 copies)

Newspaper clippings of the unveilings.

41. Manuscript. Notes on the boundaries of St Mary's Parish, N.P. 1928

42. St Mary's Church, N.P. Newspaper articles on the renewal of the church floor. Taranaki Herald 29 April 1954, 28 August 1957, 6 Oct. 1957 and 23 Oct. 1957

43. St Mary's Church, N.P. Newspaper article. Ninetieth Anniversary. 2 Dec. 1933

'An historic Church ; The Centennial of St Mary's, New Plymouth'. Draft notes for a broadcast from 2YA 3 Dec. 1943

44. St Mary's Church, N.P. Newspaper article. 'Dedication of altar'. Taranaki Herald 1 Dec. 1935. Also notes on the altar design.

45. St Mary's Church, N.P. Churwarden's Book. 1883 - 1900

46. St Mary's, N.P. Clergy and Staff. Newspaper articles. 1943 - 1956.

Manuscript. List of ministers who served in St Mary's from pre-Maori War - 1954

Article. 'Some lay personalities of St Mary's Parish in the earlier years of the settlement'. Includes George Cutfield, Robert Chilman, Robert Parris, Captain Henry King, John Newland, Frederick Thatcher, George Robinson, Stephenson Percy Smith, W.H. Skinner, C.W. Govett, James S. McKellar, H.A. Atkinson. Compiled by E. Lysons 1952. 2 copies

47. Financial. Notes on Ministers and General funds. 1899

48. St Mary's Church, N.P. Church Yard.

Manuscript. 'Marked graves - St Mary's notes on the names.

Manuscript. Draft copy of suggested inscription on the headstone of the Maori Chiefs.

Newspaper article. R.C. Hughes and the weeping willow tree in the church grounds. T.H. 7 Feb. 1936

49. St Mary's Church, N.P. Statement of annual pledge given by E.W.M. Lysons 1943. Includes envelope.

50. Newspaper articles on St Mary's Church by Archdeacon Gavin and W.H. Skinner. 1943

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Folders. (numbering consecutive)

51. Draft text. 'St Mary's Church. New Plymouth. 1842-1847'. Three drafts of an article published in the Taranaki Herald November - December 1943

52. St Mary's Church, N.P. Alterations to buildings.

Sketch plan, concept drawings, photograph and notes on a new church bell tower. ca.1957. Newspaper article on the erection of a bell tower. T.H. 2 August 1957

File of letters, research notes on the Chancel alterations. 1924. Two floor plans of chancel and altar.

53. St Mary's Church, N.P. Church memorials.

Newspaper article. 'Govett, Brown & Bolland Memorial Fund for the support of the Back-blocks Mission. List of donations. T.H. 3 November 1909

Newspaper article. The Govett Memorial. ca. 1907

Manuscript. 'St Mary's Church New Plymouth' Notes on the memorial to the Maori People of Taranaki unveiled on 24 Sept. 1972. (document may be a later addition and not part of the Lyson Collection - DMG)

Newspaper articles. Servicemen memorial plaque. T.H. 25 Nov. 1949 and Memorial Pews C.T.P. 1 Apr. 1952

Order of Service. Unveiling and dedication of The Memorial to the members of this parish who gave their lives in the second world war 1939-1945. 23 Jan. 1951 (2 copies)

Manuscript. Notes on 'Memorial World War II'

Letters. Officer Commanding 12th Royal Engineers,20 June 1898 and 6 Nov. 1898 addressed to W.H.Skinner. Note on envelope 'colours given to Archdeacon Walsh for preparing hatchment 2 May 1904'.

manuscript notes. Windows in St Mary's. 'Memorial windows'

54. Photographs of St Mary's Church N.P.

Exterior view of Church from corner of Brougham and Vivian Streets. ca. 1869

Barracks on Marsland Hill with St Mary's Church in foreground.

Church from Vivian Street. Undated.

Exterior view of rear of church and churchyard. Undated.

Exterior view of east end of church with Thomas Broham memorial cross in forground. Photographer Archd. Gavin. Undated.

Postcard. Interior view of St Mary's Church. Undated.

Exterior view of church ca. 1902

Clipping. St Mary's Church. From photogravure etching by Pawlyn Huggett.

Linoprint. View of St. Mary's Church from Vivian Street. Initials E.A. lower right corner. Undated.

55. St Mary's Church N.P. Church services

Manuscript. Boys & Girls High School Services

Newspaper articles on church services Taranaki Herald 1950 - 1953

56. Vicarage at the Te Henui manuscript notes.

57. N.P. Anglican Churches.

Newspaper article. 'How new church at Welbourn derived its name. C&P (Church & people) 1 Feb. 1952.

Newspaper article. 'St Mary's Hut in Pouakai Ranges'. T.H. 4 Dec. 1953

Newspaper article. 'Church buys property' (purchase of a house for Rev. A.G. Butt). T.H. 24 Aug. 1953

Newspaper article. 'New church at Mokau consecrated' (St. Peter-by-the-Sea). T.H. 27 July 1953

Newspaper article. 'An abiding faith was their spur' (The Church of the Holy Trinity, Stratford) T.H. 12 March 1954.

Booklet. A short history of Tu-ki-te-Arero, St Peter's Church, Purangi. Written by Rev. L.P.G. Smith. 1953. Includes annotation by author.

58. New Plymouth hotels.

Newspaper articles. 'New Plymouth hostelries' by 'Humane'. T.H. 7 Dec. 1935 and 14 Dec. 1935.

Newspaper article. New Plymouth Hotels. T.H. Centennial number 3 Mar. 1940

Newspaper article. 'Queen's home in New Plymouth has a romantic history'. (Criterion Hotel). T.H. 7 January 1954

59. Newspaper clippings.

Newspaper article. 'Over 1000 old boys may attend jubilee'. (N.P. Boys High school) 20 Mar. 1959

Newspaper article. 'Six-storey premises for New Plymouth'. (BNZ Bank) T.H. 7 Dec. 1953

Newspaper article. 'Mortgage relief'. T.H. 22 Nov. 1938

Newsletter. From W.J. Candy, The Butter Cellar, Custom House Quay, Wellington 1 Oct. 1888

New Plymouth Savage Club. Programme. 17 Sept. 1924. Visit of Their Excellencies Viscount & Vicountess Jellicoe.

60. Newspaper article. Taranaki Herald 85th anniversary. 1937

61. Waitara - New Plymouth Railway. Manuscript notes. Newspaper article. T.H. 7 July 1950. Photograph. Devon Street looking west. 1872

62. Anglican Church and Maori Schools.

Newspaper article. 'New Maori Girls' College'. T.H. 6 Dec. 1943

Newspaper article. 'Ragiatea College, breaking -up ceremony'. T.H. 7 Dec. 1943

Clipping. 'Memorial to Queen Victoria'. Article outlining a proposal for the School for Maori Girls at Hukarere, Napier.

Newspaper article. 'Confirmation ends Maori Festival'. T.H. 2 Aug. 1954.

63. Averill, Alfred Walter (Bishop of Christchurch). Obituary and photograph.

64. Bolland, William Ernest (son of Rev. William Bolland)

Obituary. The Oxford magazine. 20 June 1919

Obituary. T.H.

Newspaper article. William Bolland. St Mary's Church New Plymouth. T.H. 20 Nov. 1943

Manuscript notes. Copy of an extract of his early memories written by the Rev. William Ernest bolland.

Letter, To 'Uncle Arthur' from William re the location of the Bolland family bible at the Alexander Turnbull Library. 12 Dec. 1950

65. Brocklehurst, J.B. (Archdeacon) Newspaper article. Celebration of 50 years as a priest. C & P. 1 July 1952

Burgess, Ann. Obituary T.H. 14 Oct. 1949. Autograph book at St. Mary's Church N.P. T.H. 19 October 1949

66. Collins, Henry. Photograph of a testimonial for Sergeant Henry Collins of the Taranaki Militia. Dated 20 June 1861

Cole, R.H. (Archdeacon). Letter from E.H. Strong to Lysons regarding information on Archdeacon Cole. 18 Jan. 1955

67. Devenish. Lucy Hannah. 90th birthday celebration. T.H. 11 Sept. 1953 Obituary. T.H. 5 Aug. 1954

Douglas, Allan Shaw. Three documents of appointment to the position of District Land Registrar in the District of Taranaki. March 1871.

Dudley, Archdeacon. Manuscript. Sermon preached at the re-opening of At Mary's after the additions. 1893 Text reflects on Psalm 102 : 14 'thy servants think upon her stones'.

68. Evans, Mrs E.B. Resident of Stratford. Obituary. T.H. 7 Oct. 1938.

Evans, Frank George (Archdeacon). Newspaper articles. Celebration of his 60th anniversary to priesthood. T.H. June 1943 and 90th birthday celebrations. T.H. 21 July 1947. Photograph. Archdeacon Evans.

Fookes, T.C. Funeral service. Undated.

Gavin, Gordon Hay (Archdeacon) 3 newspaper articles on his retirement as vicar of St Mary's Church. T.H. 29 Sept. 1949 and 1 October 1949 and C&P 1 Oct. 1949. Photograph of Archdeacon Gavin.

Ginger, Sophia. Newspaper article on her recollections of life during the Land Wars. T.H. 6 February 1939. Letter (and envelope) of acknowledgement from Sophia Ginger to Lysons on her 100th birthday 7 Feb. 1939 .

Godfrey, Mary. Obituary and death notice. 22 Oct. 1949

69. Harvie, Francis Graham. Manuscript. Poem based on Isaiah.

Holland, John Tristram. Nomination of Holland as Vicar of St Mary's Church. 1949

Hurst, Walter Edmund Wilmshurst. Newspaper articles. 'Padre's experiences in war on Crete. T.H. 22 June 1954. 'Ppersonal profile'. T.H. 10 July 1954. 'Farewelled by congregation'. T.H. 16 April 1956.

Hill, Rev. E. O. Retirement from church. T.H. 28 Spt. 1953. "Elected as Mayor of New Plymouth'. C&P 1 Dec. 1953

70. Lord Jellicoe. Obituary. Times (London) 26 Nov. 1935

Kingdon, Rev. G.T.B. Photograph. Vicar at Te Henui and Bell Block.

Lysons, E.W.M. Obituary. Taranaki Daily News 9 December 1959. Includes biographical information. Letter to Archdeacon Gavin

regarding clergy list 1842-1954. Photograph of the Lysons family at Sumner. Undated.

Lysons, Ethel. Mothers' Union preparation card. 15 Apr. 1932

71. Messenger, Lt. Colonel W.B. Newspaper report on a paper presented by Arcdeacon Gavin to the New Plymouth Historical Society. T.H. 21 Feb. 1950

Mortimer-Jones, Rev. C. Retirement and last evensong. T.H. 1 June 1957 and 10 June 1957

Morton, Margaret Good. Death notice. T.H. 4 Aug. 1954

Neligan, Right Rev. Moore Richard. Photograph and memoriam. 1922

Huata, Rev. Wi Te Tau. Visit as Maori missioner to Taranaki. T.H. 1 Apr. 1952

Putt, Fred. 90th birthday. T.H. 28 Sep. 1954

72. Richmond, James Crowe. Newspaper article on the Richmond Atkinson family letters. T.H. 13 Dec. 1949. Copy of pencil drawing of Richmond Cottage

Sadlier, Rev. T. H. Newspaper article on his appointment as curate in the parish of St Mary's. T.H. 3 Dec. 1953

Selwyn, George Augustus (Bishop). Manuscript. 'Memoir of the life & Episcopate of Geo. Augustus Selwyn...' by the Rev. H.W. Tucker. 1879.

Programme. Forms of prayer for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the landing of the Right Reverand George Augustus Selwyn. Tauranga 1842.

Semple, R. Editorial from the Taranaki Weekly 4 March 1937 on the language used by Bob Semple, Minister of Public Works.

73. Skinner, W.H. Galley proofs of his book 'Reminiscences of a Taranaki Surveyor' published New Plymouth 1946

74. Smith, S. Percy. Copies of newspaper articles on 'An 1858 journey into the interior' published by the Taranaki Herald Nov. 1952 - Jan. 1953

Te Heuheu Tukino Horonuku. Newspaper article on the unveiling of a bust to Te Heuheu at The Chateau Tongaririo. T.H. 14 Nov. 1953 and postcard and photographs of a sketch by S. Robley of Te Heuheu.

Von Haast, Sir Julian. Newspaper article on the visit of Dr. H.F. Von Haast to New Plymouth and his speech to the New Plymouth Rotary Club. T.H. 27 Sept. 1949

Webb, Augustus Charles. Death notice. T.H. 4 Aug. 1954

White, C.G. (Clem). Obituary. T.H. 29 July 1957

75. Walsh, Philip (Rev.). sic letters written by Walshe to his friend Rev. W. N. Willis (later Archdeacon) while at Waitara 1874. Note from G.H. Gavin about Walsh. Envelope addressed to H.E. Carey annotated 'Walshe (sic) letters'.

76. Te Henui Stream Bridge. Letter. To The Mayor, New Plymouth from the Borough Engineer regarding the proposed bridge over the Te Henui Stream. 9 May 1902.

Te Henui Cemetery. Letter to the Editor from W.F. Gordon re the Monument to the 57th Regiment. ca. 1923

Wahitapu, Moturoa burial ground. Notes on the burial of John Farnham Hellier.

77. Mount Egmont. Newspaper paper articles on Dieffenbach's ascent. T.H. Nov.- Dec. 1939

78.Copies of photographs and sketches from the early settlement of New Plymouth. Some images are annotated with notes by Lysons.

Newspaper article. Carrington-Wiremu Road construction. T.H. 22 Apr. 1933

Manuscript. List of New Plymouth street names and their origins.

79. Stratford. Newspaper articles. 'Patea River ferry canoe'. T.H. Undated. Article. "First Pembroke Road ascent made in 1889'. and 'Proclamation as borough...' T.H. 12 Mar. 1954. 'Stratford-on-Patea might have been Sylvania'. T.H. 12 Mar. 1954. 'Town Board...' T.H. 12 Mar. 1954

Inglewood. Fourty-Seven Years ago. Inglewood's anniversary. T.H. 1922

80. Larnach Castle. Sale of castle. T.H. 21 Feb. 1940. Booklet Photographic views of the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Print of Nelson ca.1865. Photograph. Image of Charles Heaphy drawing of Nelson 1859.

81. New Plymouth Choral Society. Concert programmes. 1921, 1923, 1925, 1927

82. Taranaki Museum. Newspaper article. Report on New Zealand Museums. T.H. 4 July 1950.

83. Pa and Marae. Swamp recoveries. John Houston. T.H. 21 July 1937. Manuscript. The Koru massacre [monastry] notes on the monastry at Koru.

84. Newspaper articles by A.H. Messenger "Along the old Taranaki frontier'. T.H. May 1954. Attack on Mahoetahi. T.H. 22 Aug. 1953.

General Pratt's Sap. T.H. 15 Feb. 1936.

Fifity years ago. Taranaki's early history. Taranaki Militia. Oct. 1863. T.H. Oct. 1913

'Four V.C.'s won near New Plymouth'. T.H. 22 Apr. 1949

Letter from Joseph Crisp of Bournemouth 29 Jan. 1957 to the Mayor of New Plymouth A.G. Honnor and forwarded to the New Plymouth Library gifting an engraving of Taranaki from the Illustrated London News of 1860. (etching no longer with letter).

Notes on Tataraimaka Camp from the Taranaki Herald 29 June 1860.

Notes. Fragment on Private G.H. Dove, Wellington Rangers and his wounding at Te Ngutu o te Manu.

Typescript. Warea.

Typescript. Maori Wars in Taranaki. 2 copies.

85. Taranaki Regiments. Presentation of colours. Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, March 22 1936. Newspaper articles presentation of colours at St Mary's Church. T.H. 4 July 1957 and 10 Sep. 1957. "Taranaki officers in Territorials'. T.H. 5 Sep. 1949

86. Shipping. Image of the S.S. Wetere at the coal mine about 20 miles up the Mokau River.

'In early days : the harbour as it was : beginnings of a great port. [Port Nicholson] Address by H. Baillie. 14 July 1923.

87. Bowl of Brooklands. Newspaper article. 'Beautiful Brooklands notable gift to New Plymouth'... T.H. 2 Sept. 1933

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