Alan Rutherford spent a number of years as Well Manager, drilling for oil at the Moturoa oil fields in New Plymouth.
The collection includes testimonials for Alan Rutherford and drilling logs for the Blenheim Well (Taranaki Oil Lands A. & D. Company), the Phoenix Oil Company No. 1 Well, Moturoa Oil Fields No. 1 Well.

Archive Contents

  Part 1

1. Testimonials for Alan Rutherford. (5 pages)

  Part 2

2. Drilling log for Well No. 1 [Blenheim Well] New Plymouth. Mimeograph.

  Part 3

3. Drilling log Phoenix Oil Co. No. 1. Hand drawn log with annotations.

  Part 4

4. Drilling log Moturoa Oil Fields section of No. 1 well. Mimeograph.

  Part 5

5. Drilling log Taranaki Oil Lands A. & D. Blenheim Bore New Plymouth. Hand drawn log with annotations.

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